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  1. MXMs saved with MXED V 3.1.99, when referenced, deliver "MXM cannot be read" message. OSX 10.9.5 1. create a new material 2. assign a texture (FZ logo) 3. from maxwell tab "export mxm" 4. reply "okay" to "make ref...edit further in MXED" 5. update preview in MXED and save 6. in FZ click preview button - texture is not shown 7. click on folder icon to open and manually link saved MXM 8. "MXM cannot be read" message delivered
  2. setz

    maxwell sea

    Check if "Sea" is enabled in Fire Preferences and in FZ Display options for Maxwell Renderer. There are also 2 different places to set Vertical Scale in the Parameters for the Sea Object, one is under "Scale" and the other is under "Generate". If both of these have low (single digit) values then the waves may be unnoticeable. I think I can see waves in your post but they are very,very flat. The "Dimension" field also has a strong effect on wave height, Larger areas have larger waves.
  3. Okay, Ugh. Had an older version of the plug-in running. When I downloaded (08/03/15 and again on 08/04/15) their site didn't have the plugins available below the beta download the way it does today, It only had the buttons for the betas. I incorrectly assumed it used the most recent plugin even though your post clearly states to download the newest plugin from that page. Sorry my bad. Regrets on wasting your time.
  4. setz

    saving view edits

    David, what do you think of being able to edit a view while it is selected while Cone of Vision is active? For Example: Open cone of Vision, any selected view is unselected (which is the current behavior). Opt 1: Edit view and then save as desired, or exit CoV with the current viewport matching the edit. Opt 2: Select a view, that view is then in "Edit Mode"; edit and when another view is selected or CoV is closed, edits are saved for that view.
  5. setz

    Grid disappears when I zoom in

    Axes need to extend to edges of grids which have non-default extents.
  6. setz

    News on Vray

    Hey Des, Imagine a wonderful world where we could use a GPU renderer on a Mac Pro, click-boom! 'Would make those machines worth their high price tag.
  7. If I create a new material, drag FZ's "Brick 2" for example to the material, fire shows the material as expected. I then export the mxm, resave and get the error msg again. The same is true with a screen grab - file attached.
  8. setz

    Texture Size when Pushing a Face

    This would also be a good place to be able to use the old Get and Set Attributes Tools. As soon as you create the Billlboard, you could Get Attributes and then the mapping, style, smoothing etc, etc, is stored in a buffer until quitting FZ and would be available to Set at any time during the work session. Would love to have these tools back.
  9. setz

    Weird reflections

    Yes, I've seen your renders, really beautiful work.
  10. setz

    Weird reflections

    Upon faceting (during the export to the renderer), very thin "sliver or needle" triangles are created at the corners and the smoothing across these creates these distortions which show up upon rendering. This is true with all renderers I know of. An alternative solution to faceting the top surface is to reduce the Smooth Shading angle to None but you will see faceting on low poly rounded edges which may require raising the resolution of your objects thus increasing the poly count once again...
  11. setz

    Weird reflections

    Try meshing the top surface. You can reduce the size of the triangulation on L and U shaped polygons to make it less noticeable.
  12. I want to retrieve a backed up version of my workspaces from Time Machine but I can't find the file. Anybody know where it is stored? **Doh! in the Library/Prefs folder.
  13. In 8.5 I don't see the .stp import extension in the manager. When I try to import, .stp files are greyed out and when I drag an .stp file to the FZ icon in the dock, a dialog for 3DM import opens but the file imported is empty.
  14. setz

    Plugins FZ8.5

    I'm running 8.5 with Rename Object working well. Excellent plug-in, saves me a ton of time, thanks LAB.
  15. setz

    Export Image

    When I try to export a vector format image; dwg, dxf, pdf or ai I get a message saying "Invalid Symbol Table Name". Do I have a name problem with my objects? Raster files export as expected.
  16. setz

    Export Image

    Ha! That's exactly what I did, and it exported fine. I then created a new file and pasted my project into the new file which solved the problem. Thx.
  17. Tech, Is this accurate? If so, could booleans be added as a valid edit to existing components?
  18. Components update reshape and editing topology but don't seem to respect booleans while Clones do.
  19. Amount/Speed of screen rotation could be increased or made adjustable in Prefs. For Example, Dragging the mouse across the full width of the screen produces about this much rotation of the scene in different software: Vectorworks ±1170º Maya ±1000º 3D Coat ±630º Modo ±560º Rhino ±540º FZ6 ±530º FZ7 and 8 ±180º Sketchy Up ±135º ​With such a small amount of rotation, repeated "pawing" with the mouse is required to orbit around an object.
  20. Clones. They were simple and wonderful alternative to Components and very helpful as a quick and convenient tool in the modeling process.
  21. Global Show Normals - with key sct. Show Vertices and Show Direction already work this way, Show Normals is missing out on the fun.
  22. Section Tool ability to use a segment (cuts perp to active Plane) rather than limited to face-polygon as a cutting plane definition. Ability to disable "edit" behavior for direct, quick and efficient functioning of this tool - click on segment or face, click on target object, done - no dialogs.
  23. +1 to clarissa's suggestion