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    archigraphica reacted to snow in New update 9.0.6   
    It's nice that formZ is NOT on the bottom of this list when searching "the best 3d modeling programs" on G2. https://www.g2.com/categories/3d-modeling
    It's also nice that there are a number of pretty current reviews of the software.  Perhaps word of mouth is working a little bit.  But there's still a severe lack of exposure of the software.  ADS could use a social media manager of sorts and maybe commission it's end users to create "how-to" videos for their YouTube page.  
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    archigraphica reacted to Alan Cooper in New update 9.0.6   
    The sad thing in my opinion is that FZ has never been good at marketing. I discovered FormZ far too late having come accross a mention of Bonzai 3d (the old name for Junior FormZ) on a Sketchup 8 Forum when Google ran Sketchup. Having used Turbocad pro for many many years, constantly looking for alternatives, eventually moving to Sketchup 8, struggled with that for a year, and when I eventually became aware of the existence of FormZ quickly realised how much more powerful and fast FZ was than Sketchup to model with (apart from some bugs which would crash my system from time to time) and came on board. But I should have become aware of FZ  several years earlier. Lack of marketing was the reason I didn't because I had be reading and searching and trying out other software. The way ahead is to minimise any risk of the program crashing, so bugs don't involve loss of any operations, then market effectively. I believe there is still time to make this work, although admittedly a lot of water has already passed under the bridge.
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    archigraphica reacted to santa in New update 9.0.6   
    One of the biggest problems, is that form.Z has a lot more competition now. In it's heyday it was untouchable because it offered arguably the most comprehensive set of tools on the market, for not much money at $1495.
    Rivals were thin on the ground and consisted of software either for "hobbyists" (Infini-D, trueSpace, Ray Dream) or for well heeled pros with deep pockets (3DS Max, Houdini, LightWave, Alias PowerAnimator, Softimage 3D).
    From the latter group, Alias PowerAnimator at $30,000 came closest to form.Z when it came to modelling power. The buying decision was obviously a no brainer.
    Cinema 4D, Maya, and Rhino were not born untill around 1999, and they signalled the decline of the dominance of form.Z, in terms of power to value ratio.
    In addition, "The Joint Study Program" ensured a steady stream of future new users, by seriously involving students with the software early on. Rave reviews flooded in from various publications around the world. These were the golden years, and lasted for about fifteen years, 1991-2006, but then the decline began.
    I believe that the only way back will be to try to claw back the lost respect, but the question is how? Indeed, can it be done..... or is it too late? 
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    archigraphica reacted to Andrew West in New update 9.0.6   
    I think that Autodessys is in a "catch 22" situation with these releases.  In order to raise revenue to pay for future development they need to release software that people will want to buy.  But to create that software they need to raise revenue through sales.  In the end the company probably took it as far as they could before they released it in Beta format.  Hopefully that translated into enough sales for them to debug the subsequent releases.  So the pattern over the years seems to be like this:  Use the sales proceeds of the current release to create a new version that feels and looks significantly different than the previous release.  Then as quickly as possible debug these releases so the program is more stable.  It just always feels like they are playing catch up with this method.  Perhaps a different approach might yield better results. Like focusing on marketing  or trying to get Form.z taught more broadly in the architecture schools.  Maybe a partnership with another company or an angel investor?  I don't know.   Either way they desperately need to expand their base somehow so that R&D can get some breathing room.   
    I also imagine that all the negative comments here about the current release are probably hurting their sales.  Which in turn hurts their ability to address all these issues.  Around and around we go.   
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    archigraphica reacted to Andrew West in New update 9.0.6   
    That seems a bit harsh.  Some of us are beta testers by choice and some are by default.  However, I challenge anyone out there to find a perfect piece of software in this industry.  I have used many of them and they can all be buggy.   I have even crashed Photoshop which in my opinion is the most stable software on my machine.   Autodessys, with all its challenges, seems to be a bit more on the buggy side from time to time.  What interests me, and has been stated previously, is stability first and new tools second.  We already have so many ways to achieve the same results that focusing on stability seems to me where the future should be.   That and the seamless integration of outside models, but that is a rolling target.   For what it's worth I still find Form.z tech support to be outstanding compared to other software where the forum is often your only option.  
