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  1. Des

    groups vs booleans

    Hi Ged, Maybe you should check your installation. Group has worked for me in all versions since it was introduced years ago.
  2. Des

    "Smooth Modelling Error"

    Was the file imported or did you build it? Have you tried copy and pasting into a new file? Des
  3. Des

    formZ models exchange site!

    Oops, sorry Anton. I completely forgot to send you models as I am very busy these days. I've sent a couple of models to your email, the upload facility on your model web-site is not working. I built these two models from photos and other info from the manufacturers website and they include maxwell materials. I'll send you more in the future as soon as soon as I get a chance. Des PS. They are smooth modelled so the resolution can be turned up or down as required.
  4. Des

    FZ future

    I agree that the silence from Support these days is strange and is not typical of them over the years but I don't think FormZ is a dead end choice, especially since they have put in a huge effort implementing vRay. Like you I still use v8.5.7 with Maxwell for my everyday modelling and have v8.6 with vRay for testing on another machine. I have always stuck with a stable release over the years until the new version is ready proper, I think it is sensible for any software.
  5. Des

    groups vs booleans

    Hmm, I'm not so sure I agree. I use both methods, the grouping more recently and I think each method is better suited to different scenarios. So it's not a "one or the other" question. I find booleans better for editing generally, especially with the reshape tools. The overall model, when it gets big is visually cleaner with booleans, both in shaded and wire frame. I use layers for organising as opposed to grouping, but I suppose whatever suits the user. Some, such as product designers use the object palette for organising, but for me it's layers all the way. I have used sketchup sometimes over the years and while it has it's nice things, I wouldn't even bring it up to compare to FormZ. It's a 2.5D modeller IMHO. My 2 cents (€)
  6. Des


    Just thought I'd post this render of a refurbishment I'm working on at the moment... FormZ & Maxwell. Des
  7. Des

    formZ models exchange site!

    I think I have a few I could share Anton. You disappeared for a while? Give me a couple of days.. Des
  8. Des

    3d model now built

    Thanks kac & pipo. That was one of about ten montages I did for that job a couple of years ago. In my experience I've found that Architects/Planners love montages and Developers love full Cgi. I prefer doing montages as I find them more satisfying when complete, you know, before and after kind of thing.
  9. Des


    Thanks for posting! This is very impressive and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux!
  10. Des

    please fix the object doctor!

    Hmm, as a general personal rule, I never use the object doctor on imported 2d geometry. But I do import massive DWG files on a daily basis and build my models from tracing them. My workflow is; 1) Import the DWG, say it's Ground Floor Plan for instance. 2) Save the DWG as fmz. 3) Purge unused layers. 3) Set layers to "Highlight Picked". 4) Turn off unnecessary layers like Dims and Hatching and other crap. 5) Select the plan. 6) Create a new file and with "Paste on Active Layer " selected, paste it into a layer called say "2d Ground Plan" inside a layer group called say "2f Info". The group is so you can switch on and off the 2d info as required. 7) Set the Layer group to render as wireframe and render as shaded surface as OFF. 7) Use Select by Criteria to select other unwanted elements. 8) Apply a material called say "2d Stuff" without any reflection. 9) Select the plan at the Points topology and set the Z value to 0 to make sure the plan is perfectly flat. 10) Select the plan at the object topology and use the "Reference Object" tool in the Organise palette. Now the plan is snappy and super fast for speedy modelling. Creating fresh 3d models from tracing is ALWAYS better than trying to extrude for instance imported geometry. On a side note, I am always amazed how bad the quality of most CAD files I receive. The other day I received a DWG file with over 800 layers with lines in both 2d and 3d space making the imported geometry look like a spaghetti mess when viewed from the side but looked fine in plan view. Also, regarding your comment on other competitor software handling imported files better, that has not been my experience while importing into Acad a BIM file (both software is the same company!) The imported file lost a lot of information and contained the same dodgy geometry as when brought into Fz. I always ask for both DWG and a PDF to compare what I get as to what it's supposed to look like. And, we will always have problems with other people drawings as long as the creator of the file has no interest in quality drafting. Rubbish in - Rubbish out. Rant over.... Des
  11. My file structure is fairly simple and I usually keep my referenced MXM materials in it's own folder (Inside the project folder). So each project has its materials at easy reach for me to find them. For example "Project Folder" > ---------------------"Project File" (FormZ file) ---------------------"Project Materials Folder" (contains the mxm's and their textures folder) ---------------------"Project Components Folder" (contains the component fmz files with their materials referenced to the above). I sometimes have separate folders for different component types. ---------------------"Project MXS Folder" (contains Maxwell MXS files and their own MXM materials, I like to keep them together for future use. I can just copy the whole folder into another project folder) Using this system creates multiple copies of materials etc. on my computer, but at least everything to do with the current project is together. I open an existing mxm, pack and go to another location, open the new one, re-assign the textures and reference the mxm to a FormZ material. It's not as long winded as it seems and it allows me to copy a whole project onto my laptop for example with the knowledge that I have everything I need. Be really careful re-naming folders etc., especially higher up in the folder hierarchy. I'd be interested in other peoples file systems. I know some use a central location for everything, but that doesn't suit me at this time. Regards, Des
  12. Hi Peter, I agree that the components need to be a lot better, but I'm using them in all of my projects because I have no choice. It's kind of like learning the "personality" even if it's a bit screwy. The more you use them the better they behave once you get to know them. Maybe I've been lucky most of the time but I have had issues as well. I've attached two snapshots of project information of a couple of projects I'm working on, one is an interior (542 components) and the other an exterior (1521 components). So it's more than possible to work with them, even if they have weird moods.. Des PS. I also use maxwell MXS references as well, I find them to be fantastic for certain large detailed objects which I won't be changing. They help to keep the file manageable without bogging it down.
  13. Hi all/Pylon, I wonder if anyone has had a problems with rendering files with MXS references on Rebus lately? Everytime I've uploaded a packaged project, the mxs references refuse to upload, resulting in a render error. When I contacted them, they say "This MXS files is not on the farm. Please move this file in an other path, rename it, re-link it in your scene and then try again. For some reason either the path is not accessible or the file damaged. maybe the file is not correct linked (you should have gotten an error while submitting - strange)." This has only started (I think) after the upgrade. Thanks in advance. Des
  14. Des

