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    Stability on plugin

    Hi again Pylon, I just want to give you an update. It seems that over the last couple of days (modelling mostly) without the MaxwellZ plugin, I have experienced a few unexpected restarts while using FormZ. So, maybe the plugin is not to blame after all, although it was more often with it installed. I'm having the feeling that I may have other issues going on, possibly hardware. I have another thread going on in the FormZ discussion regarding exporting Shaded Full Sun animations, so I'll wait until that is resolved. I'll keep you updated... Regards, Des
  2. Hi Pylon, I was having a few issues with FormZ quitting by itself on a large file since I installed the latest plugin (well I think since then!). Say I was working on the file and left the computer for a while, I would return to see that FormZ did a runner.. Also, quitting FormZ left it trying to quit but becoming unresponsive (have to force quit it). So I removed the maxwell plugin and now all is well (so far!).. The file is large at 128mb with tons of materials (maxwell), let me know if sending you the file will help.. Maybe my computer is running out of memory (only 8mb) iMac 27", OSX 10.9.5, 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 regards, Des
  3. Des

    Sun Animation Shaded Full

    Thanks for your reply Tech, I just tried drawing a cube on a plane in a new file, but unfortunately I'm just getting the same kind of garbled frames. The spec of my machine is; iMac 27" OSX 10.9.5, 3.4GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2048 MB graphics Do you still want me to prepare the main project file for testing? Thanks, Des
  4. Des

    3dconnexion help

    It took me a while to get the setting the way I liked within FormZ. One of the the settings I disabled was the 3d mouse roll left/right. I also reversed some of the other settings. I've saved out my settings if you want to try out, just go to import configuration and select the 3dc file. Make sure you have FormZ selected in the Configure drop down menu. Again, this is my configuration and may not suit you.... Des 3Dconnexion Config.3dc.zip
  5. I always assumed the GMT offset took into account daylight saving, but no-matter what date I input, the GMT is always 1 hour ahead. Have I been doing it wrong all this time?
  6. Des

    Stability on plugin

    Yes the other (publicly released) seemed fine. I only updated a few days ago, mainly to get rid of the package for renderfarm one time per session bug. I've only noticed it today as it's my first day spending time doing real work.. Cheers, Des
  7. Des

    Stability on plugin

    Here you go... Maxwell for formZ (OSX) | form•Z® v 8.0.1 (Build 9355) | OS X Mach-O 10.9.5 Intel x86 64
  8. Hi Pylon, I've noticed that "Package for Renderfarm" is only working once per session on a particular project. For example, while working on a project (under pressure for time), I saved a view, saved the project, Packaged for renderfarm, got the "select Package for renderfarm folder", did that, named it and all worked as expected. Then I sent it to a renderfarm, so everything worked...happy. Then, I need to make a few changes to the model, saved a new view, then go to Package for renderfarm, and nothing. The only way I can get it to package out is to restart FormZ, then it works again (but only once in the work session). Specs: iMac 27" i5 3.4ghz, 8mb ram, OSX 10.9.5 FormZPro v8, maxwellrender plugin Cheers, Des
  9. Great! Thanks Pylon and happy holidays!
  10. Des

    Mirror textures

    No Andrew, you can't use the mirror texture option in Maxwell, it only works in Renderzone as far as I'm aware. Mirror texture is handy when a texture isn't seamless and you don't have time to create a seamless texture. But, to get around it quickly (for me), is to open the texture in photoshop, double the canvas size XY, option drag the texture to duplicate it, flip horizontal, merge layers, option drag vertically the texture again, flip vertically. Then use the clone stamp if you want. Save as jpeg or whatever and re-import into Fz and double the placement size. Tip for others, try to keep all your textures in multiples of 256 pixels for faster openGL loading and displaying. I usually use 1024px or 2048 etc. Regards, Des
  11. Des

