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  1. Des

    Plants for formz working with Maxwell

    Try http://www.vizpark.com These are very photorealistic and can be used as mxs references. or https://www.doschdesign.com/ Not as realistic, but decent. Des
  2. Des

    Render Capabilities Form Z

    Hi Rudy, I've integrated Maxwell into my workflow over the past couple of years. I've been able to build a library of maxwell materials which I reference into the project I'm working on. If I have to render out say eight images and time is tight, I would render low resolution images first, not spending more than 15 minutes each (although Maxwell Fire is also great for previews) to make sure all is well. Once I'm happy with my lighting etc., I use the MaxwellZ plugin to "Package for Renderfarm" into a folder and upload it to a renderfarm (say Rebus for example). Depending on the size of the files (& textures/references) and upload/download times (and if there is a queue on the farm), I can get the image within a couple of hours ready for post processing. The cost is not that much, I usually get a 5000 x 3333 pixel image done from between €10 to €20, that all really depends on the size of the files etc. I have gotten images done for €5 in the past. So if you factor in the cost when you price a job, the whole process is pretty seamless. I do render my own if I have the time or I'm only doing a couple of images. Hope that helps. Des
  3. Des

    single sided textures for interiors

    I kind of knew the answer to the question but I had never thought of using it in this way! So eye click, thanks for asking the question and thanks DennisA for answering Great technique.
  4. Des

    hollow object?

    Hi archigraphica, Your object has "Render As Shaded Surface" toggled off in the Pick Attributes. Just toggle it back on to show as a solid. It extrudes inside out (sometime happens with imported geometry) so use the reverse direction tool. Des
  5. Des

    editing lines

    Hi Rod, I remember you on the forum from many years ago. I would highly recommend upgrading to v8.5. V7 releases IMO were the "transition" versions and were a bit "iffy". When I made the transition from v6, I remember freaking out trying to get my head around simple operations. If you persevere you won't regret it. I find the latest versions (8 series) to be the most stable of all and the quickest for modelling. Use the migration guide, it is a great help. Des
  6. Des

    Happy Holidays…

    Best wishes to all and I hope everyone has a prosperous new year! Des
  7. Des

    One past job I`m not ashamed

    What a model! Excellent work Anton. Des
  8. Des

    reworking a sketchup file

    Just one approach, I'm sure there are many.. This is a simpler object, but I think yours could be done this way. Des
  9. Des

    reworking a sketchup file

    Maybe trace the edges of the shape using splines and loft to create the faces. Then stitch together to create a solid. Post the SU file, then we could see the geometry better.. Des
  10. That'd be great if this was optimised, thanks Tech. Hope it doesn't take too long.. a friend of mine (using Lightwave) can fly around while modelling using instances with massive poly counts without any lag. The closest thing I've seen resembling this in FormZ is how Pylon integrated mxs references into the Maxwell plugin. They can be displayed as boxes or points with any delay. In the meantime Mojo, you could display the components as "bounding box, dashed box or transparent box" in Display Options for copying etc. Des
  11. Des

    1st Maxwell Render

    I'm kind of a trial and error guy, but try this. One tip I have is to take a few indoor pictures with an SLR camera around your house at different settings. The EXIF data for the photos is stored in each image. Pick the one you like the most regarding lighting and use those settings as a starting point in your maxwell camera settings. The fstop is basically the opening size of the aperture, the smaller the fstop number the bigger the opening so more light is let into the sensor. The bigger the fstop the smaller the opening so less light. A bigger opening (small fstop) has the effect of creating depth blur so be careful with rooms where you want everything in focus, go with something like f8/f12 for interiors. The drawback is less light, so add emitters to add extra light entering windows and maybe another behind the camera to simulate a flash or lit umbrella. The more light the faster the render clears. The window emitters for example, you can hide from the camera using maxwell attributes for that object. You could try this setting (make sure your normals are pointing the direction you want the light to shine). Hide From: Camera, Reflections and Refractions, Global Illumination Des
  12. Des

