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    ZTEK got a reaction from ¢hris £und in Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image   
    Great Cris, I am in the same boat. Very excited about the new Macs. I also know I am going to run into a lot of bugs and problems. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to take the leap and not delay the transition any longer. This way I will have everything running smoothly when things get really interesting in a while.
    Please, be sure to share in the forum your impressions.
    Best, Marcelo
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    ZTEK reacted to innesyates in Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image   
    Thanks Marcelo, I hope for an update for 9.1 as well, and eventually for a native version for apple silicon. Like you, we purchased the M1 Mac mini to replace on older Macbook and couldn't wait. The M1 mini is very snappy.  It's completely silent and stays cool, I haven't even heard the fan come on yet. The performance is very good but with large models in FZ, complex drawings in Vectorworks, and rendering with Maxwell and Twinmotion, things start to lag a bit.  With maximum RAM limited to 16 GB, it's not really a long-term solution for workstation-level performance. I'm looking forward to the newer higher performance silicon macs.
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    ZTEK reacted to santa in New update 9.0.6   
    One of the biggest problems, is that form.Z has a lot more competition now. In it's heyday it was untouchable because it offered arguably the most comprehensive set of tools on the market, for not much money at $1495.
    Rivals were thin on the ground and consisted of software either for "hobbyists" (Infini-D, trueSpace, Ray Dream) or for well heeled pros with deep pockets (3DS Max, Houdini, LightWave, Alias PowerAnimator, Softimage 3D).
    From the latter group, Alias PowerAnimator at $30,000 came closest to form.Z when it came to modelling power. The buying decision was obviously a no brainer.
    Cinema 4D, Maya, and Rhino were not born untill around 1999, and they signalled the decline of the dominance of form.Z, in terms of power to value ratio.
    In addition, "The Joint Study Program" ensured a steady stream of future new users, by seriously involving students with the software early on. Rave reviews flooded in from various publications around the world. These were the golden years, and lasted for about fifteen years, 1991-2006, but then the decline began.
    I believe that the only way back will be to try to claw back the lost respect, but the question is how? Indeed, can it be done..... or is it too late? 
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    ZTEK reacted to ¢hris £und in Simple Snapping Question   
    Two, what version of fZ are you using?  I created a script do do this for v9.x.   the script still needs some work, as it is dependent on some changes to the SDK.  But, it is functional.  Sorry, only works on 9.x
    The script allows for a lot more positions than just center.  Minimums, Maximums Middle and Center of Gravity of each of the objects considered.
    All of which should yield (if my logic/math is correct)  144 possible positions.

    The tricky bit, is it currently cannot use pick order but has to use object creation order.    So, you have to Cut and paste the object you want to be displaced  (this action puts it as being created last in the objects List)
    When the SDK allows for pick order, I will update the script.

    Hope this helps!

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    ZTEK reacted to ¢hris £und in 3 Point Align   
    Currently, all scripts are "Utility" scripts.  So, until I look further, my guess is it will not behave quite the same way.
    I don't recall off the top of my head to see if click points can be tracked.  That will be the first thing to consider.
    Pre-picking is currently NOT available since the API does not keep the list in order.   So, there is no way to know which object was picked first or last.
    However, I will have to dig in to see if we can get at least some partial functionality.
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    ZTEK got a reaction from ¢hris £und in Left field, far out suggestion   
    I also think it's a great idea, and I hope it comes to fruition. Already, I offer myself to participate, and you can also count on me to test it during the development period if you need it. I don't have any programming experience, but I am methodical.
    I hope ADS will be interested and you receive their support. I suppose you will need it.
    Thanks for the propositive initiative and ideas!
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    ZTEK reacted to ¢hris £und in Left field, far out suggestion   
    After spending a bit of time catching up on the forum and repeating themes over the years... I wonder if something like this could help us all.
    How about a built in bug reporting system.  Key features:
    •One that effectively crowd sources issues.  
    •One that users can view the list of bugs and collectively set the priority of need (not to confuse this with priority of ease, sometimes easy fixes should come first).  •One where when a problem is difficult to describe, a record function can be invoked to map the users actions with the tracebacks and logs.   Think of something like how the macro recording is performed, but used instead for bug reporting.  
    •Up to and including optional screenshots/screencaps.  
    •System configuration is automatically captured
    •This would be *opt in, but a bare minimum of tracking of conditions and parameters that are always on (the aforementioned option*).  As some of the more spontaneous issues, I can't recall the exact steps I was performing to even test if it is a repeatable issue.
    •Issues databased, sorted and categorized, possibly with user input.
    What I am envisioning is something built into the core of fZ.  I can certainly reason why ADS would NOT want to implement such a scheme.  As they may not want to  expose the quantitative value or qualitative value of their bugs.  Or be a constant reminder to users of issues.    Me personally, I think this would have more advantages than disadvantages especially in the long run... but it would probably take time to get there.
    Essentially, what I am thinking of is how SpaceX deals with things.   They monitor everything they can think of as a massive data collection effort for the sole purpose of improvement.
    How many of us have pet bugs that we now ignore, or work around or, or or and simply do not report it.  We got stuff to do, so breaking out and dedicated email is just too much work.  This system could collect the frequency of specific bug events to aid ADS in priority.     e.g.   if a minor bug is experienced by 3 users infrequently, it can probably be pushed down the list.   However, if a minor bug has a high frequency amongst users and a high frequency to specific users, this would push the issue up the list.
    This If active, this would be a post hoc system.   What I am trying to say here is, the user is working then notices the bug...  at that moment, the user can flag it as a bug in they system (fZ)  and the processes and actions that it took to get there is then and only then reported.  Optionally allowing the user to include their model (being sensitive to IP and etc...)   This could be set up as a data worm (as new info comes in, the oldest is discarded)  Length would have to be determined, naturally.
    I always prefer an opt in model and something like this, in my opinion should follow accordingly.
    What do you think?  Am I being stupid?  Would this be too hard to implement?  Would people bother?  Beta Testers only?  Is this a pill ADS should be willing to swallow (yea, probably a pretty big pill.)   Pros/Cons?
    Any thoughts to my ¼ baked idea? 
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    ZTEK reacted to santa in Why form•z is not popular any more:   
    It's time to chill out.....all together now:
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    ZTEK got a reaction from Des in Palette Window Workaround   
    The minimalist layout that I use on my MacBook Pro 15” Retina for all my work. I control the visibility of the palettes with keyboard shortcuts, from F1 to F12.

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    ZTEK got a reaction from ¢hris £und in A way to make formZ more popular (but you won't like it...)   
    The other day, I borrowed an HP i7 laptop with Geforce GTX from a friend who just switched completely to Mac with a new MacBook Pro, iPhone 12, iPad Pro, and Watch!
    I wanted to try the most current version of BricsCAD to check the differences with macOS. Also, have a taste of formZ 9.1 on Wintel.
    It took me a couple of hours to download and install everything, and it took me only 5 minutes to realize I'm not interested in the test anymore! 😳🤯😇
    Working on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro is still a pleasure, while I wait a bit longer for the new Mx-based Macs. Besides, the last realistic render I did was over TEN years ago!… my fault with Shaded Full display mode complicity. Thanks, ADS!
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    ZTEK reacted to ¢hris £und in A way to make formZ more popular (but you won't like it...)   
    There are a just a few things to consider here.
    1. the iMac Pro was really merely a transition machine while they took way to damn long to come out with a Pro Tower.
    2. The M1 in its debut looks impressive.  And thus far, we only have the low power mobile chip to give comparisons to.  The M1 beats anything currently in it's class.  Qualcom's SnapDragon, is simply outclassed. (for now)
    3. Microsofts ARM implementation up to this point is sub-par compared to intel/AMD offerings on their own side.  Not so for the M1/Intel Comparison.  So much so, that the ARM windows was Quasi-Ported over to the M1 mac to run in translation, and it runs better on an M1 than the Microsofts own SnapDragon derivative.   I do not pretend this will stay this way.  It won't take long for MS to have their WTF moments and get moving again.  They can't afford to have another iPod/Zune or iPhone/windows mobile event, and I bet they know it.   Ultimately, this is a good thing for both sides of the argument.
