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  1. Yes, of course! Disregard my posts, VVA is absolutely correct! I always have "Unlock Groups" selected. In my workflow Locking Groups introduces selection limitations which outweigh it's organizational benefits.
  2. Oh, and here were my stp import settings:
  3. When I import this file I can color individual faces. I did nothing to the object after opening it. I was able to color individual faces both by pre-selecting a face and then using the paint tool and also by selecting the paint tool and then CMD clicking individual faces. Perhaps try renaming your ADS Prefs folder to get FZ to recreate it's prefs and try again? Or you can try importing it and then saving as FZ and then re-opening it or starting with a new document and re-open it using the "add to project" option. Also attached is the imported file saved as FZ to see if you can color it's faces as a test as well. Another option would be to select all faces (in Wireframe view) and then use the Derive Faces tool which will separate the object into many different objects (1 face each object) an then re-stitch together all those face objects using the Stitch Tool recreating the solid object. Sometimes this fixes weirdness not solved by the object doctor. Cheers, good luck! Untitled.fmz.zip
  4. Currently, if the ortho guides switch is turned on you can hold down shift and the direction will be locked allowing you to snap to other objects as in the image below. Having a way to lock this (without having to holding shift) would be beneficial in certain situations and would be a welcome addition.
  5. Coloring individual faces of imported step files is working as expected for me. Can you upload a sample .stp file?
  6. setz

    Transparent Ghosting

    That’s a good suggestion. In the meantime you can turn off visibility of ghosted objects in the Display Options Pallette. There is a separate option for this for each type of display, for wireframe, for shaded work, and for shaded full. I set a key shortcut for the Display Options Palette to make this process a little faster. You can also change the color of the ghosted object lines in the Colors Preferences but they will still be opaque.
  7. setz

    Un-Rounding Corners Trick

    Thanks R2 for the reply. That's it in a nutshell, Sorry, Evan, Ahtoh, for the delay. I think that this is something relatively new, I was unable to do this action in the past.
  8. One tool that was very helpful in debugging imported objects was the Make One/Two Sided" Tool. Can this Tool be reintroduced or added to the Object doctor?
  9. setz

    Layout: Frame parameters - Frame.

    Does it work to place the frame on its own layer and lock that layer. Not at my computer to verify, just making a guess.
  10. setz

    Feature request: Select clones

    Tech correct me if I'm wrong here, Clones are not instances. Components are used for this. Clones don't save memory and so you may reasonably ask what the need for them would be. Clones are really, really easy to use and, when implemented as before in V6, they were bulletproof, rock solid, dependable. Another difference is that if you mirror a Clone it retains it's link to the original, but mirrored, which is invaluable in many grid and radial array situations. It's also possible to rotate all clones as a group or individually which can also be quite useful. Hope this helps.
  11. setz

    Feature request: Select clones

    It is really great to have the return of the clones! One suggestion though; rounding edges of a clone is currently not propagated to other clones and separates that clone from being linked to the others. Can this be changed so that all other clones reflect the rounded edges and remian linked? In addition to Evan’s request, can clones also be added to object types in the Select By Palette?
  12. setz

    Feature Requests

    +1 #1. There used to be buttons (eg in transparency) that would copy the image from the color channel. These were time savers. #2. I have wanted this feature many times in the past. Would be a welcome addition.
  13. setz

    Paste Behavior

    Paste/delete a selected object is industry standard. Even in a text document, if you select text and then paste, the selected text is subsequently replaced. If you wish to save your selections you may find using the Selection Sets Palette useful. In the Edit menu there are options to Ghost, Delete, or Keep Operands. Using these options you may determine what happens to the operand object of a Boolean operation. For example if you are subtracting a cube from a sphere, the cube can be deleted, ghosted or kept after the Boolean is completed. It is possible to assign key shortcuts to these menu items to make your workflow quicker and more efficient. If you choose to ghost the operand objects, those objects can be retained or purged from the file when it is saved (in Preferences). If you choose to save the ghosted operand objects when saving, Form Z will alert you when they become numerous. You have the option to purge ghosted operands at any time from the file by using the “Clear Ghosted Operands” in the Edit menu. Note that objects ghosted manually are not purged by this function. You can also set up a key shortcut to "Deselect" (from the Edit menu) which deselects all selected objects and can be used prior to pasting to avoid unknowingly deleting wanted background objects.
  14. setz

    V.9 Wish List.

