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    Edit mode after creation

    Hi JL, The only way I can think of doing this is; go to FormZ Preferences > go to modeling > turn on "Return To Pick Tool". You'll have to keep selecting the tool that you want after each object creation though...... Des
  2. As mentioned above, FormZ Pro and Junior have the line editing tools and I think are much better than before. You get a hell of a lot of tools for a fast solid modeller like FormZfree.
  3. Des

    Get texture from Google Earth

    I think version 6.7.3. was the last version to have this plugin, but I believe it was stopped due to google copyright issues. A very handy tool, but you can still import a grabbed textured terrain from Sketchup using the Add Location tool > Select region > Grab. Then explode the geometry in Sketchup, and save. Then you can import it into FormZ... Hope this helps, Des
  4. Des

    Texturemapping stripe material

    Have you got the textures switch turned on in Display options? Stripes (renderzone material) are showing up for me correctly in shaded work and shaded full. Des
  5. Des

    Instances in the plugin?

    Ok Pylon, Thanks. Des
  6. Des

    3d people

    Try axyz-design.com, they have loads of ready posed people for most situations. I think they're called metropoly... Both high and low poly models available.
  7. Des

    Distances suddenly reversed

    Doug is right. It has to do with the direction of the face normal before reshape. Try this, draw a 2d wall, show face normal in attributes, reverse the normal so it's facing down, use reshape to extrude. The measurement is minus in the up direction. But using the extrusion tool, it's correct no-matter what direction the normal is facing. It won't make a difference with the solid though, so it really doesn't matter unless you want to keep the wall as parametric for changing the height, in which case just stick a minus in.
  8. Des

    Move points

    If the objects were facetted then there would be no problem, I find that some smooth objects don't like their points being moved. So I prefer to move the object (the end frame) and use extent tool. The extend tool is way better than before and more intuitive. Moving points has become less important (for me) with the latest iterations of FormZ. The thing with your model, is that you have rounded ends which prevent the use of the extend tool, so if you want to keep it smooth, at the moment anyway, you'll have to slice the frames, move them, extend, and union boolean as you said. I suppose this isn't any help to you, but if you had sweeped the shape, then if you show controls, you can resize away. Make a copy of the model (on another layer perhaps), then round your edges. But the point remains (pun intended), movement of faces and points on smooth objects needs to be sorted Des
  9. Des

    Too hard for a newby ?

    That looks really interesting Falcon, I think FormZ would excel at modelling it. Looks like you have plenty of information at hand, I would try to get plans if possible as you would need those to trace splines which can be used as sweep paths. The repetitiveness of the structure also helps, meaning you can model parts and mirror/rotate reuse bits. Basically, if I were modelling it, I would start with the sweep paths traced from the plans, move them to their relative heights, trace in section the sources (the full width section of the walls without rooms and windows, this can be done in parts). Sweep the source sections following the splines. You can also at this stage sweep the rooms as a single sweep which can be split into individual rooms and boolean subtracted form the main sweeped walls. Create window blocks which can be again boolean subtracted. I would split the model into maybe three parts, a curved end and the straight section (less to work on and easier to handle). There are lots of other ways to do it, but maybe you should post snapshots of your model in progress so we can all advise you on ways to do it as you model? In my opinion, the best way to learn FormZ is to just start a model and learn the tools as you need them. But Tech are correct, start something a little more simple (maybe a similar shape as the fort) to play around with the get to know the tools. Anyway, show us your progress and don't be shy, there is a wealth of knowledge on this forum. Des
  10. Des

    Old FormZ Files

    Pesky Apple! Ok tech, thanks for the info... Des
  11. Des

    Old FormZ Files

    I have some very old FormZ files I created many years ago which can't be opened in v8 (see attached image). So now I have to install an old version of FormZ just to open and save out to at least version 5 for v8 to be able to open. Is it not possible to have a utility in the latest versions of FormZ so that we can open all versions of Fz files, nomatter how old? I mean, I can import/export autocad files as far back as v11 (1990). Why can't it be possible in FormZ? Maybe a LAB plugin or the like? Thanks in advance, Des
  12. Des

    formz 8 view issue

    First thing to check - Have you checked whether "Clip Hither/Yon" is switched on in view parameters? Second - Is your model far from the origin? More than likely it's this, ie. copying the model into a new file will still give problems if it's far from the origin. Des
  13. Hi guys, I know something like this has been mentioned before, but as a suggestion I wonder if you could consider having the flat image option incorporated into the View Parameters dialog? I did a quick mockup (see image). Then it would be so quick to assign different photo backgrounds to individual saved views. Thanks, Des
  14. Well, I don't think your renders are crappy Anton. Remember though that not everyone has the same taste regarding interior colours and finishes. Maybe some more contrast in the lighting, the interiors of the bookcase etc. look much better because of the contrasting elements. Also, there is some noise still there which has the effect of blending the materials together, so let them cook for longer to get the sharpness. Nice modelling...
  15. Des

    Extra Sampling request

    Hey, thanks Anton
  16. Des

    Bad object indication

    LOL! "goofus", I love that
  17. Des

    Modelling a flowing flag

    Ok, I managed to get what I wanted by converting to plain object smooth, convert back to nurbs, reconstruct and move the points to line up at the pole. The parametric map control was maintained so I'm a happy camper
  18. I've been playing around with modelling a flowing flag. This is my first attempt, I created a rectangle, converted to nurbs, moved some points around, moved axis outside of the rectangle, then applied a circular wave deformation to get this result. I really want the texture to remain as parametric to so I can move points and change flag maps as well, I would like to do a few, all looking different. Anyway with this model, when I want to reconstruct the nurbs surface, I loose the wave deformation and it goes back to the original nurbs shape. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong as I want to straighten up the side of the flag where it meets the pole. Any suggestions for other ways to model it would be greatly appreciated as well Btw, I'll be using different commercial flag logos, so I just substituted the stars and stripes for this exercise Des American flag.fmz.zip
  19. Des

    Modelling a flowing flag

    Hi Evan, It's in the Deform palette in Rendering/Animation workspace. FormZ always had (as far as I remember) this functionality), just in a different place since v7. I had to move the axis of the object away from itself so the circular wave is not obvious ie. those wave are far from the axis. Yes, I've done a subD version, but I have to do many flags all looking different and manipulating them individually would take a long time. I'd prefer to just change the parameters of the wave distortion for the differences. Tech, Did you get a chance to have a look at why the wave deformed nurbs keeps reverting when I try to nurbs reconstruct? Thanks, Des
  20. ...funky...
  21. Hi Pylon, Where can I find a setting to stop my renders doubling in size? I've looked everywhere, and can't find the switch if there is one. What's happening is, I set my image size to 3300x2000. When it goes to render in Maxwell, the camera resolution is exactly double, so 4x rendering time? I can stop the render at the beginning and resize it in Maxwell, but sometimes I forget..... Maxwell MaxwellZ plugin version FormZ 8.02 OSX 10.9.5 Cheers, Des
  22. Des

    Resolution doubled

    Doh! Don't remember changing it... I was probably sleep rendering! Thanks Pylon Dezz
  23. This really is a great resource, thanks a lot. I gave up facebook a couple of years ago, so never saw these before.. Des