    4. Yes, there is software that I have had to run that was elusively windows, and I am disappointed that Parallels/VMWare no longer (probably temporarily) have a place.  I bet once MS beefs up their ARM hardware to match, the market for it will grow and software will make that transition.
    5. As I understand, there is a fair amount of windows software that is not Native to WARM.  Stifling the market for the hardware, thus stifling the market for the software, Recursively.  This is likely to change now.  As much as people do not like apple (often for merit,)  they do change the industry, repeatedly.
    6. Microsoft themselves have not committed to the ARM platform, thus giving rise to #5.  It has been more of a hobby if you will.  This too, is likely to change.
    7. Microsoft did not really beat Apple to the ARM punch.  The M1 and ostensibly further derivatives are in themselves derivatives from  their phone chips they have been designing for quite some time.  Apple licenses the instruction set, they design the chips on their own.
    8. Yes, GPU has lagged historically, pathetically.  However, even on the GPU integrated mobile chip, there is a significant boost.   Though certainly not on par with discrete GPUs of Nvidia or AMD currently.  For that we will just have to wait to see what they do.
    9. For apple to push back into the PC market with their own chipset, is a pretty good sign of them showing commitment regardless of their other business models.   I too do think that they let the Pro business slide and slide way too far.  IMHO, they should have jumped ship from Intel a long time ago and embraced AMD or at least been willing to use the best option to fit their end goal (machine to machine) Should I B&M about MS and their foray into Business products?  I mean really?  A word processor, how lame!  Or their AI devision? or Quantum computing, or WebServices/Servers?  Hardware, Mice, keyboards, tablets, hybrids, AR glasses, tables.... yes tables?  That means they have an industrial design team, or at least doles out money to have it done for them.
    10. The car is still a rumor.  And doubtful they will be designing building the chassis and other critical "Car" stuff.
    11. Hate on apple all you want.  Thats cool that you think that's cool.  Damn, your so cool!  However consider this.  If it weren't for Apple or someone like them, Microsoft would not have needed to advance their products.  And quite frankly, likewise.  If Apple didn't have someone to rise up to, they never would have.   If you haven't figured it out by now, let me in on a little secret.  MS is like a grandpa hoarder.  They have an extremely difficult time letting go of anything legacy.  I sure do wish we could go back to MS Dos.  Ah, the good-ol-days.  You know, before CAD even existed on anything other than a Mainframe. 5.25" floppy drives oooh yea!  Hell, my first computer had a cassette drive.  I have even used a computer professionally that used paper punch tape (I "programmed" embroidery machines) (not quite far back enough to have used punch cards)   I was pretty good at getting around a VAX/VMS.  All legacy stuff, I am really honestly happy to be done with now that I know better.
    While I am sure Apple and it's overwhelming willingness to drop legacy concepts is a thorn in ADSs side, as well as other developers.  Apple or MS isn't ADSs problem.
    *Marketing, yes, is a strong part of it.  Much of their marketing used to be through Universities and students.  That market of marketing doesn't appear to be viable any longer.  
    *Technologies, also a strong part of it.  Web based platforms are getting stronger.  There is a write once deliver anywhere model for you.  Would it be worth their effort too do so?  I do not know.  Personally, I prefer native... but as hardware gets more capable, this may not be an issue in the future (maybe not now, my brain might just be legacy.)
    * Open source and free(ish)ware.  Many modelers get their feet wet these days on such "products" and have no need to move past them.  This has taken much of the student market.  In my opinion, ADS should embrace some of the OpenSource Base code to enhance the functionality.  How about an open source Physics engine?  I think Bullet is one.   There is a lot out there that they could, I think, Capitalize on.  Now that Python is in the works, this is all I will say about python in this discussion, there are tons of libraries that can be taken advantage of.
    * Consolidation.  Well, just think of Autodesk.  They have so many products (and shelved products they have purchased.)   Modo has changed hands at least twice now and into a conglomerate.
    * Base philosophy.   Things are changing.  ADS is small enough to lift its head and see this. Though difficult. This is to their advantage.  But it is up to them to do so.  And Up to us to prod them to do so.  Constructively, of course.