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    archigraphica reacted to Tech in Datasmith for form•Z Technology Preview   
    We are pleased to announce AutoDesSys was a recently awarded an Epic MegaGrant to create an interface between form•Z and Epic’s Unreal Engine and Twinmotion. The Datasmith plugin for form•Z is the first product of this exciting collaboration. This plugin allows you to quickly and easily convert your form•Z 3D model for use in Unreal Engine 4 and Twinmotion. A Technology Preview of the Datasmith plugin for form•Z is now available here: http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/products/unreal.html
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    archigraphica reacted to ariel in New update 9.0.6   
    Hi there, is there a direct download link to the newest update for v 9?
    i get update check failed !
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    archigraphica reacted to SJD in facetted arc segments   
    not sure if this helps but for drawing circles with a set amount of segments I use draw polygon and set number the of sides I need. Also, if you convert a smoothed arc to facetted their does seem to be a correlation between the smoothing option and the amount of segments/points it produces - a 360 degree arc at 100% smoothness produces 360 points regardless of size. A 360 at 50%, 45 points and at 25% 32 points. It might be possible to work out a formula for this - not ideal admittedly 
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    archigraphica reacted to Andrew West in facetted arc segments   
    Well you have me stumped.  I remember being able to type in the number of segments in a curve in past releases.  That seems to be either discontinued or hidden so deep I can't find it.  Wish I could be of help here and I hope that Tech can chime in on this.  It would be very useful in certain situations.  
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    archigraphica got a reaction from Justin Montoya in New update 9.0.6   
    The V8 interface was a mess!  V9 seemed like a good idea, but they seemed to give up halfway through the design. 
    The screenshot I attached shows what happens whenever I open something in full screen like a Steam game and leave Z open in the background, blank! Even resetting the workspace doesn't fix it.  It's a restart.  And don't get me started on the Inspector window popup, ridiculous!

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    archigraphica reacted to AsOne in New update 9.0.6   
    I agree with the Inspector palette.  In the Dock there is an enormous amount of wasted space , which makes the slow scrolling even more painful.  Some tools do fill the space, but not all.
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    archigraphica reacted to santa in New update 9.0.6   
    Hear! Hear!! As I said a number of times on this board previously, what we really need is a less complex but rock-solid form.Z.
    Does anyone really need the myriad of existing tools, options, and palettes? I certainly could happily live without many.
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    archigraphica reacted to ZTEK in Phantom numbers   
    Both... very annoying.
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    archigraphica reacted to allanjl in Phantom numbers   
    Yes! I thought maybe it was just my video card. But I see it happens to others. 
    Tech, you have to put yourself in our shoes. I have attended large meetings with our client and consultants, they show their models on the big screen, then we go over ours. When things like this show up, it makes everyone involved looked bad.
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    archigraphica reacted to Bo Atkinson in V9 update   
    For countless issues with many kinds of tools, when things get suspicious, I either reset workspace to restore session, or restart formZ, and if still wrong, reboot OS. Loosing custom shortcuts and prefs are usual, also loosing generalized project responses, most of which easily fix by starting new project and closing it immediately, which restores current project immediately after that trick. As for loss of the good old ways changing, yes, I have to accept that too, but the new powers are well worth it. 
    I looked at other 3d apps and downloaded Blender, and am just amazed how they lack some of my particular favorite things. So I don't object to random formZ problems, by persisting until things work out, and new methods pop up, and then I need the outdoor work for exercise, and let the processor chips cool down.   ^__^
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    archigraphica reacted to Tech in formZ v9.0.4 Now available   
    This already was fixed!!!! See post prior to your post.
