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  1. Des

    formZ VRay Animation

    That's excellent and very informative. Well done, it looks very professional. Des
  2. Des

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    Yes, that’s great news. I just got the email too. And they’re advertising it on Twitter.
  3. Des

    formZ models exchange site!

    That is a shame Anton but you have no choice and I completely understand. You are correct, there are many more takers than givers. Maybe Autodessys should do something for you? Thanks for all your hard work 👏
  4. Des

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    Yes, I think the MaxwellZ 5 plugin is being rewritten or updated for FormZ9 at the moment. As soon as this is done I'll be upgrading my Maxwell 4 licenses. Like you, I'll be sticking to FormZ8.6.5 for paying projects although I have upgraded to FormZ9 for one of my licenses to play around with it. It'd be nice to get some news on how it's progressing... Des
  5. Des

    Happy Holidays!

    Many happy returns to you Bernd... I'm looking forward to this year with Fz9 and Maxwell5 (as well as integrating Vray into my workflow). Enjoy the break everyone! Des
  6. Des

    wip & recent renders

    Very impressive Pipo, well done 👏
  7. Des

    Problems projecting a light pattern

    Hi David, I've done this before using the Maxwell plugin projector light. To get good results the light needs to be cranked up really high and the waves map having contrast set high as well. Des
  8. Des

    smart model architectural plug-in

    I think if I was to go down the BIM route I'd purchase and learn an actual so called BIM package such as Vectorworks or ArchiCad. PlusSpec is very powerful and impressive for a plugin but remember that that's exactly what it is, a plugin. And expensive as well.
  9. Des

    Auto Save / 2d DXF Export / Color Pick

    I stopped using autosave a long time ago, I just got the habit of manually saving after I've done a certain amount of functions. It totally depends on the files I'm working on, new fresh files it works fine but with time after the file becomes big it becomes a pain so I turned it off. On a slightly different note, I believe the saving process in FormZ has suffered since Mojave (on Mac). I'm assuming it's the same in Catalina so I haven't upgraded yet. I have an older MacPro running El Capitan and FormZ with the same preferences which saves better and faster the same files so what ever Apple did since then I don't know...
  10. Now that NextLimit has stated that FormZ Maxwell plugin will still be supported and will be released in month or so, we can argue about that in a few years. 😉
  11. I'm so pleased at this news, thanks so much for sharing. I'll be upgrading so.... 😄 Des
  12. Maxwell just announced the other new feature: Light Groups
  13. Des

    Nvidia GPU on Mac

    No, but I'd like to know too. Definitely not with Mojave and Catalina anyway at the moment, at least until Nvidia start supporting Metal.
  14. Yes, I noticed that myself so maybe........ The features so far are; Multi-GPU Additive Materials in GPU Cloud GPU Fire V-Ray Converter One more feature to go....
  15. Yes, we all have our own workflows Pipo and I use Studio quite a lot myself, but most of the time I use it through the plugin. I find manipulating the views, model etc. to be not as intuitive as being inside FormZ. But with saying that, at least it's a solution. I asked a similar question about going from the V4 plugin to V5 studio on the Maxwell forum but no reply yet. Rather than being defeatist I think we should push for a plugin whether through NextLimit or Autodessys as per Garys idea. Des
  16. I'm not a family plan member, but I'd become one and pay the extra for the continued support of Maxwell. It's a good idea Gary. Des
  17. Thanks Smarttec, I just got the upgrade pre-order email. After I log in to the portal the only options are Maxwell 5 for 3DS Max, Rhinoceros, Sketchup and Studio. If this is all they are offering regarding plugins, then I am extremely disappointed. I really hope the limited amount of plugin versions shown is because it's still early days. I'm writing an email to them now so come on guys, we need to get together to pressure them for a FormZ plugin! I realise that NextLimit outsourced the FormZ plugin (Pylon) but we need Maxwell for FormZ. Lets do this.. Des
  18. This post from Fernando Tella in NextLimit... 🤔 It's not specific to MaxwellZ but encouraging for Maxwell in general.
  19. Just thought I'd post this, it may help someone else. Using Fz 8.6.5 I had been noticing a slowdown on my 6 year old iMac 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5, especially on larger files. Even though I have the undos set to max 10, I was able to undo more than that so I had to regularly reset Undo/Redo. Then I turned off 'Enable Multi Threading' and 'Use Advanced OpenGL' in the OpenGL part of Preferences and everything is good now and undos are working correctly now. Des
  20. Des

    wip & recent renders

    Wait.... Lumion with FormZ? That's so impressive. Beautiful design, modelling, texturing and modelling, well done!
  21. Des

    formZ models exchange site!

    Anything I've uploaded for sharing here was modelled completely in FormZ by me, I'm pretty sure anyone else who's uploaded here is the same. Once the person who created the model is happy sharing then no problem. I wouldn't advise taking someone else's model, whether from another program/website even if altered in FormZ and re-sharing it. That wouldn't be fair.