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  1. scottlane13

    vray fz

    Hi Guys ! Is there any update on the above per chance ? Anything would be appreciated.........we are considering a big decision to either continue with FMZ ......( has been used by us for over 15 years ) OR change over to 3D Studio / Max , Vectorworks / Cinema 4D ........really is a hope FMZ Vray will soon be ready to get testing and make a decision to see if if its worth staying ......WE DONT WANT TO LEAVE !!!!!!!! Cheers A Very much "Pro Fmzer" Scott
  2. scottlane13

    vray fz

    Hi Corey Any news ?? Sorry to press but our 3DMax-Vray user colleagues in our office need some fairer competition from us FormZerz ;-) Many Thanks S
  3. scottlane13

    Attributes window