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    animation score palette

    I believe the "score" palette is the area to the left of the Animation Editor pallette. You may also wish to switch workspace to Rendering/Animation so you can access the animation tools. It works exactly the same as v6. Hope this helps.. Des
  2. Des


    I agree Snow. I have some thoughts... I remember when Maxwell came out years ago and they were really excited to support FormZ when we (the uZers) pushed for the support of a new powerful renderer. Thanks to Pylon we still have relatively quick and intuitive answers when needed. I was excited when vray came out for Z recently but unfortunately I haven’t been able to include it “yet” into my workflow (I hope to asap). There seems to be a lot of negativity these days on this forum without AutoDesSys jumping in to retort or help newer users. Please ADS sort this out! I miss the forum in the past where modelling advice and general help was to the forefront. And as a result made this place one of the best forums for 3D. I am hopeful that ADS are working hard on the new and improved FormZ 9, but we, the regulars, and new need more feedback and more from this (and still is) a great package. Des
  3. Des

    unable to round

    You're welcome Snow. The thing about Object Doctor is it has to guess a lot of the time which is normal. The "lines" on the faces were in fact micro steps in the geometry which is not necessarily bad, the doctor can determine those to be intentional. To be able to zoom right in and without changing the units accuracy in the file, just scale the offending object by say 1000 times. Then you can zoom in to see the mini-steps. Des
  4. "We are working hard on v9. Not trying to keep anyone in the dark, but we want it to be bit more refined before we start sharing the details." Ooh, you got me going now....
  5. Des

    unable to round

    I got it to work by re-spliting the shape where the joins were made, use the extend face tool to make sure the front and back faces are planer before the union. I swept the bottom curves again using the square section and an edge of the curve. Union everything together and the rounding works fine. I think the faces were not exactly aligned so there was a microscopic difference which made the rounding not work before. I use the extend face tool a lot before union-ing. Des frame.fmz.zip
  6. Des

    Virtual Reality

    I did some interior VR images a few months ago. It was a first for me where a client was even aware that VR was available! So I just rendered some images using the Spherical lens in Maxwell keeping the images size at 2:1 I used this software to view the images for myself on screen https://www.kolor.com/gopro-vr-player/ The client had Oculus goggles and used those to view the images. Don't know if this helps or not Jean-Luc Des
  7. Des

    FormZ jr Transform tool is missing?

    I misread your post and assumed you were talking about the Macro. I agree that it (the Transformation tool), should be in all versions of FormZ
  8. Des

    FormZ jr Transform tool is missing?

    I don't have FormZ jr (I have Pro) but according to the comparison chart the Transformation Macro tool is not included in FormZ jr. http://www.formz.com/featureslist/FeatureComparisonChart.html
  9. Yes, Andrews suggestion is the way to go. But if you don't need to be to close to the tile in your render and you want to keep your file manageable (assuming you have multiple tiles), you could do a mixture of geometry and texture mapping. This is a cornice I did last year with the aim to keep the file size down etc. The larger repetitive square is modelled and the detail is texture mapped. I've attached the maxwell texture if you want it. It use's a normal map that I created using "Crazy Bump" but you could just use a bump map of the texture. Des CorniceMXS.zip
  10. Des

    where to load Fonts?

    Menu > FormZ Pro > Preferences or command comma.. :-)
  11. Des

    Stability mac vs. PC

    Hi Allan, I've mostly only ever used FormZ on Macs over the years and I'm very happy (Btw I don't get that spinning ball you mentioned). I did have a stint using it on Windows PC for a few months and found that stable enough although I do remember a few crashes but not many. Do you use autosave by any chance? I don't (constantly saving manually), but I found that when that is on, I was more likely to get a crash on the PC. I could have been imagining it though.. Des
  12. Des