    *** User Base.  Yes, I mean us!  We are a problem for ADS.  Why, because we are also aging.  We have less time to play and experiment and give word of mouth and build things just for the cool factor of it.  The youth, that is what they do, and as they push forward, they also push forward their toolset.  I am sure there are some younger folk here than I.  Probably some real young ones too, say in their 30's or 40's.  But these are going to be career people too. Not spending their free time pushing the envelope and showing off....   Showing off!!!! AKA word of mouth marketing.
    * Predicting demise... Oh that helps.  Here, let's create the impressions a company is unhealthy so nobody wants to buy in.  Real responsible.  It is like a politician telling America what to think by telling America what he thinks America thinks..  (Apologies to any anAmericans out there, but this is something our politicians do and it is effective over our citizenry of both parties.  You may recognize the strategy in your homeland as well)
    Picking one thing and pointing to it as "the" problem is quite frankly Myopic.  And I say this not to defend Apple.  It is just a simplistic and myopic mindset.  Nobody will solve real problems with this form of thinking.  This is meant as a constructive criticism, but take it however you like.  You have the right to be offended.
    If we want ADS and fZ to survive... Help them help you!  Their last beta was open.Wide open.  Test, give feedback, not bitchfests  (though looking back, I am quite guilty of that too.)  Often the bug reports aren't specific but overwhelmingly non-specific.  Especially about the UI.  And regardless, they have to make decisions.  One group of people will want something one way and another will hate it...  Deal with it!  Or, better yet.  Devise a solution at least in concept... don't just tell them something sucks.  detail it.  And only hope that it fits in with their intentions... don't expect it.  I have suggested many things over the 27ish years of being a user... Many have been included, most have not.  I deal.   Which is why I love Py*** oops, so close!
    Quit posting bug reports on the forum!!  They have no way to track them long term.  The forum just isn't built for it.
    Let's quit being the fudy duddies we have become and show our passions like we used to.  Quit bitching like old men on a street bench.  Remember the days when we had self driven contests? (thanks Dan M! those were good times)    Let's quit thinking we are of responsibility mean while pointing the finger anywhere and everywhere else.
    Don't get me wrong, ADS has work to do.  In some areas, a lot!  I formally make myself available to ADS to offer my input, not demands.  Should they have use for it.
    Hah!  I doubt anybody will read all of that.  Can't blame anybody for that but me.  Though about editing it down, but WTH.
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    ZTEK reacted to AsOne in Live Walkthrough   
    I am doing A LOT of walkthroughs these days.  Live via Zoom, sometimes in person (COVID 19 dependent) and recorded.  With the power of Shaded Full rendering this is a great option to communicate the design to clients, produce marketing videos, and simply view the model in house.  Twinmotion is a fantastic add to FormZ, but sometimes Shaded Full is all I need and no additional setup or render time is required.  Additionally no animation setup is required.  It could not be easier.  However the navigation visuals get in the way and really detract from the visual quality.
    I would love an option to remove the navigation visuals:  the yellow feet and targets that are on screen while using the walkthrough tool.  There are actually two targets, one that comes up with the tool and a plus sign when you click to start walking.  Plus the yellow feet.  Circled in red below:
    I actually don't see the point of the targets at all.  I can see the feet being useful for navigation.  Perhaps an option to show/hide the navigation visuals would be best.  
    Thanks for considering.
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    ZTEK reacted to johnalexander1571 in Walkthrough   
    Here is a link to a formZ animation that I finished not long ago.
    I have noticed that the animation editors in formZ and Maya are quite similar. The concepts involved are particularly valuable ones to learn, even though daunting at first. There are good animation tutorials in the animation manual. Really just the opening door one is enough to learn the editor. I have done this tutorial more than once myself. The original creator did a really nice job on that step-by-step tutorial and really all of the ones in the manual.
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    ZTEK reacted to ¢hris £und in MIMI updated :: Sort of   
    Currently, I am going to have to say no.  Now for the excuse:  While transitioning to python, to some degree this eases the burden off ADS to create all of the classes and functions (non-nerd talk, routines) that they had to in the past.  Such as interactions with the OS. as Python takes care of this for me (ADS no longer has to.)  
