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  1. innesyates

    Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image

    Thanks Marcelo, I hope for an update for 9.1 as well, and eventually for a native version for apple silicon. Like you, we purchased the M1 Mac mini to replace on older Macbook and couldn't wait. The M1 mini is very snappy. It's completely silent and stays cool, I haven't even heard the fan come on yet. The performance is very good but with large models in FZ, complex drawings in Vectorworks, and rendering with Maxwell and Twinmotion, things start to lag a bit. With maximum RAM limited to 16 GB, it's not really a long-term solution for workstation-level performance. I'm looking forward to the newer higher performance silicon macs. cheers Innes
  2. innesyates

    Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image

    thanks for the tip! cheers Innes
  3. innesyates

    Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image

    I am having exactly the same problem. Since upgrading from FZ 8.6 to 9.1, all images exported in shaded full or shaded work are of very poor quality. The exported images look much worse than how they appear on the screen. I have anti-aliasing switched on, but all the linework is pixelated, and some of the elements appear outlined in red, as though they're selected (they're not). I've tried turning ambient occlusion on and off, and exporting to a variety of formats, but the poor quality result is consistent. The image attached below is in png format, shaded full, at around 4000 x 3000 px. I'm using an M1 Mac Mini (apple silicon) with 16 GB RAM, running OS 11.2 (Big Sur). For now, my solution has been to stop using FZ 9.1 and go back to 8.6, but today I realized that it's also possible to get a reasonable result from taking a screenshot instead of exporting an image. The screenshots look fine, but the resolution is obviously limited by the monitor being used. When I render the model in Maxwell, everything looks perfect.
  4. innesyates

    menu palettes inactive

    Thanks DennisA - the issue was solved by renaming the autodessys folder in Library/preferences and restarting FZ.
  5. innesyates

    menu palettes inactive

    Hello, Suddenly when opening form z, all of the menus and palettes are greyed out. I managed to get the palettes back by switching to a different workspace, but none of the menu-flyouts work. I’ve tried re-installing form z but the same issues reoccur. At this point I can’t use form Z at all. It's completely useless and we have a deadline to meet in two days. Form Z 8.5.7 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB