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  1. I just got this answer from Next Limit: Dear Kristoffer,We are contacting you because we have finally made a decision about the formZ plugin development.GOOD NEWS: WE WILL CONTINUE SUPPORTING AND DEVELOPING formZ FOR MAXWELL 5!!We estimate a month to release Maxwell 5 for formZ 8, and then they launch formZ 9, we will start developing this plugin for Maxwell 5 too!!Thank you for your patience, understanding and trust.Kind regards,
  2. ktejlgaard

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    Hi, Hiding from GI is part of the "work-around" and then having an additional object with AGS that is hidden to the camera, casting the shadows. But it seems wrong that I cant use the proper shadows cast from "HighGradeGlass" because they cant be seen through the glass itself? Kristoffer
  3. ktejlgaard

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    And thank you so much for the quick reply!
  4. ktejlgaard

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    GlassTest.zipI have attached a Form Z file with three blocks and the "glass texture"
  5. ktejlgaard

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    Do you want a FMZ or MXI file? attached a render of the panes/blocks
  6. ktejlgaard

    Shadows through "HighGradeGlass"

    Each sheet in the dome is modelled as a solid with a thickness of 6mm. (like the real thing) I tryed the same render with simple blocks, and got the same problem
  7. Hi Ive spend hours trying to figure out why I cant see shadows cast from "HighGradeGlass" properly when looking through "HighGradeGlass" (see image) The shadows cast from the glass get all black when wieved through the glass. I can get around it by using AGS but Im loosing detail on the shadows and reflections by doing so. How can i get proper shadows when looking through the glass? Kristoffer
  8. ktejlgaard

    RAM question

    Tech how can it be that when working on a file for a long time it becomes "heavy"? When a model has been worked on for a while, the undo and the copy/paste actions becomes very slow, and the memory usage of the project becomes way too high (Activity Monitor). eventually making the file unusable and even un-openable! I have limited undos and enabled reset undos when saving. It seems like it might be the empty-clipboard option missing. ​Im working around it by copying all geometry into a new scene, but im doing this for the fourth time now with one project.... Where does this heaviness come from, and is there a way to reset Clipboard/undos/etc. for a file?
  9. Hi im back again... and again I must express how awesome it is that you are "listening", tech. I think we can save the skype meeting for later, therefor I have listed some things that I think could be addressed : - The 3-point circle/rectangel we talked about, being able to un-lock the reference plane - The possibility to write simple math in the prompt ex. 3207,34mm/2 ( distance /2 or +2 or x2 or -2) Illustrator has this functionality and it saves time. - Toggle layers more snappy, it takes a lot longer to turn layers of and on in the new formZ - Scale parts of object (face,segment) with the measure tool. (absolutely awesome that you have made it possible to scale with the measure tool. - Assigning material density to materials, makes it easier to work weight. in stead of only being able to assign it to an object measure. - The possibility to use the "project" tool on smooth objects without the projected geometri becoming facettet - In formZ 6.5 the cursor lost its ability to turn white/bright on dark backgrounds with the el capitan update for mac - I have attached a photo of a face-meet-tool that i have dreamt about for a long time - grasshopper plugin for formz (of course, and I know its not on your table only) - UV maps, did the "bake uv map" disappear? Really need to be able to create proper UV maps for texturing I have to say thumbs up for the new interface, its way more intuitive, and the are many really well thought new features! I have only worked with it a short time now but I would love to catch up in future when i have used it extensively Best Regards Kristoffer
  10. ktejlgaard

    Export Text DWG

    Tech, thanks for the link! All my exports work better with the back-date... Text is still text, line widths export to illustrator again, and circles keep their parameters as cirkles for inc cutting (dwg) Im really glad that you answer so swift and help when its really needed. Good luck with programming for the next update....
  11. ktejlgaard

    Export Text DWG

    ...when re-importing the dwg back into FormZ, the text is also un-editible, so its the export and not an issue with the Illustrator-import
  12. ktejlgaard

    Export Text DWG

    I have tried export in every way, dwg, fbx, dwg-image, illustrator-image and pdf-image. In earlier versions of formZ, you could have 2d text (surface) that through dwg export were still editable in illustrator. Now all text becomes objects no matter what I do, and I loose the edibility in Illustrator. I even copied the dwg export settings from FormZ 6.5 that exported the text as text. Is there a way around?
  13. ktejlgaard

    Export Text DWG

    Im experiencing troubles with the dwg-export. I can't export text objects without loosing the edibility
  14. Is there a developer at FormZ I could talk to on skype? Im one of the last architects/builders in Denmark using FormZ, and I would hate to leave the software because of a loss in the tools needed to production-precision modelling. Im building a lot of un-ortogonal buildings and have always had an advantage in FormZ over Autocad/Revit, but it seems the advantage is disappearing and I would love to give you feedback from somebody who is building what he is drawing and is pushing the technology on what can be build without being Frank Gehry with his own software
  15. ok, so leaves me modelling in 6.5 (which would make it really nice with an el-capitan upgrade so that the cursor works properly) The only problem is that the lock-reference-bottom can't be un-enabled while using the tools. (or at least have the possibility of overwritng the snap by writing the coordinates of the points, like in the old days!) I can easily see all the new features in 8.5 and that is become easier and more intuitive. But I have modeled, design planned, made construction drawings and build several projects using FormZ 6.5 (imagegoogle: "Kristoffer tejlgaard") And it seems to me that all the new easiness-features are coming at a cost of oldschool, hardcore precision modelling!