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  1. setz

    Underlay image in Wireframe

    If I understand correctly, to achieve what you describe, you can assign an underlay to a custom reference plane which shows in wireframe display.
  2. setz

    Select by palatte

    Re Gary's comments, I really liked having the name field at the bottom of the palette, it was a quick way rename and to be able see both the icon and text clearly at the same time. I'm glad it is on the improvements list.
  3. setz

    Using multi touch controls in FZ

    Alan, have you seen "Head Tracking" for X-Plane?
  4. Hand in hand with backgrounds, I would love to see the Camera View Options restored. It was very handy to have different aspect (pixel) ratios saved with the different views and would work well with the different aspect ratios of background images. Along with this, It would be a great opportunity to include industry standard preset still and cinema cameras!
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the image is not HDRI or other high radiance file type I don't think it works. A quick way of making a jpg or other low radiance file into a high radiance file is to use "Load Image" in Maxwell Renderer and then save it out using "Save MXI" which will create an MXI which can be used.
  6. The Sub D Tools are not showing up for me in the Favorites Palette Tool List. For example, if I hit the space bar and then type "B" the Bridge Tool is not listed. Is there a setting for this I have toggled off?
  7. setz

    Convert surface to single sided

    One thing you can try to "fix" surface solids (double sided objects) is to derive all faces of an object as separate objects. Then restitch them together again. You can then Separate the objects, pick through the resulting objects to choose the desired ones (some may need to have their directions reversed), and then restitch again. Finally, discard the remaining unnecessary objects and use object doctor to close holes if they exist.
  8. setz

    Sometimes fz8 takes over the computer

    I have been running with my drives not sleeping for awhile and that seems to have fixed the problem of delays. Everything is backed up for when the drive bearings go out!
  9. setz

    Display Options

    It doesn't seem as though the Display Options; antialiasing, line styles, line weights, silhouette edges, etc, are saved in Preferences (or in the Template file). Can these settings be added?
  10. setz

    Display Options

    Tech, have you been able to verify that imported files don't use Template info?
  11. setz

    Display Options

    Ah, okay I see what I was experiencing. When files are Imported the display settings are using default rather than the Template file. The solution until this is updated is to open a blank file then Import using Add To Project.
  12. setz

    Display Options

    It's loading correctly, (now that I have reported it as not working!) Ugh. Thanks for clarification as to where it is saved.
  13. setz

    Mxed 2 vs 3

    Hi Ben, It seems as though materials saved as Mxed V3 are not backwards compatible and won't open in Mxed V2. I am currently using both FZ6 and FZ8 with their respective plugins for maxwell. Because materials edited and saved with Mxed 3 (from the plugin for 8) are no longer able to be edited by FZ6 using Mxed 2, I don't want materials accidentally saved as Mxed 3. To alleviate this situation, I've compressed Mxed 3 to force the plugin to use Mxed 2. It's an odd solution but it seem to be working fine so far. The plus side is that none of the materials become corrupted and unable to be edited when using them with FZ6. I could go the opposite way and have the plugin from FZ6 use Mxed 3 materials but when it does, the material preview for maxwell does not show in the Surface Style Parameters Dialog. Maybe an update of Maxwell Z for FZ6 would fix this. Another BIG reason to continue using Mxed 2 is that it allows you to keep the texture (and color picker) window open and switch from texture to texture in the editor. In Mxed 3, I have to close the texture and color picker dialogs each time I switch to a different texture or color. Is this true for everyone or just on my system? If it is a "new feature", it's a poorly thought out, inefficient, annoying time killer. Do you see any reason that mixing FZ8 with Mxed 2 and Maxwell 3 might cause problems?
  14. setz

    Sometimes fz8 takes over the computer

    Hi Jeff, I have the same setup Pro12core + Mavericks. I get the same hang a couple times a day and it's a long one, about 10-30 seconds. It happens while I'm using FZ, but because the cached OS commands, changing windows etc, are played in rapid succession on release, it is clearly Mavericks that is the culprit here. I use an SSD drive for my OS and main project files. I think the delay may have something to do with Time Machine and spin up time on the non-SSD platter drives that are asleep. I just now changed my Energy Saver Prefs disabling sleeping the hard drives, and after the holiday hiatus when I'm back to work, I'll let you know if the hangs are gone...
  15. setz

    Display Options Palettes ??

    Sloppy reporting. I actually meant CMD+SHFT+A which I use for Deselect. It opens the title page of the Manual. Sorry for wasting your time testing the wrong keys. Ugh.
  16. setz

    Display Options Palettes ??

    This seems to be a problem related to using the combination of CTRL+SHFT as a Key Shortcut. I use CTRL+SHFT+A for a sct and after using FZ for awhile - an hour or two, the sct stops functioning as set and instead, opens the manual (In the default Browser) as you describe. Restarting resets the key sct and temporarily fixes the problem. FZ 8.0.1 OSX 10.9.5 Mac Pro 2012 Dual 3.06 6 core
  17. Is there the possibility of enabling copy and paste from V6 to V8? or perhaps a script that would do this?
  18. setz

    Copy Paste From V6

    For opening in V6, I've selected Save As V6. With this option they're greyed out. One ghosted One visible One picked
  19. setz

    Quickest Saves

    Hi Tech, Which settings do you recommend for the quickest saves? It seems as though the program stops and thinks for a few seconds before saving, how can I minimize this behavior? I don't want the images embedded in the file and I don't need compression unless it is faster.
  20. setz

    Copy Paste From V6

    For the reverse trip V8 --> V6 "Picked Objects Only" is greyed out In the Save A Copy As dialog. Could code be written for this option to function? I do it manually now by saving as V8, then reopening that file and then saving it out as V6 but this must be able to be automated right?
  21. No more "Object 2 3 2 2 2 4" Excellent! Thank you!
  22. setz

    Wire mesh or perforated surface modeling

    From your scan, in photoshop it should be quick to make a clip mask ("magic wand" or "color range" the holes) and then use it as a transparency map rather than using 50 simple transparency.
  23. setz

    Wire mesh or perforated surface modeling

    I don't union all the wires together unless it's absolutely required. Holes, lots of holes, are slow geometry.
  24. Is there a way to reduce the number of icons in the Modeling Tools Palette? For example if I move Point Tool and Guide Tool into the Pick "tray" and then I want to delete the Guides "tray" is there a way to do this? V8