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    +1 for meatballs
  2. Eh well, I didn't design it Anton. Modelled it from a photo of one near where I live... Des
  3. Ortho is ortho Joe. The position of the camera in front of an object makes no difference. If you think of the drawing board days, looking straight on in orthographic shows everything, if you don't want an object to show, you don't draw it i.e.. in FormZ put it onto a different layer and turn it off or use clip hither/yon as Tech says.. Des
  4. Just to add to this. I recently rendered in Rebus using RebusDrop for Mac. The tall trees are Vizpark mxs references, all rendered fine. I did have to open the relevant mxs files in Maxwell Studio and make sure the associated image files for each material was assigned to it's relevant location. Saved the mxs and placed them into the model. Tip using Rebus: If you have old projects still on there servers, it's best to remove them along with the associated files. Otherwise you may get upload problems if your new project contains texture maps with the same name. This is a message from Rebus when I had upload problems. This looks like a conflict with already existing files on the farm. We can't have two different files with the same name. Please either remove any older versions of these files from the farm or rename them before starting the upload. Once I cleared it out of old projects, everything went smoothly. Des The tall trees here..
  5. Des

    Render as shaded surface

    Hi Jimmy, If you first set the "Render As Wireframe" to Yes, then you can change/set the "Render As Shaded Surface" to `No. Then unselect "Render As Wireframe" if you like. I don't know why we have to select "Render As Wireframe" first, but it seems to work. Des
  6. Just to add my two cents. I have used both Rebus and Ranch with maxwell. I find that mxs references are more reliable with Rebus, Ranch requires them to be renamed before upload, but seems slightly quicker though, good for large projects with no references. I haven't tried vizpark stuff,...... yet. Regarding the errors with your references; I'm sure Pylon will help you with this, but if I hazard a guess, it's just to do with the file name locations. With bought models (being used as references - mxs files), it's good to open them in Maxwell Studio and use "Pack and Go" to a location on your machine and place those references into your file. Also, when you use the "Package for Renderfarm" (Extension > Maxwell Render), try opening the mxs file it creates on another computer before you upload to Rebus. Hope this helps, Des
  7. Des

    Render Texture Tool & Sketchfab

    Switch your workspace to "Rendering/Animation". Then in the tools palette go to render zone and it's the last one. Or you could hit the space bar to pull up the favourite tools and then hit the letter "r". You'll see the "Render Textures" tool there too. Des
  8. Well done Anton! This is turning out to be a great resource. I'll try to help out and send you some bits as soon as I get a chance... Des
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has tried out this new facility? How does it compare with other render farms out there etc.? Maybe it's too new, but I'd love to see examples with times & costs. There's not really much info specifically to Maxwell render other than the tutorial email Next Limit sent out last week.. Cheers, Des
  10. Des

    Way to approach such an object?

    For an alternative rough and ready solution, I'd build a basic shape and subdivide it. Then convert to nurbs. Unstitch the surfaces and convert to nurbs again. Reconstruct the nurbs surfaces to something low like 4x4 control points. Then, making sure to use the Define reference plane separately for each surface, move the centre points out (perpendicular to reference plane) to get the inflated look. Then unfold as Tech said earlier. This test took me about 7 or 8 minutes.. Des
  11. Hi Chris, I wish you and Alexandra the very best for the future, I'm sure you'll be missed in ADS and here on the forum. Keep your nose in here if you get a chance Des
  12. Des

    Pub design and rendering

    VERY nice Anton...
  13. It's been ages since I posted any of my renders, so here's a job I'm working on at the moment. I did multiple options showing different finishes, this is one of them with beige back painted glass. I created the glass by using an AGS plane with a matt paint plane behind at about 10mm. I used this technique as it seemed to render faster. The people could be a lot better, but as I had to create so many (over 30) I went with some 3d people I had fro long ago I'm very stingy when it comes to buying good quality assets) It's the first time I used the clip render in maxwell (translated perfectly from Clip Hither/Yon in FormZ). Des
  14. Des

    Best way to create a backlit logo

    And if you're using Maxwell, you can duplicate the back faces making sure the normals are pointing towards the wall and apply an emitter material. I recently uploaded something similar here (the signage sign). The great thing about using multi light in Maxwell is you can change the strength of the light after the render is done. Des
  15. You're welcome Karin. You can email me if you want a sample.. Des
  16. Des

