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  1. For me FZ 8.5 first impression is a huge disappointment. I'm also a long FZ user (21 years) and the first 8.5 beta shows a profound lack of focus from Auto Des Sys. I simply don't understand FZ strategy with this new version. They keep throwing new tools (most of them with very limited usability) when they should be focusing in seriously rethink UX and UI to once and for all bring FZ to the 21st century, and also fine tune the existing tools (Nurbs tools in particular). And I will no even mention the poor and outdated rendering engine or lack of construction history that after waiting for so many years to be implemented, seem a lost cause...
  2. Carlos Rego

    Using multi touch controls in FZ

    Hi Z, I use a Space Navigator which is nice but I think that its usage is somehow limited. I believe that a multitouch navigation system would be more complete and integrated in the computer (at least on the Mac side). I use multitouch navigation all the time with other software and I really prefer it.
  3. Hi Z, Is it possible to use multitouch controls (either through Apple trackpad or Wacom Pen & Touch tablets)? I'm talking of simple functions such as rotating, panning or zooming a view. I was trying to set them up in my Wacom tablet through the usage of keystrokes but it's not the same thing. I find a little bit odd that you still can't configure this in FZ... Best, Carlos
  4. Hi Z, I must confess that I find odd that the bug of selecting a group that is inside other group and that when pasted, pastes not only the group but also an ungrouped copy of the content of the group is taking so long to address. This is a bug that already existed in FZ 7 and I reported it several times... even in the beta testing of FZ 8 and yet... the bug still prevails. Carlos
  5. Carlos Rego

    formZ Gallery now updated!

    Hi Z, How do I see by category (Product design, Architecture, etc)?