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    archigraphica reacted to Andrew West in slope a spline   
    I use the ramp tool (stair) when I have a uniform width slope.  When the width or shape of the ramp is non uniform then I create a spline on the XY plane, move the control points up to their desired positions,  offset the spline for the inside of the curve, adjust the control points to where I need them,  Then form a nurbz plane between the two splines.  Now that I have my nurbs plane I can extend and add onto it pretty easily to complete my roadways.  The terrain tool works as well but it feels so antiquated.  Probably because it has been around for at least 25 years in its current state.
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    archigraphica reacted to -andrew- in Mesh by # of divisions?   
    Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

    Is there a way to mesh by # of divisions rather than by distances?
    For example, I have a square and I want it divided into 14 horizontal segments and 11 vertical segments.
    I seem to remember seeing something like this but don't remember where.
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    archigraphica reacted to ¢hris £und in slope a spline   
    A tool could be made that distributes the control points between a distance.   I could add something like that to my list of point manipulations.
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    archigraphica reacted to ¢hris £und in slope a spline   
    Could you get away with building your slope, then trim it with the 2D shape?
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    archigraphica reacted to Anwar in Modeling Speed vs. Rendering Speed   
    Hi Chris and everyone,
    Thanks for your replies.  Chris, the three operations in modeling I have found that can be painfully slow on PC's are:
    1) Moving large objects with 10s of thousands of faces
    2) Using booleans to carve up large terrain models (again, for sites more than a mile across with many thousands of faces)
    3) Generating hidden lines of scenes with objects containing 10s of thousands of faces
    Do any of these perform better on a Mac?
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    archigraphica reacted to jonmoore in Fantastic free (open source) resource for converting Architectural BIM models to FormZ readable formats   
    Our main workflow is bringing things into Maya for rendering in V-Ray/Arnold/Renderman.
    The projects I work on have VFX production values so we require very high quality geometry and using IfcOpen helps us manage the 'rats nest' geometry often associated with BIM exports. 

    I highlighted it to Tech because I think it could be relatively easy for AutoDesSys to develop a plugin that would import with no tessellation requirements at all, seeing as IFC is a derivative of STEP. Even without an AutoDesSys specific solution the plugin for Blender offers lots of options for cleaning up the geometry first and managing material mappings and such like (and with Blender also being free, it's a great option to have).
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    archigraphica reacted to Spannerhead in Glitch-tacular   
    All the glitches have turned form•Z from a slightly quirky 3D modeling program I would happily recommend to another designer (version 6.5) to one that I would advise them to stay away from, and that I can deal with only because I have enough "sunk" knowledge to work around the glitches.
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    archigraphica reacted to Spannerhead in Glitch-tacular   
    So here's a running list of glitches I've found whilst working.  8.6.5 w/RZ used on my PC at work and on my Macbook Pro at home.
    I'm sure the list will grow.
    Both:   - Cannot edit RZ environment map (clicking "Options" does nothing at all) - Bz Spline and Spline tools operate exactly the same way - Views just randomly disappear when dragging to reposition to the end of the list in the Views palette - Collapsing a grouped item in the Objects palette highlights a bunch of objects in the palette - Decal application is extremely glitchy on an object with rounded edges, as is coloring individual faces as a workaround - Mirroring a texture does not preview in Shaded Work display   Mac-specific:   - Multiple clicks required to dismiss Image Options dialog   PC-specific:   - All palettes except for Action and Tool Options disappear between shut down and startup on multiple monitor display
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    archigraphica reacted to Bartjuan in Monitor Scaling on High resolution displays   
    Should formZ Palettes scale when moving between screen on multi-monitor setups.
    I have a HP Zbook with a 4K screen, I have two additional monitors connected through a dock.
    for most apps, windows that are dragged from the primary display to the other displays scale automatically.
    FormZ Palettes do not Scale. is there a setting I am missing or is this expected behavior?
    FormZ Pro (10163)
    Windows 10
    Nvidia Quadro p1000