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  1. setz

    FBX export, still no luck

    Try exporting .vrml. It carries cameras. I used to use it to get them into C4D.
  2. setz

    renaming components, better not!

    I miss good old simple clones and while they may be redundant with components they were a joy to use. Would love to see them returned to the software.
  3. Hi Tech, Can a Stick to Edges shortcut be added to the Key Shortcuts Manager?
  4. That's such a cool project! With all the possible details It's quite a project. Are your uderlays from the museum as well? Will the buckles be an angled view or an elevation? Do share your process including the 3DCoat part. Thx.
  5. I would love to see your Fire pump when it's finished or even WIP would be interesting. Post it to share your FZ work.
  6. While the decimate brush is good for local areas, the Decimate Menu option under Geometry tab is a quick way of making the entire model more efficient in one click.
  7. I use 3DCoat all the time with FZ for just this purpose. It's actually very efficient. My models in 3dcoat are large, usually between 10-20 million polys. The key is in Decimating the model PRIOR to exporting from 3DCoat. My process is as follows: 1. If working in voxels, convert to surface mode. 2. I like to change display to wireframe at this point to see what effect the decimation is actually having. 3. Go to the Geometry menu, and choose decimation. Enter your reduction percent. I usually use 95-98% which for a 10 million poly model will output a mesh of 200-500k polys, FZ handles these fine. Verify that the wireframe and the shaded views that your details are preserved. Undo and repeat until you have a good balance between low count and high detail, .5% can make a difference. 4. File/Export Model 5. When the Export Dialog asks for amount to reduce the file on export enter "0". This is important because for some reason the export decimation is much more destructive to detail. Forgive me if you know this info already, but hopefully it will help.
  8. When the cursor is over the Objects Palette can the Key Sct for "Fit All" have a secondary function which would both expand the object's hierarchies and then highlight the selected objects? I don't remember if Cmd+F is the default Key Sct for "Fit All", but it is the one which I use, and it would also conveniently represent "Find" when used as described above.
  9. setz

    Creating faceted objects ?

    Currently, Sweeping is most functional when "As Positioned" is used. The interactive widget defaults to centroid which is not very useful most of the time. Is there a way to snap move it to a different position on the profile? I tried key modifiers to drag and reposition, which could work well for editing, but found nothing that would work. Adding a "flip vertical" and "flip horizontal" option would also be of great help. As Pipo states, reversing path sometimes works but not always. +1 for non parametric option for rounding @rod - Are you using the Polygon Mesh Tool for converting to facetted? There are a few ways of converting an object to facetted, but this tool is IMHO the most useful. See the settings below as to how they affect the top of an extruded cylinder. I did first convert from an Extruded Objet to a Plain Object although I don't know if that matters.
  10. setz

    Website update imperative

    Sorry for you Bart. These users love everything I do! apdeznep bpdeznep cpdeznep apdezneg gpdeznep kpdeznep ypdeznep zpdeznep....
  11. setz

    Creating faceted objects ?

    The work around is to use the Polygon Tool and set the number of sides you want there. It's really the same as a polygonal circle, but you wouldn't think so at first glance. Just Choose "By Number of Segments" and enter the resolution -number of sides- as you like.
  12. There is a work around in the meantime.
  13. setz

    Join Tool

  14. setz

    Attach object to plane or grid

    The 3 point align script would help this type of challenge. Please update it for use in FZ8.
  15. setz

    formZ 9

    Note that in the spirit and rhino UIs that the actual working space in your examples appears to be about 50% of screen area. My current working space in FZ is around 85%. Any modifications should focus on maximizing working area and include flexibility to minimize the interface.
  16. It's also good insurance to "Export Workspaces" from the workspace manager in case you need to reset to your custom setups. In the event something goes wrong, you can easily Import the clean versions back in. A real timesaver.
  17. setz

    formZ 9

    Math input +1
  18. setz

    Maximum Size of Underlay???

    I typically break down underlays down to 4096x4096. I believe FZ up-samples all images (underlays, textures, billboards) internally to base 2 increments: 512,1024,2048,4096,etc, so, getting close to but not over these numbers will increase speed. A 4096x4096 image will be significantly faster than a 4096x5000 image which will be seen internally as 8192x8192 - 4X larger. (Tech, correct me if I'm wrong about this.)
  19. This may (or may not) help, an old façade material from maxwell's mxm site: 100 Windows AGS Facade.zip
  20. setz

    View parameters consistency

    I think what has happened is this. The way zoom worked in V6 was different than the way it works in V8. In V6 If you save a view and then zoom in with the school wheel and then save that second zoomed in view, you will notice that the view parameters for the two views are the same even though the actual view is different. I'm guessing that the view which was saved way back in 2011 was zoomed in with the scroll wheel prior to saving. I have been trying a number of ways to recreate or convert a zoomed view in V6 to an identical non zoomed view without success. I suppose for now you may have to do your edits in V8 or V6 and then go back to V6 to re render with your original saved view. Pylon has a great knowledge of the inner workings of views and he may well be able to look at your original file and be able to decipher how to extrapolate the amount and center of the mouse zoom in comparison to the saved view parameters.
  21. setz

    View parameters consistency

    Very intriguing. Can you upload the original V6 file with the camera and some reduced basic geometry to test with?
  22. setz

    Rhino Import

    I get a lot of Rhino files that have objects with faces that have mixed normals. An object will have some faces pointing inwards and some facing outwards. Can the importer be modified to fix these objects or can the Object Doctor have an additional feature to repair these types of issues? Currently I am taking one object at a time, deriving all of its faces into separate objects and then restitching back together. In files with hundreds of objects this is very time consuming. On a side note, when I select many objects to do these restitching operations simultaneously I often get a "System was unable to complete the Boolean operation" msg. The same objects stitched separately boole fine. Perhaps the stitching algorithm could skip problem (coincident geometry etc) objects and continue stitching the valid faces. Bad faces could then be found and fixed manually more easily.