    However, from pouring over the current documents (and it is true that the documents probably are not caught up to the actual functionality, this kind of thing was evident early on as some examples provided had undocumented calls.  This is probably still the case) The calls to the Materials is extremely limited at this time.    
    It appears that the greater amount of work thus far has gone into wrapping formZs toolset (actual tools that we interact with)  rather than some of the lower level functionality such as assigning materials, surface maps and such.  There may be a good reason for this, I honestly do not know.  But I can speculate that the old system was heavily tied to RenderZone.  This appears to have been shifting away for a while now as is somewhat evident by the quirky behavior of the old MIMI script running in the newer versions.
    If you care, another example of something that hasn't arrived yet in the python API.  Pick order.  I currently can not tell the order in which objects are picked.   For so many of the scripts I have in mind this is crucial.  It dawned on me the other day though, that this may be a technical limitation of python 2.7.   If they step the list of picked objects through a type of list that python uses called a "dictionary".   These lists by they way python 2.7 is created are simply "Unordered"  and not much can be done about it.  To my despair.   Though, I keep hopes out that isn't what ADS is doing, it is possible.  Python has other types of lists too that are ordered, but dictionaries make a lot of sense for specific reasons.   Since Python 3.6 though Dictionaries are now Ordered.   But we also have to wait for ADS to make that move.  (Python is currently up to 3.9.2 I think and 4 is on the horizon)
    Regardless, formZ is huge and there is a lot of non-trivial tasks that remain to be done.   I will keep looping back into this thread as well as into the documentation to see what changes there are.
    My wife decided she is leaving her job to help out with the business, so I may get more time. Or, I may need to find a job or grow the business to make up for the difference...  We shall see.
    ADS, if you are paying attention....?    Materials class methods need to be filled out., Pick order if possible.  Oh so much more, Essentially the lower level interactions.   Thx!
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    ZTEK got a reaction from -andrew- in Can't draw with line on a surface...   
    Your objects are well-formed, although, in the following case, there are a couple of extra points.
    I assume that it's impossible to insert segments into the faces you want because these objects are smooth and hole-punched geometry and because they are pretty complex with multiple sides, kind of smooth n-gons. That's not a problem, and I think it's somehow related to how formZ deals with this kind of smooths solid objects.
    In both cases, if you try to insert segments into their flat four-sided faces, you will see that it is perfectly possible.
    As Setz well says, there is always more than one way to do what you need or want in formZ, which is fantastic.
    The following would be two possible solutions for the particular case of one of your objects. It is possible to do the same for the other using a similar technique.
    Finally, forget about the Projection tool. Initially, I thought that the objects were not well constructed (strictly not flat). Also, I noticed that it converts smooth objects to faceted, which is a limitation I was unaware of if you are dealing with smooth geometry. I apologize for the misinformation and confusion.
    Hope it helps... best.
    Option 1

    Option 2

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    ZTEK got a reaction from -andrew- in Can't draw with line on a surface...   
    Try to increase the numerical accuracy to a minimum of 4 decimal places. In your files, you only have 2 (0.01"). I always work with 6 for Numerical Precision and 4 for Angular Precision.
    Also, I recommend that you switch to Stick To Edges in the Snap Options and be careful when using Give Guide Snaps Priority. Also, consider using Snap to Endpoint and, in general, not use Snap to Segment, Snap to Perpendicular, or Snap to Intersection, only when necessary.
    In both files, I derived the faces, projected them to the work plane, and extruded them with Reshape. Then I had no problem inserting segments at the vertices.
    I hope it helps.
    shapes copy.fmz
    Untitled4 copy.fmz
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    ZTEK reacted to johnalexander1571 in Why form•z is not popular any more:   
    While you all are mentioning it, my company gives me that AEC suite from AD. And Maya and the engineers use SW. Nice, but in practice, formZ is basically the "brain" program for an octopus of functionality. I do just about everything in formZ, then if I need Revit, for Families, I go there. Need Maya, no prob. Even bring in Solidworks with STEP to make Revit Families. I think the reality of today's work is that you need various apps, but I still find formZ a clear winner for the returns.
