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    I have used Blender in the past which allows you to "drop" a cloth onto another object and export it out. Otherwise, yes, there are some objects that have to be imported from other 3d packages which have third party plugins for this kind of thing. Take each project one at a time..
  2. Des

    Another Maxwell Render

    Yes, my emitters are on the inside of the window right up to all of the edges (just a flat rectangle), make sure you have the normals pointing inwards and that "hidden from camera" is selected for each emitter in the maxwell attributes. You should check out this old tutorial which still holds true in the latest version http://support.nextlimit.com/display/tuts/Photography+techniques+to+speed-up+interior+renders So, along with... 1) these tips in the tutorial 2) Extra sampling on certain materials/layers/objects 3) Denoising ...Maxwell can be faster. Hope this helps. Des
  3. Des


    Hi Andy, I have built a library over the years but I rarely get to use the parts more than once because most jobs specify different furniture/fittings for each one. If for example a designer specifies a particular chair type by a particular manufacturer, I search the web for their info on the chair. If they have a 3d model available for that chair, I'd download it, import, place on it's own layer, ghost the layer and create a new "clean" FormZ model. I find that way your overall model will be safer, faster etc. The reason is that the nice sample renders of particular models we all see on-line are rendered within their native package. Once they export to various formats for other 3d applications, their geometry is never great. The quality totally depends on how the original modeller exported it (settings/format etc.). I find that making my own is actually faster than going through the "cleanup" of an imported model.... mostly. Des
  4. Des

    Maxwell Render

    I wouldn't mind doing more interior modelling and rendering if I got the chance. I find it more enjoyable even if it is time consuming. Des
  5. Des


    Here's another angle with the lights turned off.. Des
  6. Des


    Hi Andy, I made everything in that model. Just use reference photos, it's usually really quick. I made the place setting is a separate file and used it as a component, I set all the resolution to as low as possible to keep the file size down and for a quicker render. Des
  7. Des

    Another Maxwell Render

    Hi Andy, Yes, interior renders in Maxwell do take a long time to clear up generally. But as well as using window emitters, keeping the bulb emitters really low resolution, I find the denoiser to be great. Depending on the model of course, I'm getting usable renders in around 2 to 3 hours at a resolution of around 4096 x 3072 or there abouts. I usually set the denoiser to Fast at each SL starting at SL6 so I can get some feedback. Some texture maps such as woodgrains etc. can suffer, but clear up after some extra time. Des
  8. Des

    Maxwell Render

    About 50% of the entourage in that kitchen is modelled by me and the rest are a combination from Antons https://www.formz.xyz site and other stuff I picked up over the years. Some jobs are 95% modelled as it's not always possible to get 3d models of other parts like in this one where everything apart from the people are modelled from photo references. If 3d models are available online, I would suggest not using them directly, but rather using them to "trace" or build another from it to get a nice clean model. Des Sorry..... the plant is a Vizpark Maxwell reference file (mxs)
  9. Des

    Mac vs PC for formZ

    I think it has a lot to do with personal preference as well as speed. Having been a FormZ user for a couple of decades (on both platforms) I have always drifted to the mac. Yes, the PCs do run faster with the likes of 3d rendering, but it's not like they're double the speed or anything. I use my 27" iMac for graphics, music and video as well as other stuff and it's no slouch. Above all, it's so reliable after working on it 10 hours a day for 4 years. I also still use my 11 year old MacBook Pro and a 10 year old MacPro. The screen is outstanding to work on with FormZ and.......... it looks nice too!! Des
  10. Hi Stefan, The cursor will automatically stick along the Guide Snap line (dotted lines when you draw something) if you hold the shift key down. Then you can snap to points or whatever along the original guide line similar to what you described above.. Des
  11. Des

    Chain wire fence wire how to

    Ok a 3d model. It's on a grid, so you only need to model a spline one side of the square rotated 45º. Then mirror copy the spline to get the square keeping in mind that the wires loop around each other in the YZ plane. Then sweep a circle along the spline, maybe 2mm diameter. Once you have the makings of the "square", group it so you can multi-copy it. Keep the resolution low as it'll get really big depending on the amount of copies you make. Hope this helps.
  12. Des

