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  1. Hi DKellitt, welcome to the forum. Regarding the inputing of sizes, you may have to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse, sometimes if the mouse slightly moves the input changes. I find in the windows version, this seems to happen more often than on my macs. If that is not the problem, check your working units in Project settings and make sure your data scale and units are suitable for your model size. Otherwise ADS will help. Regarding the camera, if you select the object you are working on and "fit" (command F on Mac/ctrl F on PC). Then your camera will re-centre to that object. Also, make sure your model is not very far from the origin, sometimes imported data from other apps can be way off the origin, in that case move everything closer to the origin. I usually fit all to screen and "Set Home" in the view menu, then using "shift command H" brings me back to that view, it's kind of a reset. If I haven't hit the right note here, others will probably have a better solution for you. Des
  2. Des

    Instances in the plugin?

    Thanks for checking Pylon
  3. Des

    Instances in the plugin?

    Just bumping this up. Any news yet? Cheers, Des
  4. Des

    Request. Vectorline to not terminate.

    Hi Alan, you can continue where you left off if you have "join to existing" selected in the vector line tool options. A little plus sign pops up on your cursor as you hover over the end of the incomplete multipoint vector line. Des
  5. I only have a really old version of illustrator so I don't know if these are ok or not.. Des Archive.zip
  6. Hi Tech, thanks for the update. But, toggling Textures on and off still doesn't always work properly. Des
  7. Des

    News on Vray

    Hmm, very positive news..... but I get the feeling macs won't be supported? Hope I'm wrong
  8. Des

    Texture Size when Pushing a Face

    I've experience with the same. My workaround (from memory) is to make a copy of the billboard in the same position on another temporary layer. Then if the mapping changes after manipulating the original, I use the copy attributes tool from the duplicated object to the edited one to reset the mapping. Just turn off the copy to layer option in the copy attributes tool so it doesn't change the layer. Des
  9. I enjoyed that, thanks, very informative..
  10. Des

    FZ8.5 release, where to download?

    I think you get a link in an email as soon as it's processed... waiting on mine to arrive too
  11. Thanks Tech for the clarification
  12. FormZ used to be able to export RIB, I wonder why they've stopped just when Renderman is more accessible? Snapshot from v6.7.3.
  13. Add to Project works fine for me in version 8.0.2
  14. Hi guys, I agree that certain functionality should be restored, but in your example (apologies if I've misunderstood), can't you just select all the objects in question and type in the angle you want them rotated in the Z rotation box in "Tool Options - Info"? I've tried creating an object (edited the axis to varying positions such as centre of gravity, average of points, centre of bounding volume and other random positions) and just changed the Z value. All seem to behave perfectly to what ever angle I choose. Des
  15. Des

    Some furniture designs

    Very nice Anton
  16. Des

    Components moving on their own

    Thanks for getting back Tech. I finished that job, so haven't seen anything happening with it again after I moved them back into position. TBH, I have a sneaking suspicion that it's something to do with components created in older versions of Fz and reused, but I could be wrong. If it happens again, I'll try to give you more inf... Des
  17. Des

    Components moving on their own

    I uploaded the file without textures to the FormX FTP (Dropbox) if you want to have a look Tech... "DesModelUpoad" Des
  18. Des

    Components moving on their own

    This just happened to me this morning with a load of palisade fencing components when I opened FormZ 8.0.2. I had used duplication offset, then move and rotate (X & Y) and move again in the Z. Today they are all over the place. The original palisade fence component was first created in v6.x.x, then opened and re-saved in v8.0.2 before placing. As you can see here they are in the wrong place, they are supposed to follow the site edge (brownish area). It's interesting that other components in the file (Trees) are still in their proper places. It happened to me earlier in the year on another file, I ended up re-placing them and exploding to be sure they wouldn't move again. If I open the component, it's still in it's right place in relation to the origin. Des
  19. Des

    Axial Sweep - As Positioned

    Sometimes unpredictable results can occur depending on what reference plane you are using. Des
  20. Des

    Carpark Surface advice

    Hi Anton, Thanks for that. Although that method works (kind of triangulation before capping), I was looking for a cleaner method based on a kind of grid with more control. I'll be deriving lots of item from the surface such as islands etc. which I want to be accurate and clean. Thanks for taking the time all the same.. Des Regarding your note..... sure
  21. Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of advice with generating a surface for a carpark. I've attached a file which has the boundary as a single object with the edges at their levels. I normally use the "cover" tool which is quick and easy, but this one is creating mounds in the surface which are too severe. Ideally I'm looking for the surface to be very gradual. When I convert to nurbs for editing, the whole surface turns inside out.. Thanks in advance. Des CarparkTest.fmz.zip
  22. Des

    Carpark Surface advice

    Thanks for that Tech. I'll have to redraw the outline larger as you say, move the points up and down to their heights etc. and follow your instructions. It would be nice however to be able to have it generate with more accuracy to the defined edges. One thing, back in version 6 and beyond, one could just mesh the object (with which derivatives could generated from to generate a nurbs from?). Seems that can't be done anymore? Des
  23. Des

    Carpark Surface advice

    The cap tool gives a less severe surface but still a bit hilly. Subdivision seems to give a quick and easy result with sharpness set to 100%, although the object needs to be converted to facetted first. Hey Tech. Why is it when I convert a subdivision surface to a Nurbs object, I can't use nurbs edit? Des
  24. Des

    how to draw carpet

    If you use Maxwellrender, use the grass modifier..