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  1. setz

    Set Attributes

    If a destination object has different materials on different faces, the Set Attributes tool fails to set the material of the source object to that destination object. In the past, the settings from the Paint Tool, "Keep current Material of Faces" was respected during Set Attributes actions. Can this be adjusted to it's previous behavior? Also, when the Get/Set Attributes Tools are reintroduced, wink-wink, they too should respect the "Keep Surface Style of Faces"/"Clear All Face Surface Style" settings from the Paint Tool as well. Eg. It would be really powerful if the Get/Set Attributes Tools were applicable not just to objects, but on a face topological level as well; being able to choose a attributes from a face and then apply it to a whole object or to choose attributes from an object and then being able to apply them to a single face in addition to face-face and object-object. A lot of the attributes are not applicable between faces and objects, but Texture Mapping and Material assignment would definitely be useful.
  2. I was going to recommend 3dCoat... but I see you already found a good solution there with Leaks PBR. Cheers! 3d Coat is a great companion for FZ.
  3. setz

    Blurry textures

    A correction: It's the "Curve Create Tool", not "Create Curve". In addition it needs to be set to "Spline Through Points" and Knot Type set to "Uniform"
  4. setz

    Blurry textures

    You got me wondering how to get even spaced texture at the ends. I know the control points need to be evenly spaced for this to happen. in the file are objects named with the progress of each of the steps I used. Draw Polyline Create Curve Polygonize Tool - set to equally spaced points Offset Tool Create Curve - set to spline through points Nurbs Loft Edit Texture Map - unclick lock size - set horizontal to 2% Equal Spacing Control Points.fmz.zip
  5. setz

    Blurry textures

    I got pictures to post by posting, then going back and editing, and then the pix showed up. test:
  6. Weirdness with the Forum. Here is the image:
  7. In Ortho Views using the standard XYZ grids in the attached file, the grid disappears when zoomed in. This is exactly when I would like to use it for working on small details in a large model. The old behavior would hide the grid when zoomed out but show it when zoomed in, which is much more useful. The current behavior is the opposite of this. Can the previous behavior be returned? Grid.fmz.zip
  8. I too am getting small movements in detached palettes. In the screen grab, the Lights palette has moved away from the corner where it was placed and the other collapsed palettes have shrunk in size, or moved leaving gaps between them where as before they were snapped together. OS 10.9.5 FZ 8.5.6
  9. setz

    1st Maxwell Render

    I believe that I read that pinhole is faster to render (Pylon?). The only reason I can think of to utilize the f-stop is to control depth of field in an image. If you specifically want a portion of the image to be in soft focus, use a smaller number for your f-stop. If you do use a camera utilizing f-stops, the exposure will need to be adjusted as the f-stop is changed. If you use a large f-stop (small number) you can selectively focus on a specific plane by selecting an object and using Extensions/Maxwell Render/Focus Camera which will place the center of focus on that object.
  10. setz

    1st Maxwell Render

    Really amazing for a first render. Job well done, kudos to Maxwell as well.
  11. setz

    Round Tool

    When the round tool is used to add a bevel to a facetted object, the object becomes a smooth object. Can the option to keep facetted objects facetted be added to this tool? It would save the step of converting back to facetted each time a bevel is added.
  12. setz

    axis lock ?

    +1 A note on the current Ortho Guide Snap; If the guide is over an existing segment the "holding Shift" function does not work. In addition holding shift does not work while scroll zooming in and out which is required to be able to align to small details which are distant from each other. A dedicated Ortho Snap would make up for this problem. In addition, modifying the Guide Angle Snap so that it functions like like the Radial Snap from V6 would be beneficial. In V6 if you set the angle to 30˚ the snap will not just snap to 30˚ as it does now, but will snap to increments of 30˚ like 30, 60, 90, 120, etc.
  13. setz

    formZ 9

    LOL "Z-Tap" I was thinking exactly the same thing!
  14. I find myself fishing around for the center of a face and at times when there are a number of faces to which the snap could be applied to, I am not sure as to which one actually is being snapped to. I have two suggestions: One - That the whole face to which the center is snapped is highlighted in some way so that the wrong face is not snapped to by accident when there are many faces to which the snapping could be acting. Two - That "Stick to Edges" which is a sort of snap-to-the-snap function would work with Center of Face as well. The center would be snapped to any time the mouse was over any portion of that face. Both these behaviors were present in V6 and snapping to the center of a face was considerably more efficient with them.
  15. If I render a Hidden Line and Export Image as dwg and then import back into FZ, the position (relative to origin) and scale are not retained regardless of which import scale is chosen. Can align and scale be made to match between original and import files for ortho views? first image is original 3D File, wireframe, grid is 2' squares second image is wireframe of 2D dwg import (units set to "from file"), grid is 2' squares
  16. I found some references online to maya 2014 being able to export vrml2 and for other versions of maya having the ability to turn on additional file format exporter plugins from within it's preferences section. I have used vrml from other software to share camera positions in the past with FZ. I even have a vague recollection of exporting numerous camera positions from blender to FZ as vrml after using blenders camera tracking features. There are also references on blenders website to vrml as an import/export format, but I'm away from my computer and unable to verify. The vrml suffix is .wrl.
  17. Here is an Ivy generator: http://graphics.uni-konstanz.de/~luft/ivy_generator/ And a discussion about how to get it to work in FZ: http://www.formz.com/forum/old/messages/16/19324.html It "grows" ivy on your geometry.
  18. Is there a way to edit the parameters of objects which have been deformed earlier in a project without using animation deformations? As a side note the Shear Tool is missing from the standard deform tools.
  19. setz

    Bridge Tool

    Can this very useful tool and the other Sub-D Tools be made to work with non Sub-D objects and Sub-D objects which are in the swapped state? Also, because these tools are named "Subdivision _____" when the spacebar tool menu is invoked all the subdivision tools are displayed. I noticed that "B" does bring up the Bridge Tool, but "O" doesn't bring up the Offset Face or the Offset Edge Tools etc, etc. -well actually, "B" sometime brings up Bridge, sometimes not. I haven't figured out the way I got it to show up.
  20. setz

    Bridge Tool

    Actually, after testing, I now realize that the Loft Tool functions exactly like the Bridge Tool! Works on faces and segments on smooth and non-smooth objects.
  21. setz


    Oh, and can Axial Sweep be made to work by shift clicking on multiple paths after clicking on a single source?
  22. setz


    I was looking for Batch Sweep on the website, but couldn't find it. Google found it on an "ftp.formz" address. Can the website be modified so that the scripts are easier to locate?