    Rotterdam building

    Very nice Andy. Do you mind if I make a few comments? The materials are quite dark and maybe scaled a bit big, such as the concrete/plaster on the walls and asphalt on the ground. Some kerbing, undulation and road paint would give some depth to the ground. Maybe consider using HDRI for the lighting, they give more life to the renders. I presume the black background drawings were for screen presentation only, look good on screen but the cost of printing with all the black? Thanks for sharing... Des
  17. Hi Karin, I regularly have to provide 'Methodology Statements' along with the photomontages. Sometimes local planning authorities request this as further information to a planning application when they want to see the impact of a proposed scheme in it's environment. They, or a planning consultant specify the photo positions from sensitive points of view (from public roads close to other properties whose owners may have issues with the proposed scheme) and which may or may not be visible depending on the view/tree coverage etc. If they don't provide the positions, request them. I usually provide a list of bullet points in paragraph headings such as, "Preliminaries", list of information supplied like the CAD files of the design, specified photos and their GPS locations (even the equipment used). "Computer work", information of the modelling process with the GPS photo positions inserted into a world coordinates file (even the software used). "Photographic matching", the process of matching the model into the photograph. Name the views with the GPS's/Camera exposure etc. "Image Rendering", the process of materials setup, lighting for each photo, camera exposure etc. "Post Processing", the process of inserting the render into the photo using alpha channels etc. You should use terms such as "accurate as possible" and "I believe to be as close as possible to being representative of the design" and "based on current technology" etc. Do not say "this is as it will be" or infer that your image will look "exactly" like this etc. Remember that any 3d modelling/rendering software can only produce images based on the information put into it. The user can only input accurate info during the modelling stage, after that it's interpretation i.e. materials, camera distortion, lighting (to a certain extent) all need to be interpreted by the modeller/user. Even if you know the time, date, position, exposure, fstop, focal length of a photo, you will still need to interpret the cloud cover, diffuse, material reflection, shadow blur etc. Even HDRI lighting needs a certain amount of manipulation. There is a "blind them with science" element to this, so put in as much information as possible of the work done (assuming the work is done well). I have even mentioned other projects and clients in the statement (to show them I'm not bullshitting). Tip; if your scheme is being placed into an area with other buildings, landmarks etc., show them modelled in wireframe/hidden line on a separate image to show the alignment. So, my usual setup is one sheet showing three images; Montage with the render superimposed, Existing photo, Existing photo (maybe faded) with a wireframe/hidden line overlaid to show the position etc. You may also want to provide a map showing the positions of the photos on a separate sheet with a spreadsheet of the views and GPS points. I hope this helps, Des
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    Looks great, I presume those trees are instances placed in Maxwell studio Andrea? Des
  19. Des

    The Finest Hours Engine Room

    Yes, thanks for sharing! The detail in the engine room is really excellent Setz and very well presented. I love to see what other FormZ users are doing
  20. Des

    Mating parts

    I believe mating is something to do with keeping faces/surfaces of different objects aligned with each other inside assemblies. FormZ does not do this per say, but with intelligent use of components, I think something along those lines could be achieved.
  21. Thanks for your answer Pylon, I'm still learning
  22. Hi Pylon, I started rendering with custom alpha channel set as below (SL max at 4, Custom Alpha set a t max 25). But as the render progresses I've noticed that once the SL has reached it's max of 4 and when the Extra Sampling kicks in, the SL continues (albeit slower) to rise. I've attached some snapshots to illustrate this. Surely if the SL level is rising, that means resources are taken away from the Extra Sampling computation? Thanks, Des
  23. Des


    I like this style of render Andrea, very nice.
  24. Hi Pylon et al, While playing around with animation using maxwell, I've noticed that objects/components aligned with the camera don't align in the maxwell frames. It makes sense that it is not compatible as the model would have to write out the main mxd file for each frame (to take into account the rotation of the objects in the file) instead of what it currently does (write out the "BASE" mxs with the model info and much smaller files which I assume are just the camera positions). Anyway, as a quick workaround for a fast preview of a maxwell animation, I increased the resolution of the Fire render, set it to just SL5 and used the save image button to save out some frames. So, in the animation time line, I click "next frame", let it render in Fire (few seconds), click save image and keep doing that. Then I have all the numbered and rendered frames in a folder which can be made into an animation. So my suggestion is, would it be possible in a future release of the plugin that this process could be automated? I use aligned to camera objects all the time and it would be really cool to be able to animate using Maxwell somehow. Thanks for reading.. Des