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  1. Warning displayed after trying to open.


    'this file was saved with a version of form z older than 5.0 on mac OS. Please resave the file in Form Z version 5,6, or 7 and reopen'


    What do I do if I have 8.5.7 version.


    I downloaded 6.73 from archives online at www.formz.com but then asked me for the driver from my CD drive. I don't have cd drive.

    Could you please send me link for the driver don't know which one  - running latest mojave install 10.14.3

    After installing do I use my current 8.5.7 version passwords for activation?

  2. Hi -


    Yes I removed all preference files and still the same thing happened.


    But I found the likely problem. If the maxwell Fire pallette was open the last time I quit Form Z it makes Form Z freeze or slow down the next time I launch Form Z.

    So untill I close and reopen Maxwell Fire in the current session Form Z will behave as expected.


    This is the cause.




  3. I changed the value to 0 and also 200000 but no difference. Still froze.


    I waited around for about two minutes before quitting and a file opened miraculously but if I zoom aor anything like that it froze.


    I feel that it may be the GPU?


    I'm using Geforce GTX Titan Gigabyte brand

    Nvidia Driver 376.53

    Active X runtime 12.0

    Cuda 8.0.0


    It was working fine 1 day ago. Form Z just freezes when PLugin is installed. Or is reallly slooow or just freezes.


    Could it be a GPU ram issue - but everything else works fine.


  4. I have installed this version but same issue.


    To confirm what is happening - I went into form Z prefs and turned off
    open new window at startup.

    When Form Z launches all of maxwell render plugin initialising finishes
    but when I open new window it freezes.

    Any help.

  5. Hi,

    I'm having same issue but I'm using windows 10.

    OS build 1607  -  14393.1198

    Form Z 8.5.7 - I'm using Maxwell version

    It was working perfectly fine. Now it stopped working within form Z. Application maxwell works fine.

    I have replaced the maxwell plugin folder with a newly downloaded maxwell folder.

    Form Z freezes at launch and unable to click on anything.( plugin installed).


    Can't click on anything - used task manager to exit Form Z.




  6. Hi,


    Just bought this viewer and I have to say it is stunning. Cant beleive how good it is.

    Definitely worth the money.


    Is there is a pan function? It Needs one if there isn't. I'm working with floor plans.



  7. Generate animation dialog - launch application to none. Form Z generates all animation frames as .mxs and a base frame .mxs  file. Correct. But do I upload to 'rebus' the original package to renderfarm .mxs that form Z creates or all the frames including the base frame .mxs that form z creates after generating animation.

  8. G'day


    I reset camera and it works thank you for this as I didn't check on top of path.


    I have attached the maxwell file .mxs  it generated after I packaged for render farm. Is this the animation BASE frame your talking about? 


    Rebus asks for image sequences though but aren't these in the file attached?


    If I have to generate animation locally on my machine to get these .mxs sequences whats the point if they are at such low settings or do I reopen each frame and reset size and quality then send these sequences to Rebus?



    test anim View 2 1.mxs.zip

  9. Hi Support,


    I have generated a quick file from Form Z as a camera along a spline from the splines in the animation tab.

    For some reason I can't get the axis X,Y,Z to flip properly to stop it from flying upside down during the playback through animation timeline.

    I have made the colours on model so you can see it flip when you scrub the timeline through the 10 seconds manually.


    What am I doing wrong please tell me how to correct the spline...?


    The reason for this small test is to generate a animation and render through Maxwell which I have done in this test and output a quicktime through after effects - works well but I now want

    to render through "Rebus Renderfarm" 


    I tried and failed. I don't think package for render farm allows the Rebus server side to pick out each frame from the animation camera view I created from camera along path.

    There is option for render sequence from maxwell from rebus side but these are individual mxi views I think.


    Anyway I have sent support ticket to Rebus about this issue.


    Have you had any experience with Rebus?


    Can I save out individual mxi's from form Z that reflect the animation sequence from a Camera view along a spline - this is the question?


    Kind Regards




    test anim.fmz.zip

  10. Thankyou Des,


    I did actually get it to work once using centroid but I think also that the tool for sweep does need an overhaul.

    It isn't as intuative as it could be. I can read your response but I'll have to go through the process myself to understand what you have written.


    But I'm glad you were able to help.


    Thankyou for this .



  11. Hi Form Z - I'm trying to sweep this C section though a spiral path on both sides but it twists as it goes around.


    I what the c section to sweep through path as positioned perpendicular to the ground plane.


    I have attached the file.


    Please if you could tell me the process to achieve this. 

    I am trying to use as positioned but it ends up twisted at the bottom. Has it got something to do with the path?


    Kind Regards


  12. Please find attached components for sweep command. Seems to me that it won't sweep properly in this way but will if I sweep when source object is rotated aat 90 degrees. And when I reverse the source object when done correctly i thought it would flip the c section inwards?


  13. G'Day,


    I currently have Nividia update driver 353.06 


    When you are using dynamic height when using extrude. After u click to finish object u have 4 arrows at base of rectagular form and one arrow in z plane. I thought it would be handy to have another arrow in the oppsite direction where the other 4 arrows are. So you can push it in the other direction.



  14. Hi Form Z,


    Few comments (Beta 2) - The Shaded work and shaded full are way slower in Beta than Form Z 8 on my windows machine. Don't know why. I have nividia titan graphis card. This seems way slower even when deleting objects and issuing new material request? Switching between wireframe and shaded modes is ultra slow.


    Also I was wondering if you can implement the following. When you have extruded an object is it possible to stretch the object in both directions for height variable using 2 arrows instead of one arrow? Also I'm not sure if it was implemented earlier but I'm sure you used to be able to double click a segment in wireframe mode for example a cube shown in plan. - resulting in the face being selected?

    After completing a command to select a endpoint sometimes it doesn't highlight properly with a green dot u actually need to zoom in a little before it says ok "you want this highlighted".

    Few glitches found here.


    Thanks. Keep up the good work.


  15. Hi - I copy and pasted the Form Z project into a new form z file - and all the textures worked and Maxwell render launched - so I'm guessing there was a problem with my original form z file? Strange. I'm just wondering , I'm using an IBL light to light the scene and using it for all other settings including illumination, Background - refraction. It is all in shadow. How do I make it so the HDR is shining on the object or house in this case. Also how do I add an additional light like sunlight within form z that maxwell recognises as it is looking like it is lit with ambient lighting. Or will it look like direct lighting when I spin the HDR around in the illumination channel. How to do this? post-144-0-35418000-1425341865_thumb.jpg