    Chain wire fence wire how to

    What Smarttec said.. But, there is a predefined chainlink material already in the FormZ materials library.
  13. Des


    I haven't done an animation in some time, but it's fairly straightforward. Will you be animating the camera or objects? Either way if you are using v8.5 or newer, you need to switch workspace to Rendering/Animation so all your animation tools are at hand. If you right click on the Keyframe tool, it will bring up the manual on the animation tools where you will find an extensive description of how to use the animation tools. The keyframe tool is mostly used to move an object over a timeline which can be edited directly in the Animation Editor pallette. Try animating a simple object first, say a cube, to move from A to B. I think you need to be more specific in your queries after you have experimented. Then we can help you better to do certain functions. Des
  14. One thing you might check is the format of the image textures. FormZ doesn't like jpegs in the "Progressive" format. They should be in "Baseline" format. If you have photoshop or equivalent, open the textures and re-save in the Baseline format for jpeg. It may or may not work... Des
  15. I think this is a good idea...
  16. Des

    Un-Rounding Corners Trick

    Nice little trick Setz, works like a charm...
  17. Des

    Clipping Plane & MaxwellZ

    Thanks for the insights guys. I will certainly experiment in the future with Render Boolean option. As mentioned I did get what I wanted by hiding the objects from the camera in Maxwell attributes, I was just trying to find a lazy way of achieving the same results. Cheers, Des
  18. I remember using clipping planes with Maxwell in the past which worked well, but I can't get it to work in a project I'm working on at the moment. I'm using Maxwell and MaxwellZ Basically I have a few buildings and I'm trying to render say one of them with the camera set inside another. Using a clipping plane to obscure the building the camera is in. BTW, I am using "exclude from clipping planes" for some elements and buildings because I want some to be still visible. But every time I try a render, the "clipped" building is still rendering in Maxwell (inside a room). Maybe there is a setting I've forgotten about for this? I've looked around but can't find a control so I assume it's automatic when the clipping plane is active? Thanks, Des
  19. Des

    Component problems

    Hi guys, I have to agree that the old symbols system was very reliable. Although I have pretty much sorted out using components now, like you I still get warnings. In the old symbols, one could use the three levels as well which was amazing for large files. For example create a symbol at it's full 3d resolution but if that started to slow down a file, you could create a low resolution version or evan a placeholder version. Great during modelling on large files, just switch to the high res version once you are ready to render, although this can still be achieved with components using the replace components tool. Like you, I would like to have the option of not embedding the components into the main file. Des
  20. Des

    Clipping Plane & MaxwellZ

    Thanks Gary, I eventually used the hide from camera option in Maxwell attributes on the building in question. I needed the reflections on the visible building. It'd be nice however to have the quicker option of using clipping planes, they can be used for scenarios where the hidden geometry is not parallel with the camera as in Clip/Hither Yon. The Hide from camera worked though when used in conjunction with copy attributes. I will try the Render Boolean option in future to see the results. Cheers, Des
  21. Des

    Clipping Plane & MaxwellZ

    CORRECTION! I have in fact previously use Clip Hither/Yon which worked perfectly with Maxwell. Which is what I should have said in my previous post.. So I haven't used clipping planes with Maxwell before, how do I get it to work? Thanks, Des
  22. Is it inadvisable to install this along with say... Maxwell? I mean on the same FormZ V8.6 copy on the same machine? I want to try out Vray but I'm still working on Maxwell dependent jobs at the moment. Thanks, Des
  23. Des

    wip & recent renders

    Fantastic! Keep them coming Pipo...
  24. Des

    Feature request: Select clones

    It really is great that clones are back. I used to use clones regularly for repetitive elements like balustrade uprights for example. Something simple like that which doesn't necessarily require to be a component, it's easier and much quicker as a clone. But, we need the clone tools back as well to be able to control the clones.
  25. Everything seems great so far. I've been using it for a few days now.