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    ariel got a reaction from archigraphica in New update 9.0.6   
    Hi there, is there a direct download link to the newest update for v 9?
    i get update check failed !
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    ariel got a reaction from allanjl in V build A26A   
    Hi there,
    I have a win 10 pro 64 bit machine, with 64 gigs of ram, an NVidia Quadro rtx 4000, and an intel core i7-7800X,  and I am using v9.0.5.3 Build A26A now, (just because people said not to upgrade yet..)
    The problem is that i am experiencing a lot of Lag and delay in my workflow. the whole interface and interaction with the software is slower than what used to be in V8/ has anyone experiencing this?
    it applies to all aspects, but mainly to picking objects, switching between tools, scroll zooming with mouse etc... and basically this means 80% of the workflow is effected by that lag.
    the delay is huge (about quarter of a second to switch between tools for example, or once you've picked your "Move" tool, then it takes about a quarter of a second to show on the tool options palette if it is Self or a Copy... ) and it is constant there... so it is really annoying to the point I'm thinking of switching back to the last v8.
    any insight on that ?
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    ariel got a reaction from Justin Montoya in FZ BA26A How to Change Material group name   
    Thanks Justin !!
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    ariel got a reaction from setz in Can Full Shaded Ignore Materials by click?   
    Hi Shibui,
    Thanks alot. That helps alot. It is a nice workaround.
    Is there a chance you know of a way to Key Shortcut it ?
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    ariel got a reaction from palarsen in Can Full Shaded Ignore Materials by click?   
    Hi there, 
    re - FZ 8.6 and FZ 9
    Can Full Shaded display ignore materials (not textures), and display the whole model in one tone for example ? and then by a click or a shortcut, have the materials applied again to the real time render ?
    Also, Can we shortcut the option to display Textures inside Full Shaded ?
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    ariel got a reaction from Mike_Concentric in Exciting times   
    Agree !! Well done, amazing website !
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    ariel reacted to Des in Water material   
    Hi Ariel,
    There are a few ways to get water looking good depending on your scene. I tend to go down the Maxwell material route to save time.
    For example, this night pool scene is just a transparent and reflective material with a normal map, see attached.
    The indoor daylight pools are a transparent reflective material on modelled waves (done a long time ago before Maxwell Sea was available).
    BTW, excellent image John!

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    ariel got a reaction from Des in Water material   
    Here is a quick look of the scene with your material Des. 
    Perfect! ill tweek the color and the light abit in the final. Thanks alot.

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    ariel got a reaction from AHTOH in formZ models exchange site!   
    Hi Anton. Thanks for great work.
    unfortunately the site isn't loading anything for me. is it under maintenance or something ?
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    ariel got a reaction from Jaakko in Why isn't formz more popular?   
    Form Z and the team who makes it, are simply amazing !
    It is hard to even start to describe how amazing Form Z is.
    I have never seen a company who puts so much attention to customer support and actually address each and every issue users raise.
    I have never seen a company who actually answers the phone, allows you to converse with an actual tech/sales team live member, and spend the time with persistence and dedication to assist you with anything you can think of. Paul BTW.. helped me personally with tech issues on many occasions. 
    I have been using FormZ since my architecture school days on 1996 and up until this day. Back then it was offered as a full semester course, thought by one of the studio instructors.
    I got hooked right away and never found a better tool to portray and communicate my vision as an architect, to my clients and to the world.
    I think you guys at ADS are doing an unparalleled job in providing us one of the most sustainable, capable, smart, logical and intuitive 3d tool. And for that I am grateful !!!
    FormZ is an important integrated key element in my design process and thanks to its amazing openGL visual capabilities, also in our presentation proficiencies. And in many ways shaped my approach to 3d modeling. It has become part of the language we are using in the studio.
    I wish there was really something we can do to help distribute this magnificent tool to the rest of the world. I am ready to assist in any way I can. I feel we owe it to ADS team.
    ADS Thank you for continuing developing FormZ. I hope it will linger for many more years.
    Ariel Franco – Architect
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    ariel got a reaction from graham_g in U unique Layer Naming issue   
    I am using 8.6.5 and i am trying to create a set of groups and layers for a building im designing.
    I cant seem to create same name layers in different groups. why is that ? it is only natural to have same name folders and files inside different folders.
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    ariel got a reaction from Bo Atkinson in Nvidia Quadro K6000 question with form z   
    Hi there friends,
    I can't seem to find a definite simple answer re what would be better in terms of casual formz modeling work, and in terms of maxwell, gpu render?
    what card should i buy? Nvidia Quadro k6000 or would gtx1080 Ti would do a better job in a fragment of the price?
    all website comparison charts do not answer this simple question!
    and if gtx 1080 Ti really get better benchmark scores in many websites charts, then what would be the logic of spending that much money on a professional card?
    Thanks !!
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    ariel got a reaction from ArmandoMug in FormZ 8.5.7 Build 9929 Crashes instantly on startup   
    Hi there,
    I have downloaded Maxwell plugin 4.1.1 and installed it on formz 8.5.6 and immediately after launching the program it crashes. after several attempts to uninstall and reinstall and so... I have upgraded to 8.5.7 and downloaded new Maxwell plugin 4.1.1 and installed it. I am getting the same issue. FormZ 8.5.7 Build 9929 Crashes instantly on startup after installing the new Maxwell plugin. if I delete the Maxwell folder and bring back the Maxwell 4, it works fine. no matter what I do, if Maxwell 4.1.1 is installed, form z crashes instantly on startup.
    please see attached screenshot.
    anyone can help ??? I am in need of working and simply can't!!
    Thanks alot!