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  1. Tools in the Draw 1 Tools Palette (rectangles, circles, ellipses, etc) allow for OPT toggling between the different object type options during creation, e.g., 2D, 2D Wall, 3D Extrusion, 3D extrusion to point etc. Tools in the Shape Tools Palette (V-line, spline, arcs, etc) do not seem to offer the OPT toggling. The extrude needs to be selected prior to generation. Could OPT toggling functionality be added for these shapes? I've also noticed that if drawing is started with 2D or 2D Wall that the OPT toggling is also not available, even for Draw 1 Tools. If the object is drawn in 2D and the result buffer is still orange, could OPT toggling work then?
  2. setz

    Getting rid of fill in 2D objects

    Ah, the object has to be picked. I think you have the Pick Tool selected, but I don't think you have clicked to select the object. Attributes are displayed for the Selected objects and if no objects are selected, no attributes are displayed. Once an object is selected, the three missing tabs (Selection - Attributes - Info) will appear in the Tool Options - Pick Palette.
  3. setz

    Getting rid of fill in 2D objects

    Drag the corner down. Or you can also select the objects you want to have render this way and then Right Click and choose attributes to get to the same dialog. There is also a Tool, "Break" that will break the closed outline into a non-closed line where the start touches the end. This will effect the way the object extrudes and will make booleans no longer work as well, but depending on what you are doing, this may work for you.
  4. setz

    Disable Green Plus Sign

    I have edited the cursor tiffs to smaller representations. Works well for me but probably not officially recommended. (Wish I could access the representation for points and direction arrows as well... )
  5. Could a Tap Modifier (CMD) be added to the Extend Tool to switch between "To Face"and "Distance"? Would it be possible for the the Distance Field to be highlighted automatically when the Distance radio button is selected? In addition, it would be useful to have the Distance radio button be selected automatically when the Distance field was clicked by the mouse for entry. Would save a little time and streamline the workflow. (Minuscule, but every little grain of sand builds a coastline. )
  6. There has been discussion about adding a Palette for Status of Objects. When this happens, I would love to have the New Object Status returned; I never used the Object per Volume setting which is the current default. I spend a fair amount of time rejoining objects that have been separated by boolean operations and this option would save me time.
  7. setz


    Not a library, but models are out there. 3dWhorehouse Warehouse and Turbosquid have a lot or scaffolding models. Here is one from archive 3D: http://archive3d.net/?a=download&id=226c5acd
  8. setz

    What do the Dots Represent?

    As a palette it could be detached and give the user total flexibility for positioning! Sounds good to me. Maybe a linear arrangement which could be oriented horiz or vert like the tools palette in V6?
  9. I was thinking this would be a good spot to put a "Status of Objects" and a "Apply to all Operands" indicators, and I then noticed these little dots...
  10. Thank you, this is great! Two less key strokes each time I multicopy rotate! Bravo, another wonderful grain of sand!
  11. setz

    What do the Dots Represent?

    Ah, yes, I knew that at one time. Those brain cells must have gotten fried at some point. Hmmm, where would be a good place for SoO and AtaO indicators? At the cursor would be a quick read but would look cluttered. Options Palette? Action Palette? The balance between too much out-of-the-way and too much in-the-way is tricky.
  12. setz

    You added 0˚ = 360˚!

    I've been typing 360 since finding that 0 wasn't doing it anymore. It has been awhile since I tried it though.... So happy about this!
  13. I often apply an emitter to a single face of a solid object. To avoid the render error generated by incompatibility with Maxwell I select the face and separate it from the object prior to rendering and then re stitch it later for when I need it to be part of a the solid again. It would be a nice feature if the plugin had the option of automatically separating off these emitter faces just for the render (and for Fire), leaving the objects in the model as solids for continued modeling. It is already very useful to have the plug-in append [ERR] to object names to find objects which have inadvertently had faces changed to emitters through booleans where they are not wanted. This option saves a lot of time in locating these objects so that the unwanted emitter faces can be re assigned to the objects material. Thank you for all your hard work on this plug-in. It's really developed well, is detailed but intuitive and is a great asset to an efficient workflow.
  14. Thank you Ben. It's a pretty insignificant issue when looking at the great scope of the Plug-in. If it's not too much work, auto-unstitching would be a welcome addition.
  15. setz