    1st Maxwell Render

    Hi Andy, to echo what Setz said, excellent for your first Maxwell render. You should have seen my disasters at first! IMO the hardest part to get right is the materials in Maxwell (relatively speaking, not hard per say), I find the lighting to be the easiest of all the renderers I've tried. Of course camera settings are super important too. But with plenty of ram, and multilight, it's really great to be able to adjust the lighting after the render is complete. So in essence, any number of images can be generated from one render. Great for keeping clients happy! Des
  13. Des

    Spam emails

    Same here. I'm also getting dodgy private messages through this forum as well.. This site seems to be getting hammered by spam at the moment..
  14. Thanks for the reminder Pylon, I just availed of it. It is a really good deal. Can you tell me if I can run v3 and v4 on the same computer? Regards, Des
  15. I sometimes have to package multiple times. Usually it works first time and is more stable with the latest plugin for version 3 (I haven't upgraded to v4 yet). All referenced image maps and mxs reference files are usually saved first time. If I have any issues, it's usually the main mxs file not saved. Check the "Maxwell Dependencies Manifest" file which is saved automatically in your chosen packaged folder to see what's missing. It only happens to me if the project is very big and has a very large amount of image maps and ref files. So just package again until it's complete. Des
  16. Des

    Shadow Display

    I'll leave it to Ztech to explain about the shadow map size. It's something to do with the overall size of the model in relation to the shadow map settings. Yes, the shadows will become sharper, but you can turn up the softness to compensate as well as changing the "darkness" of the shadows. Also play with the Ambient Occlusion. The real reason for turning off the shadow casting for the ground plane is so the shadows are "tight" into the corners on your model. Des
  17. Des

    Shadow Display

    In addition to what was suggested above and on a different note, turn off shadow casting for your ground object. Your shadows will look better were they meet the casting walls at the corners as a result. Although you have the shadow maps set at massive, the ground plane object isn't allowing the shadows to be "tight" in the corners at the moment. Des
  18. Des

    formZ 9

    Shouldn't there be a version of 8.6, 8.7, 8.8, 8.9 first?
  19. Des

    Rebus errors

    I wonder if someone could try uploading to rebus using rebusdrop.app, a file with mxs references. You don't have to click render in the control centre, just click on the files link to see if all of your mxs references have uploaded. I am having a problem with the mxs references not uploading with the rest of the files and getting errors in the render obviously because of the missing references. Rebus support don't seem to be able to help me other than to suggest relinking the ref mxs again. The thing is I've rendered with these refs many times before. I'm trying to determine if the problem is on my end or on their end so if anyone could try it out for me that I'd be very grateful. Package for Renderfarm is working fine, all files are saved out. Thanks, Des
  20. Des

    Rebus errors

    Rebus have updated their plugin yesterday for Sierra. All seems good in the world....
  21. Des

    Non Planar Face

    R2D2's way is probably better, quicker and cleaner. The shape tools is the way to go with more complicated shapes. Just select one and click to trace/draw a shape, while still active select another such as a curve tool and it will continue as many times as you wish until it's closes. If you start with a curve instead of vector line, make sure "continuous" is checked in tool options. Don't use the first one on the left (line) if you want it to continue.
  22. Des

    Non Planar Face

    Andy, Try drawing the whole shape in one go and then extruding it. D
  23. Des

    Rebus errors

    Ok, Rebus have just confirmed to me that they are having problems regarding macOS Sierra and they're forwarding on this info to their developers. That seems to be why I've had issues Thanks for your help. Des
  24. Des

    Rebus errors

    Hi Pylon, I think I may be onto something. The mxs references are now uploading from an older machine running El Capitan OS. The machine I'm having problems with is running macOS Sierra. Maybe Rebus need to update the RebusDrop software? I'll let you know what happens.... Des
  25. Des

    Rebus errors

    I can't repair permissions anymore (using macOS 10.12 Sierra). Here's a snapshot of some of the packaged references to give you an idea of the file names. I've used all of these before with this model and Uploaded/Rendered to Rebus no problem. I just made changes to the model such as wall heights etc. I've re-linked the mxs files as well just be sure. I really would prefer not to rename all of the reference files as that would mean re-linking so many to do with other projects which are still in progress. I'll contact Rebus again to see if they can isolate the problem and get back to you. Thanks, Des