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  1. I remember some years ago I had the same issue. So I downloaded a demo of Archicad (functional for one month) and exported the files into various formats that FormZ could read. I don't know if their demo still allows this. Des
  2. Des

    vray fz

    IMO, I wouldn't base my decision of 3d modelling software "just" on the render engine. It's true that SU has a massive user base which drives render engine suppliers to develop for it. But really, Sketchup as your main modeller? I regularly get SU models from designers who initially think they can complete a project and then hit a wall, either from lack of knowledge in 3d modelling or from a sudden realisation that the rendering process is not as easy as they thought. Regarding Vray, I tried out the beta for a while and it's not as intuitive as you might think, there's still a lot of work involved to get good results. That's why I've stuck with FormZ for really fast clean modelling and Maxwell render for quick render setup. Albeit Maxwell is slow to get clean images, but I think that is negated by the fast setup. Maxwell's forum is temporarily down BTW for maintenance, I think they're upgrading it. They said a couple of weeks. Good luck with your decision. Des
  3. This was possible back in the "Symbols" days, where different levels (three I think) could show different levels of detail within the symbol. May I suggest that you have two components for a door. For example "DoorType1-3d" which shows the 3d version for use in 3d views and, "DoorType1-2d" which shows a 2d representation for plans. Place each in a separate layer so when in Layout you can use the layers visibility parameters within the frame to display which one to use. Des Oopsy, I just read Supports post above which is exactly the same thing.....
  4. In FormZ, designing in the 3d environment and then going to the 2d environment is the way to go and not the other way around. There are videos available both on this website and on YouTube. Obviously you have to alter your workflow to suit your project, but here is one example showing the model to layout https://youtu.be/UslpCswTm1o
  5. Hi David, FormZ has always IMO been a 3d modelling package first and foremost with Layout being an "extra" if you like. It's not a BIM package like Revit or Archicad, more like a very fast way to model your designs in an accurate and intuitive 3d way. The problem with the BIM packages mentioned above is they lack in fluidity of 3d modelling that FormZ has. If your goal is to produce a set of working drawings from your 3d designs, then there will always be some work required at the 2d stage depending on requirements etc. (that goes for the BIM packages too!). Remember that BIM packages require tons of work on families before they can display drawings to your taste (although a lot are already supplied, they mostly look like @£$%). Basically the time saved in the early design stage in FormZ will be lost at the later 2d stage if you get my drift, but I wouldn't be disheartened either. I still think FormZ is way ahead of others for designing in 3d. Not to mention the money savings as well. Sorry if this doesn't help you (it's more of an opinion). Des
  6. Des

    Terrain model

    Hi Aaron, if you want I can have a look at it. Post it here, or email me.. Des
  7. Des

    Maxwell, system requirements

    For just rendering in Maxwell straight from Formz, the v4 plugin is fine on pretty much any mac, you only need the CPU anyway.
  8. Des

    Maxwell, system requirements

    Hi Swaim, From my experience with version 4, it will run on a mac with a CUDA compatible nVidia card. I have been using Maxwell 4 fine on an a late 2013 iMac with an Nvidia GeForce 775M 2048mb card. With saying that, Maxwell 4 will run fine on any mac using CPU rendering. However, I haven't tried out the GPU rendering much as I've been just using the standard CPU rendering (I think the resolution with GPU on macs is limited). IMO, I'd stick with version 3 until you're up and running with Maxwell. At least you will have full use of the plugin, maxwell render app and studio. With v4 you have to pay for the use of studio separately. I'm using both versions on the same machine at the moment, rendering (CPU) in v4 and using v3 studio (on a separate Hard Drive) for creating/editing mxs references etc. I'm sure Pylon will clarify.. Des
  9. There seems to be less activity from tech support lately. The FormZ forum has always been well known to have excellent support over the years, both with quick answers and suggestions for users. I'd hate to see it diminish to the level of other 3d software forums where replies are few and far between. Then again, it might be my imagination... Des
  10. Des

    one of those things!

    Another way to do this really quickly is to use NURBS. 1. Use NURBS convert on the rounded rectangle to turn it into a NURBS object. 2. Use NURBS Reconstruct Surface and set the Degree to (U) 2 & (V) 2. 3. While still in NURBS Reconstruct, drag the centre control until the curve is to your liking. 4. Done. If you want it exactly (for production), then you will need more splines in which you can use NURBS by U/V Curves for example. In this case you would only model 1/4 of the surface and mirror duplicate and blend. Otherwise the 3 operations above will work for visuals. Hope this helps, Des
  11. Des

    formZ models exchange site!

    Come on Autodessys, you need to promote this on your site with a direct link...
  12. Des

    Edit popup for placed component

    I think this has to be improved too. As a kind of a workaround regarding the layers (mentioned above), I name the layers in the components themselves so when they are inserted, that layer is also inserted. Keeps things tidy from early on.
  13. Des

    Clipping Plane Representation

    I assume you are talking about the colour of the solid where it is being cut? You can set the colour by selecting the solid, go to pick options, select the dropdown menu "Cross Section" and the options for colours are there. Des
  14. Des

    FormZ 8 numerical entry problem

    I think this was fixed in an update some time ago. Are you using the latest version?
  15. Des

    In memory of Paul Helm

    This is so sad to hear, and he was so young. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
  16. Thanks Pylon, It most certainly is more realistic and I see you've placed strip emitters to accentuate the light to the wall. The amount of frosted glass is slowing up the render I think. I'll wait until my main model is more advanced and then decide which approach to use after I test the benchmarks of each. Thanks again for all your help Pylon. I hope others have learned from this too. Des
  17. Hi Maxwell uZers, I'm going to be working on a small bar which has some frosted glass shelves which will be backlit inside the bracket. I was wondering if some experienced Maxwell people here could give me their opinion on the setup so I can get the fastest and cleanest renders. I realise that this kind of setup could cause problems with render time and noise so really what I'm asking is how I could fake a realistic looking render. I want to be able to use multilight and not use Pshop later as I will probably have lots of images. I've modelled up very quickly a test (first attempt) to show the geometry of the shelf in which I've added an emitter (normals pointing out) just behind the glass shelf which will have a bevel eventually. Obviously I may have to add more emitters based on a gradient map which will be hidden from the camera. The attached image is a sample photo of what I'm trying to achieve. Thanks in advance, Des GlassShelfTEST.zip
  18. That's excellent Pylon. Thanks SO much for your time on this, the edges look exactly how I'd expect.
  19. Sorry, try this.. Shelves.zip
  20. Hi Pylon, Sure, here it is.. Remember it's just a test at the moment. Once I get it right I'll place them into my main model. Thanks, Des GlassShelfTEST.fmz.zip
  21. I decided to go down the route of a gradient emitter material directly onto the shelf rather than an emitter behind the glass. The two shelves shown are the same other than the top one has an unstitched edge with a AGS material to try to define it a bit more. This is my first maxwell render test so comments and advice are very welcome.. Des GradientGlass.zip
  22. Des

    formZ models exchange site!

    It's good that you're busy Anton.. Des
  23. Des

    formZ models exchange site!

    Hey Chris, I remember that clamp from many, many moons ago.. Anton, don't forget the few models I emailed you last week... Des
  24. Des

    Some interior renders

    I think Andy is asking about how you made the books/DVD's on the shelf...?
  25. These are great noob, keep them coming. A refreshing approach... Des