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  1. Most of it was modelled when I wasn't busy in Aug/Sep 2006 (file dates). So whatever version of Fz was out at that time (I try to keep up to date). I added the Hi-hat stand a couple of years ago, so I think I used v7 for that and if I remember correctly it was faster to model using 7 even while I was getting up to scratch. Translated straight from the plugin into maxwell render. Now that you've got me looking at it again Christian, maybe I'll revisit it in the future Des Hey Sammi, apologies for the thread hijack....
  2. Hi Christian, I never actually finished that set of drums. It was just something I was playing around with so I could try out Maxwell settings.. So yes, rendered in Maxwell. Here are a couple of snapshots during the set up, done a couple of years ago. Thanks for your comment..
  3. Des

    Extra Sampling request

    Just so others have a better idea of what I'm talking about, here's a snapshot of a re-render in progress (zoomed in) where just the roof is rendering and is really fast using extra sampling. Main render is set to only SL-2 with the roof being set at SL-18. And also a render of the different roof.
  4. I'm using FzFree on a HP windows machine today and noticed that if I create a cylinder (generate), the smooth kind. Then try to reshape the top face, it keeps reshaping the side faces instead, no matter if perp to ref plane or perp to surface is selected. And if I try selecting the face and transform Move, the program crashes. Work fine on an extruded cylinder (extruded from a circle, the facetted kind). Des
  5. TBH I'm finding Hidden Line to better than ever. Yes, sometimes it can still take a long time to generate for some detailed and large models. Don't get me wrong Doug, I think escaping from the HL calculation should be relatively instant. Although it's a lot better than before, it was never instant to cancel. Des
  6. What Bo said and to reiterate.... IMO use smooth geometry, you can adjust the resolution of the smooth model parts in attributes to keep the file sizes down. This is really only necessary on large models, if the model gets out of control size-wise, save another file as and convert to facetted if you want. The facetts resolution on conversion will be determined by the resolution of the smooth object before you convert. I would only convert to facetted if I really have to. Using smooth geometry give SO much more control (sorry for repeating myself and Bo), but is especially true for later changes such as your query. Des
  7. Hi Sammi, yes you could derive new geometry from that one. However, you would have a lot more control of the objects if it were smooth geometry (looks facetted in your pic), such as edge rounding etc. Des
  8. Des

    FormZ won't quit

    Just update to the latest Maxwell plugin and all is well now. Doesn't hang on quit anymore.... Thanks Pylon..
  9. Des

    FormZ won't quit

    As per the post title, FormZ won't quit, I have to force quit it. During the quit process, pallets and windows close but the menus refuse to go away, eventually spinning beachball... Been happening for the last week or so. If I dump the prefs to try to fix it, will I loose my workspace? Thanks, Des
  10. Des

    Maxwell 3.1 Update Available

    Great! Can't wait to try it out
  11. Des

    Component question

    Sometimes in Display Options, you have to unselect "Textures", then reselect it for the graphics to refresh. Des
  12. Thanks for that.. Wow, a lot fixed in that list! The new hidden line options and the centroid options look great. I'll be updating in a couple of hours
  13. Des

    FormZ won't quit

    Hi Dennis, thanks for the tip about backing up the workspaces.... Regards, Des
  14. Des

    FormZ won't quit

    Oh ok Pylon, I look forward to the update so
  15. Des

    FormZ won't quit

    Just tried it and yes, it quits ok without my workspace loaded. So my workspace is corrupted somehow? formZ Workspaces.zws.zip
  16. Des

    FormZ won't quit

    Ok, I exported my workspace, quit (forced), renamed the autodessys folder, started up FormZ again, reloaded my workspace, tried to quit and same problem, spinning beach ball on attempted quit. My specs; iMac 27", 3.4GHz Intel Core i5, OSX 10.9.5, 8GB ram. I attach the pref folders. The one named with a "1" is the original.. Thanks, Des autodessys.zip autodessys1.zip
  17. Des

    FormZ won't quit

    You mean rename the autodessys folder in preferences?
  18. It's in the tool options pallete. If for example you are using the move tool, you will have a choice to move parallel or perpendicular to the reference plane. Hitting the command key toggles between the two.. Des
  19. Des

    Rebus Farm Manager

    Okey dokey
  20. I've been unable to generate a sun animation using Shaded Full. Renderzone version works fine, but I'd prefer to be able to use shaded full for speed of generation, I have to generate many different views with changes etc. The Shaded full version is garbled in the animation, but looks fine on screen and exports still images ok (a bit slow imo, about 1min but livable). AungierStModel4aShadowStudyRZ.movAungierStModel4aShadowStudy.mov Thanks in advance, Des
  21. Des

    Rebus Farm Manager

    Hi Andrew, In Display Options (Maxwell Render Options), is Maxwell selected in the Launch Application dropdown menu? (as opposed to studio being selected) I've used Rebus a good few times and seem very reliable and no long queuing times, although Ranch computing is faster especially when you get the hang of their setup. Once you do, can be cheeper as well. Make sure you read their guide to save time. Des
  22. Des

    Stability on plugin

    Hi again Pylon, I just want to give you an update. It seems that over the last couple of days (modelling mostly) without the MaxwellZ plugin, I have experienced a few unexpected restarts while using FormZ. So, maybe the plugin is not to blame after all, although it was more often with it installed. I'm having the feeling that I may have other issues going on, possibly hardware. I have another thread going on in the FormZ discussion regarding exporting Shaded Full Sun animations, so I'll wait until that is resolved. I'll keep you updated... Regards, Des
  23. Hi Pylon, I was having a few issues with FormZ quitting by itself on a large file since I installed the latest plugin (well I think since then!). Say I was working on the file and left the computer for a while, I would return to see that FormZ did a runner.. Also, quitting FormZ left it trying to quit but becoming unresponsive (have to force quit it). So I removed the maxwell plugin and now all is well (so far!).. The file is large at 128mb with tons of materials (maxwell), let me know if sending you the file will help.. Maybe my computer is running out of memory (only 8mb) iMac 27", OSX 10.9.5, 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 regards, Des
  24. Des

    Sun Animation Shaded Full

    Thanks for your reply Tech, I just tried drawing a cube on a plane in a new file, but unfortunately I'm just getting the same kind of garbled frames. The spec of my machine is; iMac 27" OSX 10.9.5, 3.4GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2048 MB graphics Do you still want me to prepare the main project file for testing? Thanks, Des
  25. Des

    3dconnexion help

    It took me a while to get the setting the way I liked within FormZ. One of the the settings I disabled was the 3d mouse roll left/right. I also reversed some of the other settings. I've saved out my settings if you want to try out, just go to import configuration and select the 3dc file. Make sure you have FormZ selected in the Configure drop down menu. Again, this is my configuration and may not suit you.... Des 3Dconnexion Config.3dc.zip