    At least in the manufacturing world, I don't know how someone would do this without formZ. If someone is sitting there trying to do what I do without it, they would be spending a criminal amount of time working with slower tools and doing many more workarounds. The money being saved in this context is substantial. All models accurate and solid! formZ is truly a jewel in the crown of apps when real work is concerned. It's proper place may be in that AEC suite. It works very well with it.
    BUT, the idea behind the AEC package is you wind up paying a big yearly fee to these other guys. Past what a freelancer could do. Using those programs, though, and living in the real world, it becomes clear that you need to be able to use whatever end result program you need for whatever project you have. Notice the focus on making a certain amount of income.
    It is actually very nice to have a niche place right now where you can still get permanent software and individual attention. The price for the support is very very reasonable.
    As far as interface, I have used them all and done real projects and they all have their downs. They also all have forums where somewhere, folk complain about the interfaces.
    formZ came from an altruistic pedigree that is different than the commercial giants out there. If there was a humanitarian project in which formZ was needed, formZ was provided for those at no cost. The creators of formZ started as educators and have never been focused on income. They have always been primarily concerned with what we design and build with formZ. That's what they have been watching.
    There used to be a very formal architectural forum/blog that would have articles on new buildings, and if formZ was mentioned in the article as one of the apps used, it was included in that particular thread. I can't find this now for the life of me. Does anyone remember that too and know where it is? That blog was always awesome because there were all these new and wonderful buildings that used formZ in the design process somewhere. It was very inspiring.
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    ZTEK reacted to Hugo in A way to make formZ more popular (but you won't like it...)   
    I really like the comment Tech gave to explain about development. There are just too many people around who KNOW better and how it should be.
    My compliments to TECH...
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    ZTEK reacted to Tech in A way to make formZ more popular (but you won't like it...)   
    This assumption is simply not true. Over 95% of the form•Z code base is platform independent and we develop and test on all platforms simultaneously (i.e. not “ported”). The platform dependent code is nearly all related to interface. The file translators are over 99% platform independent. Developing for multiple platforms actually makes the code better as the various development and testing tools can identify different areas for improvement in efficiency and stability. 
    We have no plans to drop macOS (or Windows).
    CUDA and RTX are great technologies for rendering performance, but offer no improvement to the linear double precision nature of modeling operations. We are also disappointed that Nvida is no longer supported on macOS, however the CPU rendering on macOS with V-Ray is very good and handles large models with ease. Performance alone is not the only reason to choose V-Ray as it offers excellent rendering features as well (not all of which are available in RTX rendering).

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    ZTEK reacted to Des in Why form•z is not popular any more:   
    I chose FormZ many years ago because it was on the mac and thought it was the best out of a pile of other software I had worked on.
    Guess what? I would still choose FormZ over the rest even with it's quirks and shortcomings. I continue to make a living from it as my main package and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into the 3d modelling business.
    I don't have most of the issues others have such as crashing and it's not because I'm an IT expert, 'cos I'm not. In my long time experience, I have found crashing to be caused from imported bad geometry and the such. Bad imported geometry is not necessarily caused by the software it was created on but mostly the creator. 
    I agree that the interface needs some work in FormZ, mainly pallets arrangement etc., but I actually like the look and feel/icons etc., call me what you want. I'm actually excited about the dark mode in the next iteration.
    valthewu, I think you think you're just trying to help but tbh I think you are just making this forum a depressing place (sorry, most of your 10 posts have been negative). We'd all love to see FormZ doing well and competing with the big boys especially since we've invested in Fz (Just to point out FormZPro is a LOT less expensive than other software it's being compared to on this forum, I mean C4D is $3500, Max $1545 per year and without add ons!, Revit $2310 per year, SU $695 but isn't a patch on Fz). But I think ADS has done remarkably well considering who they compete with.
    I think the future is brighter for FormZ with the Twinmotion integration (along with the existing Vray & Maxwell).
    Everyones opinion is important here, but lets be more positive about FormZ, it has a hell of a lot more positives than negatives. Lets do more of sharing 3d modelling knowledge, WIPS etc. (if I was considering Fz as a new user, I wouldn't buy it based on all the moaning about it here which obviously doesn't help marketing). ADS have given us this forum for our own benefit to learn etc., not as a rooftop to shout from.
