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  1. Hi Peter, Regarding the fillet, if the tubes are the same diameter, then they merge to a point (See "A"). Just boolean the tubes together and use the "Round Between Faces" tool. I played with wrappings in "B" & "C" in this image by using the contour sections tool on the tubes and then sweeping a circle. Then I split, and rotated, and boolean union the rings. I think "A" would suit better if you're using a lot, otherwise you'll have a huge file. Des
  2. Des


    Hi, I've had something similar in the past and I think the sweep tool should be improved. Depending on the path I varying results which I think was better in v6.xx versions. While testing your file, I tried sweep by First Point & Centroid, (they at least allow the Perpendicular To Plane option to be selected), they both gave results which kept the curved beam vertical BUT shifted from the path. So, I thought I'd show Centroid (before the sweep) of the objects in display options and placed a point snapped to the centroid shown as a reference to see the shift after I sweep. Then I swept the source using Centroid, I had to rotate the sweep using the controls by 90º and shift the sweep to my reference point (remember was placed onto the source centroid before the sweep), but the sweep centroid (in controls) and the source centroid (point object) don't align. I think this is a BUG. Anyway, I've managed to get it to work by duplicating the paths to the bottom of the sources and using two path sweep, show controls of the resultant sweep, select all of the control points at the end of the sweep and move them into position (I had copied the source object first and pasted it back for reference). Here is the file. Btw, the file is much bigger after the sweeps (especially smooth), so I turned down the resolution of them to keep the file smaller. You may prefer to turn up the resolution again to display better. Des 2Psweep.fmz.zip
  3. Loses snapable attribute. Seems to happen more often when for example, choose "Subdivision Grow face" > select face > graphically move the blue point arrow by dragging > return to pick tool and select the object > "Snapable" in the Tool Option -Attributes pallet is now unchecked. Not always the case though, sometime happens after using Subdivision Swap after a few edits. Des
  4. Des

    Subdivision snap-ability

    Hi Tech, It happens on every file I try. It's not a big problem for me but I suppose you need to know. 1) Open FormZ and new file >I prefer to work in Axo > draw an extruded square any size. 2) Subdivision it. 3) Subdivision Grow face. 4) Move arrow in or out somewhere. 5) Subdivision Swap the object. Notice Snapable is now unchecked when the object is selected. 6) Subdivision Swap back again. Snapable is still unchecked.
  5. Des

    Can you join and fill objects?

    Use the stitch tool Kevin. Once they are all stitched together it will then be a solid which can be used in boolean operations. One thing, if you already have solids (I think your face frame is a solid), then you can't stitch a solid to a face. Stitch the other surfaces which are not already solids to create other solids if you get my drift. You should consider using the thicken tool on the strap connector as an alternative. The model looks good so far.. Des
  6. Des

    Smoothing objects

    Hi tech, I found this nice little tutorial of modelling folded clothes with SU here, it's very straightforward and easy in Fz, but I was wondering about the smoothing in step 12 and what would be your recommended smoothing technique to maintain good geometry? Subdivision maybe? http://nomeradona.blogspot.ie/2011/11/tutorial-how-to-model-folded-t-shirt-in.html Cheers, Des
  7. Des

    Smoothing objects

    Here's my first attempt, I think it takes some practice to get good results, mainly playing with the vectors before sub-dividing. Ok, I'm done playing now, and I'm a bit lazy. Others can play with it if they want Dezzzzz Folded Shirt Test.fmz.zip
  8. Des

    unstitch question

    Hi Pipo, You could select one of the faces on the grill for example, then right click and "select all with the same material", copy into clipboard, delete the faces while still selected and then paste. Hope that helps.. Des
  9. Hi Peter, if you're using cylindrical mapping, then make sure the centre of the map is at the centre of the curve. I use "edit in 3d" in the edit texture tool, I find it easier. Shift move the centre to align it making sure your guide snaps are on. Des Here's a v7 version Rattan map question.CopyV7.fmz.zip
  10. Des

