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  1. mkiba

    STEP export in 8.5

    O.K. good to know. Thanks for the info!
  2. mkiba

    STEP export in 8.5

    I have just copied a cylinder from the file to a new file and tried the export with various settings. Doesn´t work. Just in case - I have attached the file. stepExport.zip
  3. mkiba

    STEP export in 8.5

    I had the same problem with a file not being written, when exporting to STEP. Even with the export selection only option, it did not work. There were only some 2d drawings (only lines and polylines) in the formZ file other than the objects I wanted to export. (And those were simple test volumes made in formZ - a cube and a cylinder)
  4. Hi, I have just noticed that importing blocks as components from a rhino file does not work. I get the exploded block at the origin and all references are lost. Is this a limitation of the import plugin or is it an error? cheers Michael
  5. mkiba

    Export to Rhino

    +1 here. Would love to see that! (I mean the Rhino Export it is for me - not archicad)
  6. Hi, as an Architect, I am using components a lot. Since the new versions (from v7) working with components wasn´t always a pleasure. There have been quite some issues all the way up to now. I am pleased, that some of them are adressed with the new update. One of the bigger issues for me is the really bad performance of components, when they are edited in the scene. This is especially the case, when the number of references or the complexity of the component being edited is high. Sometimes it seems it takes ages (even hours) When I am working in other applications, like Rhino2d or Sketchup, their components (blocks) are updated instantaneous. Here are two videos showing editing the same 400 components in formZ and Rhino3d. component_editing_formZ.mp4 block editing_rhino.mp4 This gives me the impression, that components in formZ should have a much better performance (actually it is one reason to use them) What do you think? regards Michael
  7. mkiba

    select by line style

    If I change the style, than "...this affects also objects on hidden or locked layers" Generally saying, there are way too few selecting options for several tasks (compared to other applications).
  8. mkiba

    select by line style

    Actually I think, you should be able to select by as many options as possible. Here is an example from rhino, with all possible selecting options. Some icons even have another command stored when using the right mouse button.
  9. Yes, more filter options (layer as one example) would be more than welcome to get many objects organized.
  10. mkiba

    select by line style

    Yes, hello to you, too! Actually I have been a user of the forum in the past, but did n switch to the new forum until now. In formZ 6 or older it was hidden in the draft workspace. When you switched to draft and used the select by tool you had the options for this. I think many useful things from v6 or older still have not made it into the formZ 8. (Like the possibilty to transform multiple selected objects individually with the transform tool - i.e. have the transormation being exectuted relative to their respective axis) About the usefulness. If you are able to have multiple line styles and want to switch the styles of certain lines, how could this not be useful? Why have styles at all, if you can´t work properly with them? Imagine a drawing (could also be imported) with several linestyles. You want to change some objects from dashed to solid style. Right now the only way is to delete the dashed style, and select solid as a new style. But this affects also objects on hidden or locked layers. The slect by tool could use a couple of more selection options. (it used to have a script option). Like selections of certain faces (normal direction etc.) and the possibility to save selection sets other than objets (points, faces and the like)
  11. Hi, In the old formZ (v6 and older) it was possible to select by line style etc. Ther seems to be no option in the select by palette for this. (unfortunately) Is there a quick way for me to get this working? I have tried old scripts, but unfortunately they are not working anymore in formZ 8.5. Thanks Michael