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  1. Go to Display Menu > Display Options > Select "Use Custom Size" > Turn off Maintain Proportions > Input your image size. If you don't mind me asking, why would you use a background grid when as soon as you move the camera, the grid no longer lines up with your model? Just curious.
  2. Des

    Saddle chair

    Excellent work guys! You know, it's posts like these where people exchange ideas, techniques etc. that keep me visiting this forum. Des
  3. Des

    Saddle chair

    Hi Jaako, Have you tried subdivision modelling? You could trace a shape roughly over the saddle, subdivide and tweak from there.. Once you have the desired shape you can convert to nurbs if you like.
  4. I think you could get something similar by opening your light parameters and unchecking "sun", you will still get the ambient occlusion effect you are looking for. Also, select the shadow channel in maxwell display options (even though the sun is off) and you can bring that into photoshop in a separate layer to adjust it's strength. Des
  5. "with all questions unanswered" are you for real?
  6. I tested it with STL and it works fine going into Blender.
  7. Hi 3dguy, Do you still have version 6 so you can open the file and check it's View parameters? Maybe you could manually input the same parameters into the file when opened in v8. Also, check if the image size/proportion is the same between the two, that will most definitely have an effect to the cone of vision. Des
  8. Hi Peter, Pylon is trying to help you by asking you to try a different mirror material and checking if the mirror face is coincident with another face or not. Maybe you should upload part of the model including materials. The problem could be with either the material or the geometry. I did some interiors a short time ago and have never gotten those black pixels. I usually use a solid for the mirror with smooth shading turned off (that way bevels etc. will render as flat surfaces). Here is a mirror material I've used which works fine, try it to see if you are getting the same problem, if you don't then it could be geometry. Des Mirror.mxm.zip
  9. Des

    fmz art show

    Very nice Bo! Thanks for sharing... Des
  10. Des

    Dynamic alignment guides

    Kac, have you tried the shift key alignment? When moving or drawing, you can hold the shift key while the cursor is over one of the automatic guides. Then you will get another (grey coloured) guide perpendicular to the auto guide. I use this all the time while modelling. Maybe not exactly what you want, but good nevertheless. Des
  11. Des

    People in 3D animations

    Hi Imagix, To answer your question regarding plugins for FormZ. No, there are no plugins. With saying that, there are ways this can be done. You can use "animated textures" in FormZ which are still available to get online such as https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/416142 They can be applied in FormZ as animated textures onto a 2d surface, you would have to play with the timing. You could create components with the individual people and turn on "align with view" so they are facing your animated camera in your animation if you have one in your model. I remember years ago creating my own animated people in Poser and saving out the renders with an alpha channel. It worked but there is a lot of preparation involved. A more modern site such as https://secure.axyz-design.com will allow you to import a model which is exported from FormZ so you can populate it with their animated people which can then be rendered out with just the people to a movie file which can be overlaid onto your render using a video software package. You'd need to double check this.. Also, FormZ can import ".bvh" animated object files which can be used to attach parts. Here is a file (quickly exported from Poser) which you can import yourself to see the animation in FormZ. I've had to zip it so it can be uploaded here. I hope this hasn't put you off ManWalk.bvh.zip ManWalk1.mov
  12. Des

    Displacement map tool

    Hi Rod, Like Evan and Tech, I'm not having any issues with the displacement tool so DON'T PANIC Des
  13. I think the AutoDesSys website needs to be updated as soon as possible. Every day now ridiculous posts not relating to this forum are being posted and are becoming very tiresome at this stage. It's making me start to suspect the overall security. Des
  14. Des

    Website update imperative

    Same here Chris...
  15. Excellent! Thanks for the heads up Pylon..
  16. Des

    Components to Instances

    Ok, thanks Pylon
  17. Des

    wip & recent renders

    A query Pipo; Are you using HDRI for your lighting? Thanks for sharing your work btw.... Des
  18. Des

    wip & recent renders

    jaw drop-ingly great! You know, it's stuff like this that'll sell FormZ and Maxwell.
  19. I can't seem to get the Catenary tool to work, dialog comes up but as soon as I hit ok it goes back to the pick tool. I checked that I don't have return to pick selected in prefs. Any ideas?
  20. Des

    How to model a louver ?

    HI Peter, There are a few ways to do this, but here is one quick way. 1. Draw your curved edge first. 2. Move copy it. 3. Use the projection tool to flatten it. The reason for this is so the curve blend is perpendicular to the edge. It will work with a single line but the points will distribute evenly which you may or may not want. 4. Use the Nurbs by Lofting tool to get your surface. I've turned on "show points" so you can see that they have the same amount of points. Des
  21. Des

    wip & recent renders

    Amazing renders pipo, thanks for sharing
  22. Des

    interior design by Form z

    Very nice! Is that lightworks?
  23. Des


    Thanks guys, I have more to do on this so I'll post more at some stage. Des
  24. That render is so good pipo, well done. I think your idea of a current WIP section is a good one... +1 Des