    Maxwell Sea

    Is there a way to mask/clip/mask a Maxwell Sea object to non square proportions? EG to be able to use it in a raised rectangular pond or raised round fountain without the corners it the sea being visible outside the edge of the pool?
  16. setz

    Maxwell Sea

    That sounds like it will work well for my needs, Thank you!
  17. setz

    Maxwell Sea

    Z-buffer Channel not DeepChannel.
  18. setz

    Maxwell Sea

    I wonder if I could render an animation of a Sea from a top view, export a Deep Channel alpha image sequence and then use it as a bump/displacement map in an MXM of water. I still need to investigate how to animate a texted in Maxwell. Is it as simple as just assigning a .mov or mpg4 to an image channel in MXED? Not at my computer today to be able to test.
  19. setz


    In Display Options, Renderzone Options tab, Options... Button, adjust Minimum Ray Contribution to a lower number like 2 or 3. It's default is set at 10 so when reflectivity in a material is set to 10 or less it does not reflect. Setting it to 2 or 3 will allow it to reflect at settings down to 2 or 3. Tech beat me while i was typing!
  20. Bad imported geometry. It's very unusual (impossible?) to create these types of objects within FZ . Will send a file later today.
  21. Cutlist looks like great software for minimizing waste in laying out patterns on sheets. Helpful if you do this kind of work regularly. My patterns are often weird shapes, and I need to generate these types of cutting files, typically for CNC routing or Plasma or Laser Cutting only occasionally, so I have been laying out manually. I use FZ's great tools and my method to get everything on a flat plane quickly, accurately and easily. Unfold is a very useful tool. It does more than just Unfolding. I use it often to send faces from odd angles in a model to the XY plane. It would be Really Great to have the 3 Point Align script functioning again to replace them back into their original weird orientation and position.
  22. Hi Andrew, Depends on the resolution of the printer. FDM (ABS,PLA) will give every corner a 1/100" radius, desired or not, so no small radiuses required in the model. In addition, FDM models almost always require sanding or coating, and edges will be knocked down even more during the finishing of the part. UV solidified resin printers like Objet's or Form Labs' will be 4-5X more finely resolved and will clearly show hard edges or low res facetting. Models for these types of printers require more accurate radiuses and much higher resolutions in the conversion to STL or OBJ, similar to rendered images which, as you point out, also require high definition and small details including very small edge rounds to look realistic. In my work I keep a low-res, unrounded version for drawings and hidden line renders and a high-res fully rounded version for printing and rendering.
  23. To reduce the time spent rotating parts try this: 1. Duplicate your entire object and hide the original. 2. Use the Derive Faces tool and click on one side of each board until all boards are converted from solids to surfaces. You can either preselect the faces while holding shift and choose "join" in the options, or click one board at a time until all the solids have been converted to surfaces. 3. Select all surfaces and Join them into a single object with the Join Tool. 4. Use the Unfold Tool and click once on the joined object. FZ takes care of rotating all the patterns to a single workplane for you. 5. Manually move the boards into arrangement to fit on manufacturer's sheets. I draw 48"x96" rectangles on a separate locked layer to represent plywood. I join surfaces of panels in groups of similar thickness to help in organizing. One joined object will be for ½" material, one joined object for ¾" material, etc, etc.
  24. I often print full size paper cutting patterns or details which require different size sheets for different parts from the same model. I would like all sheets for a project contained within one file. Currently it does not seem possible to have different sheet sizes in a single file. Is this a feature that can be added?