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  1. setz

    Multi Copy Count

    While Moving an Object with Multi Copy selected, what if the arrow keys could adjust the number of placements? This would allow the distance to remain live in the buffer while allowing the count to be modified?
  2. setz

    Snap Options - Suggestion

    When my snap scts are combined with the CMD key they become exclusive and shut off the other snaps. For example, snap to point set to CMD+F1 sets point as the snap and turns off all other snaps. When point snap is set to F1, it simply turns on and off point snap and the other snaps stay on or off as they were. My line snap is not exclusive because it is not set with a CMD modifier.
  3. setz

    Snap Options - Suggestion

    It's within FZ. I will verify in the morning but I think when scts are set from the sct mgr rather than from contextual clicking on the snap buttons that the snaps are exclusive. This is true for all snaps except for "Snap to Line" for some reason, maybe I set that one with the contextual menu. I'll let you know inthe morning. Cheers. Alan, I respect your workflow. I think having it as an option would be great.
  4. setz

    Snap Options - Suggestion

    It's within FZ. I will verify in the morning but I think when scts are set from the sct mgr rather than from contextual clicking on the snap buttons that the snaps are exclusive. This is true for all snaps except for "Snap to Line" for some reason, maybe I set that one with the contextual menu. I'll let you know inthe morning. Cheers.
  5. setz

    Soft Selection

    Asone, are you familiar with "falloffs" in modo? A very well implemented version of soft selections.
  6. setz

    Snap Options - Suggestion

    Hi Chris, I mentioned this suggestion before with a little bit of blowback so I do understand there is another POV of this issue, but I don't think it would be disruptive to implement it. Somehow I have set up my key scts for snaps to be exclusive, which I like very much; it gives me a very sure indication of exactly which snap is being implemented. For example, when I fire the key sct for Point, all other snaps are turned off. When I fire the Increment sct, point is turned off, so if I want to snap to the Endpoint, I have to switch back to Point. A minor, minor issue, but I want to reduce the myriad of little tasks that require a second or two. There is a saying "death by 1000 cuts". How's the earthship coming along, I saw some pictures awhile back, looks interesting!
  7. setz

    Snap Options - Suggestion

    +1 this would enable the return of a center of segment snap keysct! My 2¢ - snap to increment should include the endpoints as it used to. Currently only the interval points are snapped to but if the interval at the end of the segment is desired, the snap must be changed to endpoint. Thanks ¢hris.
  8. setz

    Extend Segment

    I use Extend Segment and Offset Outline a lot. I use Offset Outline with Insert turned on about 50% of the time and it is helpful to use Shift to turn the feature on an off. When I use Extend Segment I almost always use Insert and I always use Extend to Boundary. For some reason in my workflow these options are being turned off and I find myself repeatedly having to turn them back on. Can there be a lock out for Tap Keys per tool or just have Extend to Boundary disconnected from Tap Keys ?
  9. I have objects which are tagged visible in the Objects Palette but which are ghosted because the layer they are on is ghosted. I want to move them to a new layer (which is visible) by contextual clicking on them in the object Palette and adjusting their Attributes. Attributes is greyed out and this is not currently possible. This used to be possible in the past and was a useful feature. It would be good to have this feature returned. *It's also helpful just to query which layer the ghosted object is currently on.
  10. Could the New Object Status be returned? After sections or booleans my joined objects are exploding and I have to keep rejoining them. I am currently working with square hole grating, (1"x1/8" bars at right angles), and rather than booleaning the bars together into a single object with holes, I have the bars joined together for efficiency (holes are inefficient). When I cut the grating around other objects they explode into lots of pieces. I really miss the option to have the joined objects remain joined.
  11. Is it currently possible, or would it be possible to add, the ability to assign an underlay to one of the six standard, not custom, ortho reference planes? When I make a custom plane (similar orientation to one of the XYZ planes), and then change the view, the underlay disappears. I need to select the custom reference plane again to get it to show again. I switch between ortho and perspective views often and I need to repeatedly turn the underlay on again each time. My desire is to be able to associate an underlay with each of the six standard XYZ planes, and that the appropriate underlay would automatically become visible for the ortho view being used. In addition, sliders for the scale and positioning of the underlay, similar to the transparency slider, would be a welcome addition to the Reference Plane Parameters Palette. A key shortcut for global Underlay visibility would be good to have as well.
  12. Hi Ben, A really great script, super useful. Would it be possible to add an option to include Group renaming as well? I duplicate groups and get the Copy suffix added and it would be nice to have these purged as well. Thx!
  13. setz

    Corporate Cinema Hall

    Nice render. Are the curtains Marvelous Designer?
  14. Quick Keys Palette - Nudge Tab I set rotations to 15 deg increments. 2 taps to rotate 30, 3 taps for 45. Remember to choose "Apply to Entities Individually"
  15. Could underlay be added to the scene options? In the past I have made a scene with the underlay and one without and used scenes as a visibility switch.
  16. If I have an object, select the points, copy, paste, hide the object, then export obj. The file should contain the names of the point objects. If you want to custom name each point, right click on them in the modeling window and name in attributes option or select from the object palette and rename there before exporting. You can also use Pylons script to rename them easily. o object_34 v 0.00000 -1.473200 -5.943600 p 1 o object_35 v 0.00000 -0.50800 -5.943600 p 2 Importing into a spreadsheet you should be able to create columns as needed with the import translator and delete the unnecessary data more easily.
  17. Also, a note, unselecting the locked proportions does not return the image to original proportions unless you reload the image. Can there be a button or pulldown for proportions (reset)? (in the "By Dimensions" section) also if you change the X, currently the Y won't update to fit original proportions
  18. Thank you for the suggestions Joe. Tech, yes setting the Underlay on ortho planes while in a perspective was the part I was missing, I was trying to set them while in the ortho views. Can you add a suggestions for sliders and a key sct?
  19. I'm not at my computer but if you select the points and export as obj you should be able to open the file in a text editor to get the point xyz values.
  20. ++1 Clicking a selection in the Object Palette should always select the object. It is time consuming to have to switch back to the pick tool prior to selecting objects from the list. This happens almost all the time for me and I am now in the habit of always key-sct selecting the pick tool and key-sct selecting auto topology prior to selecting from the Palette. It adds up to a lot of extra keystrokes. I too will try to spend some time to investigate and report more thoroughly.
  21. setz


    When editing the parameters of a note the "Okay" button should be applied by the Enter Key. The Return key should be a carriage return. The Apply button should be abolished and edits should be applied upon hitting Enter to close the dialog. My normal behavior is to edit the note, then hit Enter thinking I'm applying the edit and exiting the dialog, but instead this adds a carriage return. I then delete the carriage return and mouse over to the "Okay" button which exits the dialog and ignores my edit, because I didn't think to hit the Apply button (which does not apply the edit in the workspace as would be expected). I'm back where I started and have to go back in and re-edit.
  22. setz


    Thx! Carriage Return?
  23. setz

    Some old render

    Very Nice!
  24. setz

    Disable Green Plus Sign

    I don't know how to do it on Windows. On Mac they are located in the application package.