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  1. Hey Jaakko, the big one there that I can see is the return of CLONES!!! Yay....
  2. Should we post possible bugs here or email?
  3. Des

    FZ manual search

    Same here.. Seems those numbers are the section/chapters of the manual without the names. Right clicking the tools within FormZ works fine though.
  4. Looks like a good update... looking forward to delving in.. Des
  5. Hi Allan, It's in the Display menu as "Render Area Rectangle". You'll get a rectangle with control handles coming up which lets you drag it to the area you want. Des
  6. Yes, after thinking about this, I think you are correct. I believe the curved surface effect (although it's made of straight lines in the loft) is from the double ruled surface (see image). Also, your ribbon is tapered at the ends, it forces the points to compress over the length of the ribbon, which will create the curving instead of the straight parallel surface that you want. So I think you are correct by suggesting inserting intermediate paths. Say you do this, reconstruct the surface so it has a central line between the two paths, extract the central path. Reconstruct that one so it's length is longer so that you can trim the tapered ends later? I'm up to my follicles at the moment, so I can't experiment with it. But please post your tests. Maybe Support can chime in on this? Des
  7. Hi Gyro, I think that can easily be created in FormZ. I would skip the illustrator step altogether, just use the Billboard tool to place the photos. The plan in the XY plane (plan), the elevation in the ZX plane (front) and scale and line them up for example. Use the bezier or spline to trace the paths and manipulate them into position. Then either loft them together or use a two paths sweep. For clean geometry, make the paths have the same amount of control points and same direction. Des
  8. I was just wondering if anyone has tested Maxwell 4.1 on a renderfarm with de-noising turned on? Rebus say they are compatible with 4.1 now, but I'd rather hear from real users here of their experiences. Cheers, Des
  9. Des

    De-noising on Renderfarm

    Just thought I'd post an update on the denoiser in a renderfarm. File uploaded and started rendering until it came to the end when my render points started to disappear beyond the maximum set until I had none left. I had to contact Rebus directly to stop the job without losing my render points which they were happy to do. So, don't send to a renderfarm until they have it sorted. Otherwise, the denoiser on my machine works like a dream. It does indeed speed things up massively. Des
  10. Des

    cage tool

    You could try the "Wrap Objects" tool. Good for creating a simple shape to be used as a placeholder but I don't think it'll help with bevels etc. There was a cage tool in version 6..
  11. Des

    360º Renders

    Just a follow up on this Evan. The iPano app doesn't seem to be on the app store anymore, but an alternative is Photosphere. It works really well with the maxwell generated spherical images.. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photosphere-viewer/id1090659371?mt=8
  12. Have you checked your display options? By default the image textures are at 256 pixels, change it to something higher to your liking. It's set low by default to help keep things fast, especially if the texture map are big. Even set at low res like 256, it'll still render at full resolution. Hope this helps.
  13. Des

    I cannot Undo

    I have mine set to the last 15 operations, I can't see any reason to have it set higher as long as you save regularly. I remember having the same problem, but it was set to unlimited. I think it's file dependent as well, very large imported data can cause it if I remember correctly...
  14. I recently noticed that in Version 4, the material type dropdown menu does not have the Cloth type anymore. I can't find anything on the maxwell forum about it, so posting here (better anyway). Im looking to get a velvet cloth, and I thought using a type would get me started. Thanks, Des
  15. Des

    Maxwell material editor

    Thanks but no Shibui, I use mxed every day so I'm very familiar with that I don't think I've gone completely mad just yet, see the extract from the manual....
  16. Des

    Section cut with polyline

    Try the Slice tool in the modify pallete. You can split any solid with a line, click Heal in the tool options to heal the solid after it slices. Alternatively you can use Surface Split in the same pallet. I find this really handy for objects such as terrain surfaces. If your terrain is a solid then just boolean difference/split a solid as before. And don't forget the Section tool, again in the same pallet, it's kind of self explanatory. Des
  17. Des

    Maxwell material editor

    I probably imagined that I used it in the past but no worries.. It's still mentioned in the manual for v3 and v4 though. Cheers, Des
  18. Oh ok, that makes more sense.. Once you spend more time 3d modelling in FormZ you'll find this forum to be invaluable. Post any questions you have and other users and tech support will help you out. I used illustrator with FormZ for years, but recently I've moved to Affinity Designer as it's much cheaper with the same quality and a joy to use. Best of luck, Des
  19. Go to Display Menu > Display Options > Select "Use Custom Size" > Turn off Maintain Proportions > Input your image size. If you don't mind me asking, why would you use a background grid when as soon as you move the camera, the grid no longer lines up with your model? Just curious.
  20. Des

    Saddle chair

    Excellent work guys! You know, it's posts like these where people exchange ideas, techniques etc. that keep me visiting this forum. Des
  21. Des

    Saddle chair

    Hi Jaako, Have you tried subdivision modelling? You could trace a shape roughly over the saddle, subdivide and tweak from there.. Once you have the desired shape you can convert to nurbs if you like.
  22. I think you could get something similar by opening your light parameters and unchecking "sun", you will still get the ambient occlusion effect you are looking for. Also, select the shadow channel in maxwell display options (even though the sun is off) and you can bring that into photoshop in a separate layer to adjust it's strength. Des
  23. "with all questions unanswered" are you for real?
  24. I tested it with STL and it works fine going into Blender.
  25. Hi 3dguy, Do you still have version 6 so you can open the file and check it's View parameters? Maybe you could manually input the same parameters into the file when opened in v8. Also, check if the image size/proportion is the same between the two, that will most definitely have an effect to the cone of vision. Des