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  1. waldvogel

    export smooth model to parametric STEP file

    hi moderator thank you for this. please see example file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ev8vgi389pzx68l/to-smooth-STEP.fmz.zip?dl=0 (on dropbox since it is a bit bigger than upload here allows) if i export this as step, and then reimport into a new file, i: -- cannot specify "parametric" as an import option -- will get a facetted object regardless of constructing solids / fixing geometry etc options. please advise, thanks. -c
  2. hi there using form z pro 8.5 i'm trying to generate a smooth STEP or SAT file for industrial milling. however -- even if i just export a simple smooth sphere -- i cannot seem to get the "Parametric" option activated, in neither the STEP nor SAT export options. does anyone have a clue or an idea? thanks, best -christian