    Improved shadows

    Sometimes a large object such as a ground plane can affect the shadow quality. It might not fix you problem but you could try (assuming you have large ground objects) turning off "casts shadows" in attributes. All objects are set to cast shadows by default. As long as you leave "Receives Shadows" on, it should help. Also try to keep your model near the origin 0,0. If that doesn't help or is not the cause, why not render it in Renderzone or something else?
  13. Des

    Rendering sketch - Bugs

    Ok, you are correct when in Isometric only. Apologies for that. A workaround is to create a layer group and move you layers into that. Double click the layer group and use the layer overrides as in this screenshot. Set the sun to about 1000% for black shadows and the ambient light to 0%. Use Shaded Full.
  14. Des

    Live Boolean - again

    +1 Thanks for the reminder AC1000, I had been thinking about this for a while myself. I remember using StrataStudioPro back in the nineties on a mac which had this feature so it's not new tech. Cool feature back then was you could animate the negative solid on a path to give truly great effects on the positive solid. I'm guessing the current reshape tool with push/pull booleans uses a form of live booleans so would it be too difficult to implement true live booleans?
  15. Des

    Rendering sketch - Bugs

    Sketch render is working fine for me. See below with your settings. Is your model very far from the origin 0,0? If it is, that maybe causing your problem. A small thing like this would not cause me to dump software which has so many amazing tools. In fact, I just bought an upgrade recently for my second license.
  16. Sounds like your pick options is not set to "Auto Pick" and it's only selecting edges?
  17. Des

    Frame: square cross section?

    Yes, this has been on the request list for years (since the frame tool was first introduced). It would be great if this was possible, but I don't think it is due to geometric intersections. If you think about it, only a circular section can have truly correct results from varying angles. You could manually do it, but the intersections would not all be correct. If you triangulate a shape/solid of what you want to frame first, then unstitch the triangles to individual faces, use the "define reference plane" tool to use the wall tool afterwards OR sweep your section around the individual faces. Des
  18. Des

    skydiver 3d model

    That's a difficult one Pipo. I tried a search with only one result in Turbosquid. I have an old version of PoserPro which has preset poses and there is one for skydiving (you can tweak from there) and pick varying clothing, characters etc. It allows export in multiple formats as well which can be imported to FormZ although I haven't done that in years. Maybe the latest version could have more content available. Not sure if there is a free demo. There is also Daz3d which you could try. Sorry if this doesn't help. Des
  19. I just thought I'd post this 3d montage I did a few years ago and a photo I took on my phone early this morning. Pity the lighting is not similar as date/time and position are different. Nice to see something I was involved in being built (first phase anyway) more or less as it was designed (apart from the landscaping). Des
  20. Des

    wip & recent renders

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing Pipo..
  21. Des


    Very nice, thanks for sharing. That's the first time I've heard of Simlad, looks like a very interesting multi-platform alternative. Des
  22. Des

    3d connexion won't stop (v8.6)

    Hi Bo, the same happened to me only last week. It is an old navigator so I opened it up and blasted air into it to remove any possible dirt. It's been working fine since. You will need glue to replace the rubber base ring. Don't open it if it's still in warranty! The reason i knew it was the navigator rather than software is, I have another one for my laptop which is very new. That worked fine on the machine which was was moving by itself. Best.. Des
  23. Des

    Import saved views

    Go to "Open" in the files menu > Click "Add to project" and select the file with the views you want > In the "Project Merge Options" dialogue that pops up and select just the Views. Hope this helps, Des
  24. Des

    Extend parallel to edge?

    If it was me, I would just use the 3d wall tool with justification set to centre and the width set to whatever you want the thickness of the beam to be. Draw the line snapping to the centre edge of the column to the other centre edge, type in the height and move it up or down to where ever you want. This is one way and VVA's is another but we all have our preferred methods. That's the great thing about FormZ, there is a lot of choice. Des
  25. Des

    ZMT files

    I'm pretty sure ZMT files are material files for FormZ 6.7.x and older. If you still have a copy installed on your computer, just drop the ZMT files into the Materials Folder and reboot FormZ to load them. Des