    All good suggestions. Re Symbols I also miss the simple and reliable Clone tool.
  15. setz

    I cannot Undo

    I mirror Justin's experiences, large files after long periods. Peel my legs off the chair while restarting.
  16. As the title suggests. Currently if you select multiple frames and Right Click to change the attributes, the Attributes dialog pops up repeatedly for each frame, one by one. It would be nice to have all attributes changed (including indications for mixed attributes) in a similar manor to changing multiple objects attributes in Modeling. *In Layout
  17. setz

    3D scanners and FZ

    In my industry (entertainment design), all scanning is moving rapidly towards photogrammetry. Good software is expensive but generates super accurate detailed geometry. Shiny, transparent and reflective surfaces are problematic but there are workarounds. High end I use Photomodeler Scanner, Low end I use Agisoft Photscan. Better camera = better results so that cost needs to be considered as well.
  18. setz

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    #15 Yep. Genius timesaver. Ah, thx for the explanations. I hadn't come across #8 in my workflow as I usually use the existing guides. #10 would be a very welcome option. Do you like my additional request for a rubber-banding option for the Extent Tool (or alternately, an additional option to the Reshape Tool to have it function like the Extend Tool?) Tech, is #13 clear or is my description muddled?
  19. setz

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    ASONE, really great list. #1 +1 really imperative #2 +1 miss this badly #3 +1 been on the request list a long time by many users #4 +1 Very Important - Additionally reinstitute "New Object Status" - "Object Per Volume" and "Single Object" to stop joined objects from exploding after boolean operations. #5 +1 sure, sounds good to me #6 +1 In the meantime please Reinstitute Clones, they were simple and stable. A really useful "lite version" of components. #7 +1 be sure to include a Key Sct for "Reveal All Steps" #8 ? #9 +1 great idea #10 ? Add option for Reshape to behave like Extend, basically an option that would be like a rubber banding version of the Extend Tool where segments are lengthened in the direction of their existing vector. #11 +1 Important for Layout functionality, been looking forward to this fix for awhile. Existing Line Weights please! #12 sure ( I don't use Imager much ) ASONE can you describe #8 and #10? To pile on, here are a couple more: #13 SHFT locking on a guide when it is coincident with a segment of geometry fails. SHFT snap to guide only works when guide is not overlapping a line of the model. This needs attention. An additional issue is that mouse well zooming is disabled during SHFT snapping. Could this be made to operate as a toggle? E.G. tap SHFT and the snap to guide is retained until action entered or esc key hit. #14 Better on the fly editing of Dimensions (in Layout) without having to Show Controls each time. E.G. Move text, Reposition Tool, Move associated /unassociated points. #15 Return of Get/Set Attributes Tools so that object attributes can be buffered and then used for creation of new objects. #16 In Layout, Notes, Place Text, and Edit Text, make the Return Key represent a Carriage Return and Enter to confirm input. Currently, both Return and Enter act as a Carriage Returns. In addition, in the Custom Text field in Dimensions, please add the feature of multiple lines of text.
  20. Sounds like you're looking for a PBR.shader. You can create textures with PBR shaders in 3D Coat and then bring them back into Renderzone to render. 3D Coat creates an Occlusion Map and a Curvature Map and can then modulate it's shaders based on concave or convex areas as well as on top, bottom, lit, unlit, camera facing polygons etc. 3D Coat also has "Metalness" which exports as Gloss and Specular Color. Once these texture maps are made they can be applied to the FZ shaders. You can then render in Renderzone or in one of the FZ plug in Renderers. I believe ADS is considering writing a 3D Coat "App Link" plug-in which would export and import objects and textures to-from 3D Coat and FZ automatically making this process quite quick and effortless.
  21. Is Displacement turned on in Fire but not in the Plug-in?