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  1. Andyb


    Hi Andrew, Yeah Im familiar with 3DS Max, I typically use either Max or Z but I really hate going between programmes. Blender is way too complicated for me, Iv tried multipe times to learn it but I just cant get into it. Saying that I unerstand that the next release of blender, (is it 2.9?) will have a whole new interface, so perhaps Ill re-visit it. Not being able to import DWG is such a huge drawback for me, but then there's the new EVEE rendering engine, so who knows what the pros and cons will be. Back to Z, I agree, some tools for cloth would be great. Collide A with B and freeze at any point at which you become happy with the result. Perhaps in Z 9?
  2. Andyb

    Please sort out the component system

    Generally speaking, I'm of the opinion that the components system needs a complete overhall top to bottom. To be blunt, a lot of the models are ugly and very basic. Too basic to be of any real use. The whole thing needs to be modernised.
  3. Andyb


    Des, How would you model say a bed with a messy duvet cover on it, or a throw over a sofa? (Cloth like materials, curtains etc.) Tutorials for this kind of stuff are very few and far between as far as Z is concerned. Do you know of any?
  4. That time difference can not be ignored.
  5. Andrew I have also had problems with the Maxwell denoiser. I find that I need to get a high SL level (say 15-18) and the denoiser on top of that just cleans it up a little further, stop at SL 15 for example and the finished render will be around SL 18. I don't see it as a time saver really. Although I'm a total noob.
  6. Andyb

    Maxwell Render

    very nice work, congrats. thanks for the info.
  7. Andyb

    Another Maxwell Render

    Do you have emitters directly outside the windows? Is it Vray that has portal lights or is that Maxwell, that's something that Iv not tried. My renders (usually around 2k square) take about 6 times longer than yours! Jeez, I need to brush up! Thanks for the tips
  8. Andyb


    Des Really great work. So you essentially have your own form z library, nice. How does it work bringing in other models as components? I have not really used components with Z. Does the component inherit any materials from the org file? What's best practice if you dont mind my asking. Iv done a bunch of renders but what's really slowing me down to the point where its not cost effective to use Z is that I need to model everything from scratch, cookers, fridges etc. Suppose the best thing to do is to create my own library. Daunting!
  9. The time difference between maxwell and vray is really alarming to me, wow! As a maxwell user I'm finding it really hard not to switch. I'm just not convinced that vray will stick around, I mean, I must of seen about 3 vray images on this site. I had expected to see a lot more pretty images that would sway me. Do you have any more comparisons or finished images, Andrew? or anyone else?
  10. Andyb

    Maxwell Render

    Des, I have asked this in another topic, but where did you find all of you entourage? cookers and likes? (Assuming that you did not model those from scratch... did you?) Also, curious about how long these took?
  11. Andyb


    Des, where do you get all of your entourage from? (plates, glasses etc)
  12. Andyb

    wip & recent renders

    what sort of times are these renders taking? (Also, how big are they?)
  13. Andyb

    Another Maxwell Render

    Anton, Your right, its painfully slow, and I have left some renders a LOT longer than that too! Maxwell has infact been so slow that I have pretty much resigned myself to having to switch to Vray despite denoiser, which is a shame because I really do like Maxwell - and I don't have spare cash lying around I don't think that my emitters do overlap, although perhaps they are too close to other objects? My models are usually pretty clean but I will keep this in mind for the future. Thanks for the link, I have seen that before. What do you mean by high definition models. (My emitters are just planes in most cases). Andy PS. GPU crashes my scene, and multilight is not supported either.
  14. still no sign of this webinar? Tech, any ideas?