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  1. This may (or may not) help, an old façade material from maxwell's mxm site: 100 Windows AGS Facade.zip
  2. setz

    View parameters consistency

    I think what has happened is this. The way zoom worked in V6 was different than the way it works in V8. In V6 If you save a view and then zoom in with the school wheel and then save that second zoomed in view, you will notice that the view parameters for the two views are the same even though the actual view is different. I'm guessing that the view which was saved way back in 2011 was zoomed in with the scroll wheel prior to saving. I have been trying a number of ways to recreate or convert a zoomed view in V6 to an identical non zoomed view without success. I suppose for now you may have to do your edits in V8 or V6 and then go back to V6 to re render with your original saved view. Pylon has a great knowledge of the inner workings of views and he may well be able to look at your original file and be able to decipher how to extrapolate the amount and center of the mouse zoom in comparison to the saved view parameters.
  3. setz

    View parameters consistency

    Very intriguing. Can you upload the original V6 file with the camera and some reduced basic geometry to test with?
  4. setz

    Rhino Import

    I get a lot of Rhino files that have objects with faces that have mixed normals. An object will have some faces pointing inwards and some facing outwards. Can the importer be modified to fix these objects or can the Object Doctor have an additional feature to repair these types of issues? Currently I am taking one object at a time, deriving all of its faces into separate objects and then restitching back together. In files with hundreds of objects this is very time consuming. On a side note, when I select many objects to do these restitching operations simultaneously I often get a "System was unable to complete the Boolean operation" msg. The same objects stitched separately boole fine. Perhaps the stitching algorithm could skip problem (coincident geometry etc) objects and continue stitching the valid faces. Bad faces could then be found and fixed manually more easily.
  5. setz

    Trim Tool

    The Trim Tool used to be able to close a single open line. Can this functionality be reinstated? The workarounds are very time consuming. It is notable that this used to be an option of the Close Line Tool; which did work, but was a less desirable option because it involved the extra steps of adjusting options within the tool.
  6. setz

    Trim Tool

    The first example shows the test example. The second example shows the desired results of using Trim Tool as it functioned in FZ V6. The third example uses the current Close Line Tool. I mentioned the "extra steps" because in V6 the Close Tool had three options; Trim, Join, Connect. In V8 the Close Line Tool performs only the Connect function. I would much rather have the Trim Tool be able to function as shown in the second example rather than have the Close Line Tool have the old V6 options added to it - I'm just second guessing how ADS may choose to resolve this, and I have a strong preference.
  7. setz

    Layout Bugs and Quirks

    Hoping the following will appear in the next update: In the Note, Text and Leader Tools the input interface doesn't seem to utilize conventional behavior regarding key input. Can they be modified to behave as follows: Escape key - cancels the dialog Return key - performs a carriage return Enter key - enters the input in the text field and closes the dialog
  8. setz

    In memory of Paul Helm

    Paul was always very helpful, thorough, considerate, professional and amusing as well. I am sad to hear of his passing. I will miss corresponding with him greatly.
  9. I want to write a quantize script for facetted objects. When group of objects is selected and the script is fired it will highlight points on the objects whose coordinates do not match an increment typed into an input field. There will be an option to then apply a given quantized amount to all those points. I will use it to help clean up imported garbage. I may even add live sliders for global or independent XYZ quantize values. What should I begin to learn, and can you recommend a good beginners resource? It's been awhile since I have done any programming; back in the days of fortran, pascal and basic... even a little punchcard experience, lol.
  10. Chris, that may be related to the issue of the Define Reference Plane Tool not functioning accurately while in Wireframe view mode.
  11. setz

    Material Name and Modelling Axis

    +1 showing the name. ADS responded positively to this when it was mentioned previously, maybe it will make it into the next WIP?
  12. setz

    What to learn?

    Thanks Chris! I still have your Attention Script in my folder hoping one day it will be reanimated. How is scripting actually done? Is it like creating a text file and then compiling it with the SDK or was the SDK an actual interface for writing, syntax checking and testing? Do you think there will be much overlap between the old SDK and a new Python based one? I don't really understand why some of the old scripts stopped working and wonder how much effort learning the previous system will help with the new. I am looking forward to seeing some examples to dissect.
  13. Set Interval used to be very important! It was my go-to option when making terrain when using V6 - with joined open and closed lines. You're right though, without being able to join all types of contour lines now, more complicated terrains from contours at the same elevation are no longer practical using Set Interval. (I haven't been required to make terrain since I switched to V8 full time about 6 months ago).
  14. Oops, My bad. This technique works well in V6. The new Join Tool in V8 is very limited in what it can do. No more joining of open lines, no more joining of solids and surfaces. It would be VERY helpful to have full functionality returned to this tool. I understand the reasoning for which ADS did this, Joined objects of different types behave badly in some situations but the functionality FAR outweighed the issues that could occur. Make Reference is not a very good substitute option because it limits full functionality that Join used to allow. Another related bummer is the lack of "Status of Objects - Single Volume" option. Kills me every time I join a lot of similar objects together only to have a boolean tool blow them all apart each time it's fired - it's like herding cats all day long.
  15. I usuallly just use the join (objects) tool (not the join lines tool) on all contours of the same elevation and then the selection process is quick and straightforward.
  16. setz

    Thank you

    I had a presentation this morning during which I had to make live edits in front of a group of people. Everything went very smoothly. I work with others who primarily use Rhino, and once again I heard "You can do that with Form Z?" There was clearly admiration for the efficiency, speed and flexibility of Form Z in a pressure situation. Thank you to all of you there at ADS for making it easy to impress.
  17. Make a cube, choose the Reshape Tool, hide the palettes, select a face start to reshape, type in a distance. No result.
  18. In Object Attributes, when "Override Edge Display - Always Off" Is selected, the Cross Section lines and hatching are not shown, as would be expected. In the project I am working on, I have a very high poly objects for which I do not want to see all the surface facet outlines but do want to see the cross section lines when a clipping plane is active. Can a feature be added to accommodate this type of situation?
  19. Guides are created on the fly automatically as you work, you rarely have to manually add them. Shift constrains to the direction of the guide the cursor is on. ADS, this constrain action has two current limitations, the first is that the shift-snapping does not occur when the guide is concurrent with an existing segment and the second is the inability to scroll zoom while snapping.
  20. setz

    Import of Rhino file

    I import many Rhino objects which have misc. reversed faces. These objects don't repair with the Object Doctor. It would be useful if Object Doctor had an option which would search out flipped normals and reverse them. In the meantime, you can export .igs (.iges), .dwg, or .stp (step) files from Rhino and upon import, toggle the "construct 3D solids" option to OFF. When they show up in FormZ each face will be a separate object. Using the Stitch Tool will automatically reverse the flipped faces and rebuild the objects back to solids or complete surfaces.
  21. setz

    Where is the UV Editor with UV Unwrap?

    For texture painting and complex UV mapping try 3DCoat. They have a free demo version. It works well in conjunction with FZ.
  22. setz

    dxf import

    Model may be very far from the origin?
  23. setz

    unselectable geometry

    In addition to the above, If you make a cube, Reshape and change the direction mid-edit, commit the edit with a click , an then Undo the operation, a new non selectable object is created as well.
  24. setz

    unselectable geometry

    MacPro 2010 OSX 10.9.5 FZ 8.5.6 Make a cube, begin a reshape inwards. Mid operation CMD click to change direction (surface-ref pane) and then hit escape prior to committing edit. A non-seletctable solid is created. Save and reopen to make new object selectable. I too often create these types of objects.