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  1. ktejlgaard

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    Deleted and reinstalled. Everything works. I didn´t download the integrated version with the plugin to begin with. Thank you so much for the help, sorry for the inconvenience
  2. ktejlgaard

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    If i bring the old "maxwell render 5" folder back containing 5.1 everything works fine. But with 5.1 When i bring 5.2 into the exact same folder i get the error attached above. I checked the pylon maxwell plugin in FormZ in at might be calling for the 5.1 and cant run 5.2? Thats why Im asking if others upgraded succesfully.
  3. ktejlgaard

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    I replaced the previous maxwell 5 folder with the new installation (made a copy of the older 5.1) So the search path is the same as before: "system/applications/maxwell render 5" Im running Form Z pro v 9.1.0 (Build A399)
  4. ktejlgaard

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    Thank you, I had already downloaded and installed. Maxwell works fine (5.2) but when i press render in maxwell in Formz, maxwell doesnt start, but says:
  5. ktejlgaard

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    Upgraded Maxwell from 5.1 to 5.2 but FormZ wont regonize it. Do we need to upgrade the plugin as well. And has anyone had luck finding that?
  6. Thank you so much for your help. Received a code from support so got it working before I saw your reply.
  7. Really hoped for that to work. Created new file from splash screen, but it didnt help
  8. Anybody that had the same problem? Installed on friday so no support yet, would really appreciate to be able to start working in version 9.
  9. Thank you Chris, did both, just to try all options
  10. No matter how I try to disable firewalls or use different internet connections, Wifi, cellular and ethernet Cable. I get; "a connection to the internet is required in order to register" when I try to register the software, what is happening?
  11. I just got this answer from Next Limit: Dear Kristoffer,We are contacting you because we have finally made a decision about the formZ plugin development.GOOD NEWS: WE WILL CONTINUE SUPPORTING AND DEVELOPING formZ FOR MAXWELL 5!!We estimate a month to release Maxwell 5 for formZ 8, and then they launch formZ 9, we will start developing this plugin for Maxwell 5 too!!Thank you for your patience, understanding and trust.Kind regards,
  12. ktejlgaard

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    Hi, Hiding from GI is part of the "work-around" and then having an additional object with AGS that is hidden to the camera, casting the shadows. But it seems wrong that I cant use the proper shadows cast from "HighGradeGlass" because they cant be seen through the glass itself? Kristoffer
  13. ktejlgaard

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    And thank you so much for the quick reply!
  14. ktejlgaard

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    GlassTest.zipI have attached a Form Z file with three blocks and the "glass texture"
  15. ktejlgaard

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    Do you want a FMZ or MXI file? attached a render of the panes/blocks