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  1. jtucker

    Parametric Text

    It seems that is should not be terribly difficult. Thanks.
  2. jtucker

    Parametric Text

    Yes exactly that.
  3. jtucker

    Parametric Text

    A useful feature for me would be parametric text. That is rather than a defined string, the text could be a variable such as the angle of rotation of an object, its x or y coordinate position or other parameter. Would this be possible?
  4. Not sure what you mean. Both my Form Z computers use Retina (27" iMac 5k and 13" MBP Retina).
  5. I use the Apple MM for most uses, but for 3d it is a PITA as I am always inadvertently zooming in/out. For 3d I will add another vote for Logitech M705.
  6. jtucker

    display toolbar too short

    Never mind...figured ot where the preferences are hidden...
  7. I know I asked this in the old forum, but I cannot find it now. The display toolbar at the top of FZ is too short to hold all the icons. I know ther is a way to expand it but I have forgotten. Can you give me a quick reminder? thanks,
  8. jtucker

    Cursor display

    I would also like to see an option to adjust regular cross hair cursor. On my laptop, it's no issue, but on my 27" imac. it is easy to lose track of the cursor. Not a fan at all of the extended cursor. For the regular cursor, if you can't offer full custmization, maybe just "normal" and "bold" options. I like the normal cursor for fine work.
  9. I can reproduce it also. I can remove the bad geometry, but it reappears when I reshape the face.
  10. jtucker

    3dconnexion help

    Ok I figured this out kind of. Des, your configure shows FormZ / bonzai3D. I have separate listings for bonzai3d, FormZ and FormZ RadioZity. It looks like FormZ is using the bonzai3D profile (???) rather than the FormZ. So now when I edit / change that configuration, FormZ responds to it. My laptop has the FormZ / bonzai3D that you have. On one hand I wonder why it is like that, but on the other I guess I am ok with it. I think I will delete the others.
  11. jtucker

    3dconnexion help

    I'll give it a try....thanks
  12. jtucker

    3dconnexion help

    Yes it works...it just doesn't respond the way i expect. when I rotate the controller, it rotates the view clockwise or counter clockwise relative to teh screen. I wnat it to rotate about the z axis. That is how it orks in Rhino with (i think) the same settings.
  13. jtucker

    3dconnexion help

    Anyone here use a 3dconnexion device with Form Z 8? I can't seem to get it set up correctly. I have SpaceExplorer with latest driver. running OS X 10.9.5. What I want to do is get the scene to spin around the Z axis when I twist the controller. It works fine in Rhino... Any help would be appreciated.
  14. jtucker

    searc old frums?

    Can we search the old forums? I need to find the answer to something that has already been posted. Otherwise, the display options in the tool bar is cut off. How can I make it longer so all the icons are visible?