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  1. Spannerhead


    More glitches: Both Mac and PC: - Updating a texture map in the Materials palette requires me to close and reopen the Material Parameters palette multiple times in order for it to refresh on the Material palette thumbnail image. - When relinking texture map files, usually the program will find filename matches automatically if the missing files are in the same folder, but occasionally (and very annoyingly), I'll have relink them one-by-one...... PC: - Neither the Esc key nor clicking the "X" next to the progress bars in the Action palette interrupt the rendering process like they do on a Mac. Very annoying if I accidentally hit Ctrl-K on a complex file and realize I need to make a quick change to the model before committing several minutes to rendering... If the process is not interruptible, just get rid of the "X" on the Action palette.
  2. Well that's disappointing. I've tried playing with the transparency shaders on a standard material to approximate glass, but nothing really comes close. If any one has settings they'd like to share, I'm all ears...
  3. It's not file-specific. It happens on all files. But I've attached a test file. Been doing this forever, and I've been working around it by erasing the opaque areas in Photoshop, but I have a new project with a ton of renderings needed and I would like to know if there's an in-formZ solution. Thanks! opaque-glass-alpha-channel.fmz
  4. Title says it all. What RZ settings can I change to make it transparent? Thank you!
  5. Spannerhead

    Glass nnd Alfa channel

    Having this issue in RenderZone. Both Glass, Accurate and Glass, Simple are opaque when rendered with an alpha channel BG. Any way to make them transparent? Thank you!
  6. Spannerhead

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    So...Support helped me to bandaid the issue by changing the reflectivity parameters of the floor. Still no permanent, universal solution for why lights shine through objects even WITH thicknesses on everything and why lights (point, cone, line, etc) fail to illuminate surfaces they're RIGHT NEXT TO.
  7. Spannerhead

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    Sent. FYI this is an issue I've been dealing with for YEARS, ever since I started using formZ professionally with version 6.5. Lights shining through objects, even with thicknesses. If there's a "trick" I'm missing, I'd love to hear what it is! Thank you!
  8. Spannerhead

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    Thank you for the reply. This is the most thoughtful reply I've gotten to this issue for ages. And I've been using formZ professionally and working around this problem for well over 10 years. Unfortunately, while the insight about faces is helpful, it doesn't solve the problem. The light is not "inside" anything (it's located behind a shroud with a 1/16" thickness) and everything in the model has a thickness to it. Changing the shadow type on the line light to Hard (Raytraced) helps some, but as you can see below, the light still shines through the black base and reflects off the floor. Thank you again.
  9. Spannerhead

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    Straight RenderZone. Would prefer to do everything in formZ if possible. I know V-Ray and Keyshot are great rendering programs, but I really think RenderZone should be able to at least get the basics right so that lights don't shine through objects. Still dealing with this issue. Here's the latest example. I have a line light with a 1/2" radius inside my display. Colored green. And it shines through objects as shown, and doesn't cast shadows for the headphone arms (among other places). Any insight? I've been adding lights in post-processing in Photoshop for YEARS and would love the flexibility to be able to add them "in camera." Thanks all.
  10. Spannerhead


    Thank you! Will look forward to these fixes. If you're reading this, please bring back the ability to tile a texture to the exact height and width of the object it's applied to. 6.5 had this feature and I used it ALL the time. VERY useful.
  11. Spannerhead


    All the glitches have turned form•Z from a slightly quirky 3D modeling program I would happily recommend to another designer (version 6.5) to one that I would advise them to stay away from, and that I can deal with only because I have enough "sunk" knowledge to work around the glitches.
  12. Spannerhead


    - Textures still displayed as "?" in Shaded Work even after I've relinked the texture, reapplied it to the object and refreshed the view.
  13. Spannerhead

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    I'd like the devs to bring back the center and tile to the standard texture map feature. More often than not, a texture I make covers the whole side of an object, and I want to be able to auto-center it and easily set it to tile to the object's exact height and width. form•Z 6.5 had this; I've no idea why they removed it. Would save me SO much time vs. manually measuring the object and inputting the dims in the texture map palette.... SIgh.
  14. Spannerhead


    So here's a running list of glitches I've found whilst working. 8.6.5 w/RZ used on my PC at work and on my Macbook Pro at home. I'm sure the list will grow. Both: - Cannot edit RZ environment map (clicking "Options" does nothing at all) - Bz Spline and Spline tools operate exactly the same way - Views just randomly disappear when dragging to reposition to the end of the list in the Views palette - Collapsing a grouped item in the Objects palette highlights a bunch of objects in the palette - Decal application is extremely glitchy on an object with rounded edges, as is coloring individual faces as a workaround - Mirroring a texture does not preview in Shaded Work display Mac-specific: - Multiple clicks required to dismiss Image Options dialog PC-specific: - All palettes except for Action and Tool Options disappear between shut down and startup on multiple monitor display
  15. Spannerhead

    Animation keyframe problems

    Here are my test animation files. The top animation is fine so far, but when I try to add a keyframe to get the pusher assembly and bags to retract back onto the wire shelf, the bottom animation is what happens. Why does everything go haywire? Thanks again. animation1.mov animation1a.mov