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  1. The first image is the file dump from Fire.  The second image is the render in MW Renderer.  The frosted glass isn't rendering the same way.


    It rendered as expected before I updated the Plugin and the Maxwell Software to the latest version.  I was fooling around and I purged the materials in the file and then turned off the texture (switched to plain) in the shaded options of the Maxwell Material Parameters and the glass rendered correctly.  After quitting and reopening the file I was unable to get it to render correctly again and went through the same procedure again and tried many other things as well, but I was unsuccessful in getting it to render again.  Attached are the files.



    Sandblasted Glass.zip

  2. It would be nice to have some of the old Extensions updated to work in V8.


    What you need to do is possible but takes a few steps.


    Select all

    Derive 3D Tool (Some of the shapes will extrude up and some will extrude down depending on the normals)

    Select all the ones going up, Reverse Direction Tool on them

    Select the faces (ones in the original position)

    Derive 2D Tool them.








    Haha Tech beat me by 2 minutes!


  3. I believe objects within layers will be shown in order created.  If you Cut and then Paste the objects in the order you want them displayed, the Paste will be treated as a newly created object and should give you the results required.  This was true before and I used to use this technique in the drafting mode of FZ6 to control visibility.  Alternatively, you can use nested layer hierarchies to control order drawn.

  4. I have an object that is facetted like a diamond but each of the faces is slightly warped so that none are planar.  The object is composed of triangles, quads and n-gons.  I need to convert this object into a nurbs object with each face being curved while retaining the hard edges for export to CNC.  I can't simply triangulate the object because that creates hard creases across the faces which is undesirable.


    In the past I have simply made the object into a smooth object (by boole unioning a smooth cylinder to a face) and then I delete one face at time and use the object doctor to fill that hole with a smooth, curved face.  That works well, but in the project I am working on currently, there are hundreds of faces and it will take hours to do them one by one.


    Any suggestions for a quick workflow to do this task?

  5. I am having trouble setting specular roughness at a value less than 10.  As you can see in the clip, if the slider is in the first 10% of travel, the field value remains at a value of 0.  If a value of less than 10 entered in the field also defaults to 0.



    *I suppose I am posting this in the wrong forum, I was trying to create an mxm in maxwell and thought the issue was part of the plugin, but it is likely an issue within FZ.


  6. Re Gary's comments, I really liked having the name field at the bottom of the palette, it was a quick way rename and to be able see both the icon and text clearly at the same time.  I'm glad it is on the improvements list.

  7. Hand in hand with backgrounds, I would love to see the Camera View Options restored.  It was very handy to have different aspect (pixel) ratios saved with the different views and would work well with the different aspect ratios of background images.  Along with this, It would be a great opportunity to include industry standard preset still and cinema cameras!