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  1. Spannerhead

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    I'd like the devs to bring back the center and tile to the standard texture map feature. More often than not, a texture I make covers the whole side of an object, and I want to be able to auto-center it and easily set it to tile to the object's exact height and width. form•Z 6.5 had this; I've no idea why they removed it. Would save me SO much time vs. manually measuring the object and inputting the dims in the texture map palette.... SIgh.
  2. Spannerhead


    So here's a running list of glitches I've found whilst working. 8.6.5 w/RZ used on my PC at work and on my Macbook Pro at home. I'm sure the list will grow. Both: - Cannot edit RZ environment map (clicking "Options" does nothing at all) - Bz Spline and Spline tools operate exactly the same way - Views just randomly disappear when dragging to reposition to the end of the list in the Views palette - Collapsing a grouped item in the Objects palette highlights a bunch of objects in the palette - Decal application is extremely glitchy on an object with rounded edges, as is coloring individual faces as a workaround - Mirroring a texture does not preview in Shaded Work display Mac-specific: - Multiple clicks required to dismiss Image Options dialog PC-specific: - All palettes except for Action and Tool Options disappear between shut down and startup on multiple monitor display
  3. Spannerhead

    Animation keyframe problems

    Here are my test animation files. The top animation is fine so far, but when I try to add a keyframe to get the pusher assembly and bags to retract back onto the wire shelf, the bottom animation is what happens. Why does everything go haywire? Thanks again. animation1.mov animation1a.mov
  4. Spannerhead

    Animation keyframe problems

    Really need some help with this guys. Basically the question boils down to: Why does creating an additional keyframe alter how the objects move in the other keyframes? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any and all input.
  5. Spannerhead

    Animation keyframe problems

    Need some help guys. I'm trying to animate an assembly using keyframes. It's essentially a drawer opening, something entering the drawer, and then the drawer closing. I can animate the drawer opening. So far so good. I can make the contents enter the drawer. Also fine. But when I add the keyframe of the drawer closed and the contents inside the drawer, formZ decides that the contents should move into the drawer at the same time the drawer is closing. I don't know how to describe it any better. The timeline gets totally out of whack and entities start completing their moving sequences however they see fit. Any clues as to what I am doing wrong? If there was a way to share my screen, I would... Thank you!
  6. Spannerhead

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    Thanks, but here it is with shadow casting on. The top of the bottom row of bins should be lit up, and there's no reason the reflective floor should be totally blown out like that. And I don't see any evidence the top lights are turned on at all.
  7. Had this issue ever since 6.5, and I was hoping they would have fixed it for 8.6... Maybe I'm doing something wrong though? See attached images. My display has two rows of 5 point lights. 75% intensity. They shine THROUGH half the objects on the display (like on the top surface of the base module at the back---that area should be completely in the dark but it's lit up like there's a light right next to it...). Any insight would be super helpful. Would be SO nice to be able to create lighting "in camera" rather than fudging it in Photoshop after the fact.....
  8. Spannerhead

    Texture mapping in 8.6.2 is making me ragey...

    ATI FirePro V4800? Is that the right info? No using Windows 7. Very happy with the OS; it's been quite stable and runs formZ 6.6 like a champ.
  9. Spannerhead

    Texture mapping in 8.6.2 is making me ragey...

    Hi Des, Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner---for some reason I didn't have the subscription turned on for this thread. I've attached a screencap of what Shaded Work looks like on my screen. Here's a link to my test model: https://we.tl/t-u8zJf2oS9e Appreciate any and all help. With all the glitches, formZ is not usable for me at the moment on my work PC. Soldiering on with 6.6............
  10. Spannerhead

    Texture mapping in 8.6.2 is making me ragey...

    Hi all. Coming along with 8.6... Lots of things I miss from 6.5 but I'm getting used to it. I've made the transition fully with my home MacBook Pro I use for freelance, but now I'm finally setting up my work PC with 8.6. Current issue is that Shaded Work and Shaded Full display as wireframe.....which is going to be make texture mapping pretty difficult, lol. Any solutions? Thanks again for any and all help!
  11. Spannerhead

    Texture mapping in 8.6.2 is making me ragey...

    Thanks Justin! I will try that when I get home and dig into my after-hours freelance workload.
  12. Spannerhead

    Texture mapping in 8.6.2 is making me ragey...

    No the maps I create in Photoshop don't have to have exactly the proportions as the object I'm mapping onto. That was the beauty of the 1:1 tile option on the Texture Mapping menu. For example, I'd be designing a display that holds potato chip bags. There are several different flavors, and I have a map for each flavor. I could just create the map at whatever size and proportions I choose, import it into formZ and slap it onto the chip bag object at 1:1 without having to position and size like I do now... Really hope that functionality is still present. Maybe it's just buried somewhere new?
  13. Spannerhead

    Texture mapping in 8.6.2 is making me ragey...

    Yeah I don't get it. It was super handy, especially when mapping product. I could create the map in Photoshop, import it into formZ and just set it to tile 1:1 on the object. Done. Now I have to visually guess if my texture map really fits over the whole object... Annoying.
  14. Spannerhead

    Texture mapping in 8.6.2 is making me ragey...

    Hi again guys. Thanks again for all your help. Texture mapping is going pretty well. Getting used to it. One question at the moment: When using flat mapping in 6.5 it was possible to set the texture map to automatically size itself to 1 tile across by 1 tile high on an object (see attached image). Is this possible with 8.6.2? If so, how?
  15. ^That's a lot of issues (and questions!). I sympathize. It's been a process, but after getting a few low-pressure projects under my belt on 8.6.2, I'm feeling very positive about it now. I'm 95% switched over at this point. I don't do any drafting in formZ, so I can't address your questions regarding that. Still wish there was an option to zoom using corners, but...I'm getting used to the center zoom. Good luck! Sorry I can't be more help.