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    Bs5ZJlxxx6 reacted to Hugo in MXM preview on MacPro?   
    On my Mac Pro I can't see a preview of the MXM file, on my MacBook Pro I can. See attachments. 
    Where can I solve this issue?
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    Bs5ZJlxxx6 reacted to pylon in Maxwell 3.1 Update Available   
    Hi All,
    Maxwell 3.1 is available, along with updated plugins for formZ.
    This update introduces some great new features, and a number of fixes. A complete list of changes to the formZ plugin may be found here. (Please note that the "Extra Sampling" feature is not yet supported by the formZ plugin, but will be soon.)
    Log onto the customer portal to download.
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    Bs5ZJlxxx6 reacted to AHTOH in Displacement artifacts   
    Subject happens to me very often. Please check the picture below:
    Here is a file