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  1. Yes, that enabled the moving and removing.  But then after rearranging the tools in the Palette, the tear-off palettes no longer show up for any of the other tools. Tools which were repositioned are showing tear-offs, but only with the single topmost tool.

  2. Extend To wasn't working the first time I tried, probably because of sloppy selection - the face was embedded in a forest of objects and I posted before testing with the example in the image.  My bad, so I edited (deleted) that post. :)


    When the Tool Manager is open, I am unable to reposition, or to drag tools off the Model Palette (is this the same thing as the main modeling toolbar?)  I have my prefs set like this:


    And "delete is greyed out on the contextual menu:


  3. When Place Component Tool is chosen, the Component Manager Palette appears automatically.  If you then choose another tool, it remains open and needs to be closed manually.  Can it be set to automatically turn off (If it wasn't open by prior to using the Tool) when you switch to another tool?

  4. Is there a way to reduce the number of icons in the Modeling Tools Palette?  For example if I move Point Tool and Guide Tool into the Pick "tray" and then I want to delete the Guides "tray" is there a way to do this?




  5. Bummer a used machine is out of the question. While it is odd to buy a machine that is already a couple of generations obsolete, the 2012 12core tower renders Maxwell at 95% of the speed of the latest MacPro12core (at Benchwell) and the machine was $3000 vs $7000. This will change when new chips are used in the next MacPro but for now it's a good option for the price.

  6. http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/compare/1015317?baseline=1015443


    According to this, the iMac5k is faster at single core work by about 20%. This will show when modeling and using tools such as boolean operations and when creating hidden line renders.


    The MacPro 6 core is faster by about 15% at multicore operations such as Renderzone and Maxwell.


    I'm considering getting the iMac 5K because it is a great deal for the price and it has a high quality monitor included. The main drawback will be slightly longer render times. One thing to consider though is that there are rumblings of a GPU version of Maxwell existing. If this becomes available to the public, the MacPro will likely be A LOT faster at rendering due to its GPU power.


    I looked for the iMac5k on Benchwell, Maxwell's benchmark site, but did not see it. I am currently running a 2012 MacPro 12 core (bought used last year for about 3k) and it is very close in performance ( 5:46 vs 5:30+\-) to the new 6 core MacPro for a lot less $$, so this is another option as well. My entry on Benchwell is "setz".

  7. Yeah, Maxwell is a costly option. Is it possible to use the trial version? - I'm not familiar with the limitations. If you will be doing much rendering Maxwell really is phenomenal. It's easy to use, pretty fast and has beautiful results. If there is any way you can justify buying it now, it is on sale till the end of the year - 25% off I believe.

  8. 3 Pt Align


    Random Transform

    Separate faces by color - good for objects with Maxwell emitter faces


    FZ8 freezes on startup if either of these two scripts are in the Scripts folder:

    Rename Object Command -- Revised

    util_clear_face_color_and_texture - Hopefully this functionality will be included (along with Texture Groups) when the Texture Map Dialog returns to FZ.



    Thanks Mr Lab!

  9. This process will remove UV texture mapping but is a fairly quick way of eliminating two sided polygons and cleaning up the resulting single surface object


    1.  Derive faces as individual separate objects

    2.  Run project Doctor to eliminate duplicate objects

    3.  Stitch all objects together with Stitch Tool

    4.  Use Separate tool to separate different remaining surface objects

    5.  Identify the main object and delete other duplicate incomplete surfaces

    6.  Select segments along top underside edge and scale to zero to straighten

    7.  Delete points of near collinear segments

    8.  Run Object Doctor to add missing face underneath to create a solid


    Roof Tile Solid.fmz.zip

  10. Hi Bo, (Creator of the "Boa Constrictor" helix trick!)

    From one newbie to another.... lol,


    FormZ V6 does run on a 64bit Mac.

    On a 2012 MacPro (2x6core Intel Xeon):

    On one internal drive I'm running FZ 6.7.3 and FZ 8.0.1 in Mavericks 10.9.5.

    On a second internal drive I am running FZ 6.7.3 and FZ 7.3.4 on Snow Leopard 10.6.x

    (I also have a partition with Bootcamp Windows 7)


  11. I remember seeing a fix for folder icons showing as FZ icons in OS10.9 in the old forum but I was unable to find it. Does someone remember the fix?


    (It would be very helpful if the search link of the archived forum was resurrected)