    map on a curved plane

    Oops, I just saw you're using v7... sorry. Upgrade to 8.5 if you can...
  11. Des

    map on a curved plane

    Use volume scatter, set the variations in the volume scatter tool options?
  12. Hmm, that's a strange one, haven't seen that happen before. My only guess would be that your texture map is named the same as another map, but tbh I don't know. Great renders btw...
  13. You're welcome Andrew, I think the Rebus plugin is heading in the right direction. You don't have to be on their web-site, just use the dropdown menu for uploading, the downloads are automatic. The thing I like most about Rebus is that it handles mxs references much better than Ranch farm where all the refs have to be named correctly before upload, Rebus handle it automatically (and queing is better too). It seems stable enough, but their support is very good as well. Des
  14. In my experience with Rebus (last week), when I select the project for upload, I am given a dialog window showing all of the saved views (all are selected by default). Uncheck the unwanted views including the 320 pixel one and select the view ending in "0" (the view names are truncated), that is the active one. The images sizes are correct, you just have to enter the max amount of dosh (money) you want to spend. The SL are per your setting in the Maxwell display option in Fz. I use the Rebus Drop plugin (shows in the menubar). The Rebusmanager.app doesn't work for me for a while now, I think it's something to do with java as it keeps asking for a java installation (latest already installed in my machine (iMac)). Des
  15. Des

    Animating a flexible cable tray

    That looks great Rudy, you got the mechanical movement just right. Well done Des
  16. Des

    Sun Settings

    Seeing that you're in Melbourne, Australia, the sun at summer solstice (Dec 21) will be coming from the north and seeing that your site is showing north facing left, then set your site north to 180º. Des
  17. Des

    Component - Align with View Issues

    Like others I can't pinpoint how it happens exactly. Other than if I remember correctly, usually after working after a long session with many components aligned to view on large files "I think". Again this is from "mature recollection", I had many plants made from older versions (maybe going back to 5 or 6) where the flat "billboard" plant components were drawn with vector line following the plant profile which added a lot of data on top of high resolution image maps. I ended up recreating them onto rectangles with alpha to reduce the point count but with the same rendering results. It seemed mostly stable after that which leads me to believe it to be cause by the video card memory or something like that? I hope I'm not confusing the matter with my fuzzy description... If I come across it again I'll record the screen. Des
  18. Des

    Component - Align with View Issues

    This has happened to me in the past. Just save your file, quit and restart FormZ and reopen the file. They should all be facing the camera again. Otherwise, using aligned to camera works great with hundreds of components for me. Des
  19. Des

    Site North Suggestion

    I like what you've done here...... Thumbs up
  20. Des

    Unresponsive tools on Windows 7 install

    That's what you get for moving over to the dark side..... Sorry, I couldn't resist it..
  21. Des

    how can I create a curtain wall?

    There are so many ways to create a curtain wall in FormZ (it's not even funny!) including Robs suggestion. But if you want rough and ready curtain walls, here is a way you could try out out, it's so fast.. 1. Draw an extruded line (XY plane) for the opening and copy it into the clipboard (command C (mac) or Control C (win)). 2. Use the Offset Segment tool with extend to boundary and insert options switched on in the tool options to place the mullion positions. 3. In the Pick options select Segments and select all the segments. Use the 3d wall tool in the Derive tools to extrude the segments on the ZX plane. I used 50mm wall width and justification set to centre and height at 100mm. 4. Switch back to Auto Pick in the pick options and select the extruded solids. Boolean Union the solids together (Modify tools). I like to use the Enmesh tool to remove any edges. 5. Paste the original extruded line back from the clipboard (command V 0r control V) for the glass. Colour the glass with a transparent material. As I said there are many ways to create curtain walls, and all vary with detail etc. so this is only a starting point for you. Des
  22. Hi Pylon, I just have a suggestion regarding "Hide From" in Maxwell Attributes. Could the same functionality be added to layers? It would be really handy to use the layer overrides to apply hide from camera so I still get reflections. Then that attribute could be applied to many object at once. Cheers, Des