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  1. setz

    Invert Texture

    Is there a way to Invert textures? It is especially useful to have this option for transparency and bump maps.
  2. setz

    FormZ to C4D Workflows

    I used to use VRML a long time ago, does this still work? Texture mapping and object hierarchy and naming are preserved.
  3. Duplicate all objects and ghost originals Project tool all to XY plane Object doctor to remove all coplanar segments to make each a single flat face Derive (extrude) 3D objects from all objects so they are taller than the originals Use intersection tool between each pair of original and new derived 3d objects to get a clean pair of lines from which to run your sweeps
  4. In FZ6 when Snap to Center of Face was selected, whenever the mouse was positioned on any part of face, the center was snapped. This was confirmed visibly by the green snap preview of the perimeter of the face being snapped to. Currently, when Snap to Center of Face is selected the Pixel Tolerance is respected and you have to be within that tolerance of the center of the face for the snap to be accurate. Expanding the Pixel Tolerance doesn’t help because there is still an ambiguity for which face is being snapped to because the perimeter is not highlighted, only the center dot. It was great to be able to snap to a center buried in a complex assembly, simply by hovering the mouse inside any exposed portion of a face. It would be nice to have this functionality back again.
  5. There used to be the name (in an editable field) at the bottom of the Materials Palette. It made name edits really quick and it helped to distinguish between materials with similar looking icons. I am a strong advocate for having the smallest palettes possible (see how small my FZ6 Surface Styles Palette was), but this data field adds very little space and is super useful. Would anyone else out there like to see this reinstated?
  6. setz

    Navigation issues

    Select the object you want centered and click Cmd+F (mac) Ctrl+F (Win) or click this icon:
  7. setz

    Legend for color display settings.

    The differences between column 2 and 3 are edge color (pink and blue) as listed in the description. In addition, Edge Override Display is set to "Always On" in Object Attributes for the objects in column 3. This is odd because you would think they would be forced to be showing, but they are not visible at all. If the Option for Render as Shaded Surface is turned off the behavior is as expected. It might be a bug. *I am using Shaded Work Display.
  8. setz

    Legend for color display settings.

    Thank you Alan, very useful. It's interesting how the Project Clipping Plane Color changes when there is a Layer Override.
  9. Currently to section an object, a planar face needs to be chosen to define the plane of the cut. In the past it was possible to section from a single segment projected to the Reference Plane. This was very useful for quick cuts especially when in ortho views. Would anyone else find this feature useful to have?
  10. setz

    Layout Color Fills

    I'm still getting my head around the use of line, style and color attributes in Layout. I'm working on finding a workflow that allows me a free and efficient use of attributes in general. I do miss the color palette, it's nice having the colors in a library in the document rather than having to use the OS color picker as a library. I will also need to get used to setting width and style attributes via the context menu and the Set Attributes Tool. I started with a blank sheet, drew a rectangle, selected the Hatch Tool, chose the solid looking one and applied it. I contextual selected attributes and changed the color. The hatch still showed as black. This was because the color I was choosing was for the outline rather than the hatch which is under the Hatch Option from the Attributes pulldown menu. I also noticed that the original rectangle was not an independent object after it had been hatched, to confirm, I selected and deleted the Hatch and the rectangle was gone. I preferred the outline and the hatch being separate objects. It seemed more intuitive. So it does do what I want, just takes a bit of exploration to see how it all works.
  11. In Layout is there a way to fill objects and/or Text with a solid color?
  12. I wanted to say that I really like the dimensioning at scale in the Layout frames in 8.5. Start a Dimension with a click within the frame, the dimension is based on the scale of the frame, Start a Dimension outside the frame, it is in paper, full size, scale. Brilliant!
  13. setz

    Finding holes in objects

    Another good way to spot the holes is to choose Add to Selection in the Object Doctor and then only select the Missing Faces Option. Works well on heavy meshes and very small holes where direction arrows are hard to see or stop rendering because the hole is too small. These holes can then be closed by re running the Object Doctor with the Fix if Possible Option.
  14. If I want to set F16-F19 as key scts on an extended keyboard. These are not registering when keyed in and are also missing from the Key Shortcut pulldown list. I believe this is true for Modeling as well, but my legacy shortcut file still has these keys assigned and are working fine there.
  15. setz

    Layout Key Scts F16-F19

    A couple notes: My current .sct file for FZ Pro (modeling) has F19 assigned to Project Settings. I'm not sure when I set this, could be as far back as V7. It is not showing up in the menu and it also looks blank in the Key Shortcuts Mgr (although it is functioning properly). I wanted to set the same Key Sct for Layout and realized its not possible currently.
  16. I want to have an image be superimposed under a frame with a HL version of the same view. How can I direct the image to be drawn under the line version. In the past I would just place the image on a layer above the layers containing line information and then select Draw in Order Shown. Currently, when the layer with the image has it's visibility turned on it overwrites the lines information. I want to use the actual HL lines rather than lines in the image for dimensioning purposes and for sharpness when printed.
  17. Yay! That where it is now. I was looking for it in the layer options pulldown.
  18. +1 to Pylons suggestions
  19. setz

    Sun Animations

    Thanks Ben. I did notice the ability to animate the time and I also saw that it can be done in Maxwell Studio from an exported mxs. A button to generate animations is a great idea.
  20. setz

    Sun Animations

    Is there a way to export sun animations? The Maxwell option is greyed out.
  21. setz

    Lost and Found: Show Face Normals

    +1 global - all objects