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    Bug with STEP files

    I believe most STEP files I receive are from ProE/Creo in Asia. I have tried turning on and off every switch available—often to no avail. Or, I will open incomplete geometry. I have Windows running in VMWare where I installed a windows copy of FormZ. Windows version will nearly always open STEP files the Mac version fails on. I just upgraded to FormZ 9. The import modules do seem more robust on imports so far.
  2. A minor aside, I do not love the inspector becoming a separate palette from pick options. This arrangement just makes the palettes take up more vertical space with an extra My Movie 3 - Medium.mov I am having a difficult time sizing palettes once they are docked. I find I need to pull them out to see the little handle, adjust them then put them back. I also have a hard time knowing if the palette im docking will snap above or below where im trying to place it. I usually have to fuss with it too much. Please look at how Adobe handles it—much better with blue light up bars indicating where the palette will insert. Sizing while docked is also easier in Adobe software.
  3. JorgeLourenco

    Bug with STEP files

    I believe Autodesys relies on a third party translator for STEP, SAT and a few other formats. The PC version of the STEP import/Export module is fairly robust and vastly superior to the Mac version. I had to install VM Fusion and install a PC version of FormZ just so I could export as STEP reliably. I also notice other problems on the Mac version that I don't with the PC, namely with Subdivision modeling; on the Mac I am unable to get a contextual menu for sub-d tools but I can in Windows. I appreciate that Autodesys supports the Mac, I wish more 3D CAD tools did as well. However this STEP issue is almost a deal breaker since not many people I work with use FormZ I need STEP to send them files and render well in Keyshot (which is another story—and no, OBJ doesn't work well either). We need better translators on the Mac version of FormZ.
  4. JorgeLourenco

    Subdivision Contextual Menu is missing

    I have three copies of FormZ; 8.5.7 (Mac 10.12.6 at work), FormZ 8.6 (Mac 10.13.3 at home) and VMWare Fusion (Windows 10) I can't right click on the Subdivision controls on my Mac, but I can in VMWare fushion. I have logitech and wacom drivers installed on the macs (not active in Windows 10). Anyone else having this issue on Mac?
  5. I am running FormZ 8.5.7 on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6. I found this page in the user guide that describes the feature I seem to lack: http://www.formz.com/manuals/formZ8/formZ_Pro/!SSL!/WebHelp/10882_Subdivision_right_click_context_menu.html I have turned on controls (see attached image) but right-clicking on points, segments or faces, doesn't open the contextual menu (I want to delete an edge). The strange this is I know I used to see this menu but I haven't used it in a while and don't know when it stopped working. Is there something I might be doing wrong that is causing the menu not to appear? Thanks! —Jorge Sharpener Eraser Combo 1.fmz.zip
  6. JorgeLourenco

    FormZ hangs importing IGS and STP files.

    Forgot to mention some basics: I am running FormZ 8.0 on OS X El Capitan, 32GB RAM i7. I have always had major issues importing STEP files, but I can export them just fine. Files I export to STEP, I can open! I did just re-download FomZ 8.0 and replace it in my applications menu, then tried to import the STEP file again with no luck. I am stuck. The only thing I know I can ask my vendor for that I can open reliably is an STL. Otherwise, I have to use Keyshot to open the STEPs and export them as OBJ files.
  7. I am not certain if the source of the files I am receiving from my vendor in China is ProE or SolidWorks. I do know I am unable to open these files at all. My coworker can open them in solid works just fine. FormZ hangs every time be it IGS or STP. Is there a file format I can request from my vendor? Are there a combination of settings I can ask my vendor to save the files under that will ensure I can open these files? HELP! —Jorge 40ct_Sidewalk_Chalk_Paint_Blister_Mold_Top.stp.zip 40ct_Sidewalk_Chalk_Paint_Blister_Mold_Top.IGS.zip