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  1. Thank you very much, Des - your answer is very helpful! I am grateful you took the time to give such a detailed and organised reply and will use it as a guidance to set up my own methology statement. I suppose the whole idea is to make the process possible for a third party to recreate and review. It is also good for our company to use as production criteria as we more and more often hire other 3d-artists to do renderings for us.
  2. The Match view tool has not performed well for us and I stopped trying to use it many years ago. (My former boss advised not to use it, and match the view manually instead) Maybe it is time to give it a second chance. ( I'm still using v6 (because v8 is not performing well on my system either) so I guess there is nothing new...) Still curious; is there is anyone else of the forum users experiencing third party quality control of their images?
  3. For this client it will be he actual matching of the view with regards to the background image.
  4. As a client of ours is deploying quality control of renders, another company has been caught cheating in their 3d-illustrations. We are now asked to describe how we arrive at the representation of the new buildings and document their accuracy compared to the existing surroundings. (This is regarding photomontages with a rendered project composited against a photo background.) Have any of the users here been asked to document the accuracy of you renders? How do you - in that case- do it? (It is a timely, yet strange idea to quality check cg-illustrations, but as they often are delivered as a representation of a "future truth", is is a reasonable question. I just wonder how they can be controlled, as there is so many software packages and different workflows involved in producing this kind of imagery)
  5. Don't remember. It's probably around ten years since I got it. (I use it more or less on a daily basis with v6)
  6. Even if you invoke this on a shortcut, you still have to click once to activate the second tab, then again to activate the input field before entering your value, and then "shortcut it" to close the large palette. It could be easier.
  7. Please bring back the option to load one material into another. And the random transfom tool. And the way light groups work with all kind of lights.
  8. Example attached as .jpg. I shuffle points around to changing distances all the time with nudge keys and the v8 way of doing it is not very fluid.
  9. Karin

    formZ stops Undo

    I am also having the "undo no longer working" problem and have no idea why. Backtracking to find the cause is kind of difficult without Undo...
  10. Karin

    Disappearing pop up tools

    I have also this behavior on my laptop.
  11. So, if it is not loads of suns I have in these groups; "one by one" is actually the answer...?
  12. Karin

    Layers visibility "click to toggle" bug

    If I shift-click it goes straight to hide. If not I have to click four times to hide a layer. (1.ghost - 2.visible (ghosted icon) - 3.ghost - 4. hidden) This happens on both win 10 and win 7 pro 64
  13. In v6 I could change the intensity/shadows etc of a group of lights. How can I change the parameters for a large amount of lights simultaneousy in v8? ("One by one" is really not the answer I hope to get... ;-) )
  14. Karin

    UI improvements

    Life would be a little bit easier if I could display a background image in Wireframe (as in v6), not just in Shaded. It's much harder to find/match camera position in Shaded view.
  15. Karin

    UI improvements

    4. The nudge key control now sits in a large palette. I change the increment very often, and am stuck with this palette which covers a lot of the screen. I still wish this "small" option could move back to the tool options palette. Also I would like the layers/materials/lights/cameras etc to be active when I click on them (photoshopstyle). (At least as an option) I do this all the time and mistakenly believe its activated. Then I find out its not and have to mouse all the way back again. Hitting the tiny ball icon is more miss than hit...