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  1. Here is an Ivy generator: http://graphics.uni-konstanz.de/~luft/ivy_generator/ And a discussion about how to get it to work in FZ: http://www.formz.com/forum/old/messages/16/19324.html It "grows" ivy on your geometry.
  2. Is there a way to edit the parameters of objects which have been deformed earlier in a project without using animation deformations? As a side note the Shear Tool is missing from the standard deform tools.
  3. setz

    Bridge Tool

    Can this very useful tool and the other Sub-D Tools be made to work with non Sub-D objects and Sub-D objects which are in the swapped state? Also, because these tools are named "Subdivision _____" when the spacebar tool menu is invoked all the subdivision tools are displayed. I noticed that "B" does bring up the Bridge Tool, but "O" doesn't bring up the Offset Face or the Offset Edge Tools etc, etc. -well actually, "B" sometime brings up Bridge, sometimes not. I haven't figured out the way I got it to show up.
  4. setz

    Bridge Tool

    Actually, after testing, I now realize that the Loft Tool functions exactly like the Bridge Tool! Works on faces and segments on smooth and non-smooth objects.
  5. setz


    Oh, and can Axial Sweep be made to work by shift clicking on multiple paths after clicking on a single source?
  6. setz


    I was looking for Batch Sweep on the website, but couldn't find it. Google found it on an "ftp.formz" address. Can the website be modified so that the scripts are easier to locate?
  7. setz

    Ribbed Hose UV Textured

    Found it. Nurbs Convert an axial sweep from a curve with equally spaced points.
  8. Is there a way to UV map a striped texture along a hose shaped object to make it look ribbed?
  9. I wanted to clarify my suggestion. It could be applied as one of two options: 1. Adding a Live Update or "Rubber Banding" action to the Extend tool. 2. Adding an additional option for the Reshape Tool. The Reshape Tool is a type of face extension with 2 options; "Perpendicular to Ref Plane" and "Perpendicular to Surface", I would like a third option - "Extend from Surface" where the perimeter segments would be extended pushing the face out the distance entered in the numeric input field. The limitation of the current Extend Tool is that once fired it can not be "Rubber Banded" as the reshape tool allows for. It would also be helpful to have the same "rubber banding" for the extend segment tool as well.
  10. It would be great to have an option for the Extend Tool, or better yet, a new Tool "Live Extend" that would allow for a result buffer enabling the distance for the extend to be entered, previewed and edited. I use the Reshape tool this way and would love for the Extend to have this functionality as well.
  11. setz

    Component sizing

    Lots of facets. Here is a smooth version with Attributes/Display Resolution set to Simple 0% (1532 faces before, 52 faces now) house-0223.Copy-2.fmz.zip
  12. Which issues did you encounter with V6 on OS 10.11?
  13. +1 Both To and From as in V6
  14. setz

    Vanishing Geometry

    Compress files as .zip to upload to the forum.
  15. setz

    Delete Topology

    Delete Topology does not function as it used to. Please return it's previous functionality. For example, I have this object. There is a non-planar rectangle split by an (orange) segment. I want to delete the segment and reinsert it (red) so that I can use Extend to Face on the (blue) arrow to the blue triangle to make the face planar. The problem is that when I Delete Topology on the orange segment, the two triangular faces are deleted. I know I can use Object Doctor to close the hole but it closes it with the segment back in it's original position. I can also delete the faces and draw the blue triangle, but that involves selecting more tools and snaps and is a lot more steps. I want to have the segment deleted creating a non-planar rectangle which I can then split as required. Please return the original functionality to this very useful tool. Delete Topology.fmz.zip
  16. setz

    Delete Topology

    A reply 1 min later? wow.
  17. ++1 with a return to simple graphics (arrows and points as in V6) so that they render faster.
  18. setz

    Snap Options - Suggestion

    I really like this functionality. No question about what is being snapped to. It's here: (on OSX)
  19. setz

    Multi Copy Count

    While Moving an Object with Multi Copy selected, what if the arrow keys could adjust the number of placements? This would allow the distance to remain live in the buffer while allowing the count to be modified?