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  1. Double Click on your sun and edit it's type to Physical Sky. (If you want to also render in Renderzone, make a copy of your sun first because the Maxwell sun won't render in Renderzone.)
  2. setz

    DWG export scale

  3. +1 - (Scenes do not remember the size of the window at the time the scene was recorded when set to "Use Window Size")
  4. If there is a group that has all objects visible except for one that is ghosted, the icon should not show as visible, but as mixed visibility. This has been missing for quite some time and would be nice to have back again. The dot icon showing visibility in V6 would grey out to indicate mixed visibility.
  5. setz

    Return the "Delete Topology" tool or...

    I see now from the video, corner segments take faces away which they did not used to do as a topology delete.
  6. setz

    Join in Trim Tool

  7. Use Object Doctor to spot any issues and make sure that your object(s) is watertight - a closed solid. Shapeways has online interactive software that evaluates problem areas and shows those areas clearly with a red color. The problem areas are different for different for different types of materials so upload your model, choose the material you want and then see what if anything needs to be modified. My ring models had areas that showed as marginally too thin for the lost wax process. I didn't want to make those areas thicker so I left them as they were and they actually came out fine. Export as .stl and verify the size of the bounding box in their software to ensure scale is accurate.
  8. setz

    Return the "Delete Topology" tool or...

    Currently using the Delete Key seems to consistently default to "Delete Geometry" deleting all connected segments and faces. In V6, if you selected topology - points, segments or faces, and then hit delete or backspace, there used to be a pop up dialog asking whether you wanted Topology or Geometry deleted. It would be good to have this option back again. See image from V6. An alternative would be to have the Delete key delete Geometry and the Backspace key delete Topology.
  9. +1 Justin In addition, If you have an object that is totally skewed, the old 3 Point Alignment Tool (script) was invaluable. I would love to see this returned to working order soon, perhaps as a standard tool?
  10. I had some rings I had modeled, I ordered them made in silver at Shapeways and was very pleased with the results.
  11. setz

    Return the "Delete Topology" tool or...

    I use the Delete and the Delete Topology tools all the time with both pre - when I have large groups of topology items, and post picking, (by holding down Cmd) when I want to delete topological items one at a time. They seem to perform as expected on my machine.
  12. You should download the trials (30 day) of Jr and then Pro. They are considerably more advanced than FZ Free with many additional tools and features. Cheers, and lucky for you that you have now found this great software. Spread the word in your circles....
  13. It would be useful to have Angle Guides behave more like the old Radial Snap from V6 while drawing Vector lines. If set to 15º it would then enable every possible 15º, 30º, 45º, 60º, and 90º while drawing without ever having to reset the angle at each change in direction. While this would improve snapping and return some of the old functionality, I am still a strong advocate of reintroducing all the old (object and angle) snaps and behaviors which I used continuously and miss greatly.
  14. setz

    Layout 3

  15. setz

    Offset toll ≠ Parallel tool

    +1 on incorporating the old Offset Tool's Options into the Surface Offset Tool. 98% of the time (in V6) I used a 0 In and a 0 Out values in Slab Offset fields, now I am having to go through the extra steps of Reshaping, or re-Extending the top and bottom faces back to where they were before the offset.
  16. +1 Chris ...and within pixel tolerance of the entire segment rather than pixel tolerance of the center of the segment.
  17. +1 for old snaps incl endpoint and center of face from anywhere on a face, not just within pixel tolerance. Also when points are selected the point snap preview is not visible under the large highlighted point.
  18. Ooooh! I'll have to look for it when I get back to my computer. Is it a global height option that can have its dialog key shortcuted?
  19. +1 There used to be a dialog for "Height" which was super useful for derive repeated distances. I used a key sct for this dialog (and I made a key sct for the dynamic setting too but I'm away from my computer so I will see what that was called at a later time and repost). This would be great to have back and to have it apply to Extrude, Extend, and Reshape Tools.
  20. +1 if you are refering to adding Join as an option to the trim lines tools.
  21. ++1 I miss the buffer that came with the Get/Set Attributes tools. E.g. New objects get the settings in the buffer created when Get Attributes is used.