    Little black dots in render

    Hi Peter, I seem to remember getting something like this when I had GPU rendering switched on on my mac (Nvidia geForce) but to be honest I don't know. Des
  15. Des

    Ambient Field Light

    Thanks for the tip Pylon, I presume you mean avoiding intersections with all object? I'm thinking of elements in a room such as hanging pendants and furniture such as chairs etc? It's funny, after all this time I've never noticed this light type until now..
  16. What the best practice for using the Ambient Field light? I mean, does the size affect the lighting i.e. is it just placed in the centre of the room or is it better to size the light encompassing the whole room? Cheers, Des
  17. Des

    Maxwell v4.2

    Hi Pylon, I was wondering how the compatibility is between the new version 4.2 and FormZ 8.5.7 is? I haven't included Fz 8.6 in my workflow just yet as I'm still in the middle of some projects and I think I'll wait for new ones before the change. Thanks, Des
  18. Des

    Rendering small area

    Hi Chuck, If you go to the Display menu > "Render Area Rectangle" you can pick a part of you view for render.. Des
  19. Des

    Support@formz.com not respoding emails

    I have to agree. Sometimes the silence here is deafening. It was never like that before..
  20. I agree that the components need to be sorted, I've weighed in on this for some time now.. But in the mean time until it is sorted, I follow some rules I've developed as I still use components a lot. I get no problems now. 1. I always create my components in a separate file and use "import component" into my project. The origin is important. 2. Right click the component in the component manager and select "always update". 3. In the separate component file I always name the layer the same as the component so it sits in it's own layer in the main model and I know what's what. 4. If you don't want the component to alway face the camera, make sure to choose 'fixed" in the tool options parameters. I got caught out a couple of times where, say for example I use a bollard component which looks the same from any direction but I forgot to turn on fixed rotation. They turn to the camera and really slow down the model. I think it should be set to "Fixed Rotation" by default. 5. Make sure your file paths are not changed after inserting components, that goes for everything like materials and textures. Most of this probably goes without saying, it's mostly for newer users of components, but if you follow these rules they should behave. Another tip is: Create a "placement component", say a low resolution circle and call it something you remember. If you get the warning that any other component is different etc. Use the "Replace components" tool on the component to change to the circle component. Delete the problem component, re-import the component from it's file and replace the circle component with that. Your warnings will now stop. Ok, I think I broke the record for saying "component" the most times in one post Hope this helps, Des
  21. Des

    install issue

    I asked the same question some time ago (whether Maxwell and Vray can be installed together). I didn't want to risk it so I run one FormZ v8.5.7 with Maxwell and FormZ v8.x with Vray. It would be nice if we could run both in the same version of Fz like we can with Renderzone. FYI, even though Vray looks very promising especially with speed of rendering, I won't abandon Maxwell. If you have the time, it still produces the best realism. Des
  22. Des

    V-Ray is here!

    Ooh, I'm now caught in a quandary. I love Maxwell and I bought Vray to try out, but I'm stuck in a few jobs without the time to get stuck in! It really is great that there's a real choice now in proper render engines..
  23. Des

    Rebus and MXS references

    I don't want to put you off Rebus Peter. I have been using it for a while with reliable results. It's just the last couple of jobs I've had the upload problems with the reference files. Maybe it's my end, I just haven't had the time to try tests. You should try out a project as a test, they give free render points to first timers. If there are problems, the farm cancels the render at no cost and sends an error log so you can fix it. I did try a different farm "Fast Render Farm" with good results although you do have to follow a strict procedure before uploading. Des
  24. Des

    denoise and multilite

    I've been trying this but when I open a finished render, make the multiLight changes, save the mxi, open the mxi in Maxwell, the Re-Noise button is always greyed out. I've tried loads of files. Any ideas? Thanks, Des
  25. Des


    I have used Blender in the past which allows you to "drop" a cloth onto another object and export it out. Otherwise, yes, there are some objects that have to be imported from other 3d packages which have third party plugins for this kind of thing. Take each project one at a time..