    Glass in form.z

    It's a long time since I used renderzone (mostly using Maxwell nowadays), but regarding the glass, yes the double transparency is a no no. Play with the glass setting a bit more until you get acceptable results and I find modelling the glass with a thickness or use a double glass pane gives a better double image reflection that looks better than a clean mirror reflection. The diagonal shadow thing you mentioned can be gotten rid of by reducing the minimum ray contribution in Raytrace options (I think it's default is set at 10%). The alpha channel being white could be that your light is not set to be transparent?
  12. Have you disabled any virus protection before installing?
  13. Des

    Importing from Tekla, DWG

    That looks funky. Try playing with the import settings, such as parametric or facetted. I usually skip point objects and text objects. Try with constructing 3d solids and without. It could be what ever settings Tekla is using as well, I never used it, but look to see if the steel sections need to be converted to standard solids before exporting, they might be some form of Tekla parametrics or something. Otherwise I usually have no problems importing or exporting DWGs in FormZ. Are there any other export formats in Tekla such as SAT or STEP etc. that you could test with? Des
  14. Des

    Shadow study issue

    I've just compared V8.0.1 with v6.7.3 side by side and I can't see any discrepancies, but that is not to say that a file created in v6 and then opened in v8 won't give problems. But just to be sure, I would create a new sun and delete the old one. There may be a translation thing going on. I've compared multiple cities and all match up. As Dennis says, support will help you out better when they get back. Des
  15. Des

    Working with scanned drafts

    Great! Thanks Anton How did I not think of that before? Des
  16. +1 for Gravity! Soooo handy for populating planting on terrains.. Cheers, Des
  17. Des


    Just wondering if/when a gallery is being set up on the new web-site? If so, can it be split into separate industries (Architecture, Product, etc.) instead of by user? And, maybe have a voting/popularity function so the best of the best can be bumped to the top by other users. That way FormZ would be showcased better.. Just a thought........ Des
  18. Des

    Help with repair Object

    Hi Walter, I think it'd be quicker to redraw that object! If you turn on "show face normals", you will see that all the faces have reversely coincident faces (arrows pointing two directions from the same face). And if you run object doctor on it, you will see the amount of faces that need to be triangulated (non planer faces). Just ghost it's layer and use it to retrace a new model, that's what I would do... Des
  19. Also, maybe you should remind users to copy their plugins across as well, before they dump the old version
  20. In version 6.x.x one could mirror an object with "make clone" checked in the copy dialog. So for example, if you had half a car mesh and mirror cloned it, any changes you made to the original would update automatically on the mirrored copy. I know it's not exactly the same, but is very useful if you still have a copy of version 6. I really miss the clones in version 6, any chance that function could be reinstated at some stage support? I know components could be used as well for bastardised mirror editing, but seems a very cumbersome way to do it (not live).. Des
  21. Hi support, I just want to mention that the update went fine other than if the startup action (in formZ prefs) is set to "open" instead of "new project". One has to go to file > New Project > to make the register dialogue come up. It had me stumped for a few minutes there.... Regards, Des
  22. Hi Jon, Your input to this forum is excellent and thank you for the comparison, keep it up. You know your stuff and I enjoy reading your posts. I cannot blame Fz for being a bit defensive however, after all it's only been a few days since Fzfree was released. If there is one company who listens to it's users, it's Autodessys. Their support is the best, even if the uZers community is small compared to the SKP one. I've been a long term user of FormZ and have been watching it's development. But in the last few years, the improvements and changes have been stellar, obviously AutoDessys have a long term plan they are pretty much sticking to. I have to admire their tenacity. I'm sure that FzFree will move forward alongside it's big brothers and that it'll evolve to being a real alternative option (I believe it already is btw) to SKP. On a side note; I use FormZ Pro now exclusively. It took me a while to readjust from v6 to v7, but my workflow and speed while modelling has increased no end. In fact, a client of mine who uses contractors has said to me that the FormZers produce models faster with cleaner geometry, so he prefers to use them rather than others. So, for that reason among others, I think there is a great future for AutoDessys, albeit getting a bigger megaphone to get the word out will definitely help. Des
  23. Hmm... it seems that the word has got out. Archicad is now 3000 over Fz! Even Allplan is way ahead now...