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    ZTEK reacted to AsOne in Why form•z is not popular any more:   
    Once setup my v9 UI is working well on Mac.  I think it is a step in the right direction over v7 and v8.  There are things to improve upon (I have posted about them and contacted support), but for me it works well once set up and I'm working very fast in v9 now.  I really love the look and feel of the UI in general.  
    I have not used or seen other software, including many mentioned in this and other threads that make me think AutoDessys should be focused on a total UI rebuild.  Much more important things to do IMHO.  Plus from watching these and other similar threads in the forum there is no broad consensus on a UI look or features.  For example I see nothing in the Blender look that appeals to me over FormZ.  3DSMax has done quite well given it's apparent repulsive UI.   Cinema 4D looks well organized, but doesn't blow me away over FormZ.  
    If anything UI stability is the most pressing concern shared by everyone.  I will take that over tweaking of fonts and icons. 
    In general I wish updates were more frequent, even if more incremental.  However to say there has been very little improvement is incorrect.  
    What is the point of coming into the forum to simply trash a program you apparently don't even use, besides trolling.  Just use something else that works for you.  
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    ZTEK reacted to Alan Cooper in Why isn't formz more popular?   
    Form Z pro is brilliant for woodworkers. It covers a very wide spectrum, so there are some special tools we appreciate and others we never use. Marketing to specific audiences, pointing out features of specific advantage is key. A few years ago there was a big push for V-Ray, yet not everyone needs that, I don't need realism, just a good impression is enough. The features I as a woodworker really appreciate are the extremely fast basic modelling with good viewing controls, excellent object and group management, information management, renamer extension, and I just feel very at home and productive with it. Form Z is still very relevant today and probably always will be, it just lacks the marketing to do it justice. I can't speak for V9 but as far as V8.6 is concerned, it is a reliable essential tool for me, (you get to know what might cause a crash or hang, and it is much improved as far as that is concerned.) I see no good reason to look elsewhere and would never go back to Sketchup. I expect that part of the reason why there is so little activity on the forum is that many users just get on with their working routine, most problems have already been covered and rectified. Lack of activity doesn't attract new users though, better marketing and especially You Tube, as well as social media is essential to getting that valuable stream of new users. I doubt it has to be any more expensive than employing someone who can both use the program and do social media. I expect that investment would pay dividends. I hope so because I would love to see FormZ to take a higher profile and become useful to more users. Definately underrated.
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    Thank you for taking the time to post, however we can only wonder what you motivations are. We can find no communication with our sales or support teams from you so you have no basis for your comment that we are not responsive. Obviously you do not like some aesthetics of the software and you are entitled to your opinion. You are also basing your comments on form•Z free which only has a small percentage of the features found in form•Z pro. Many professionals use form•Z daily for productive modeling so it is clearly not "appalling software" to them. You do point out a few minor aesthetic issues that we are already working on (along with support for dark mode), but frankly we find delivering new technologies like the recent TwinMotion/Unreal interface much more interesting and important to our users.
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    ZTEK got a reaction from graham_g in Looking for a new formZ companion   
    Yes, the PDFs are from BricsCAD, although I imported the last one to Affinity Publisher to make other tests. You are right when you mention that it looks a bit dense but can be adjusted quite easily. I need to optimize it a bit, hiding some details and some layers. For now, my focus is on playing with the options and the whole system.
    The reflected ceiling plan is wrong and should not be a mirror. I'm not paying too much attention because these are only trials, but thanks for point that out. I don't remember when was the last time I did one of those, and I don't have my Francis D. K. Ching books with me anymore! haha
    I made some quick editions and changed the hatching. I added a second page displaying only the viewports content, with only the information generated automatically sectioning the formZ model, without any intervention. The third page only shows what I added in BCAD, like annotations, dimensions, and hatching for the interior glazing.
    I was without a demo version for a few days and stopped testing, but already I have a new educational license installed. Now I'm starting to play with other options, more interesting. For example, how you can convert repeated objects to blocks with the Blockify tool. I plan to convert all possible, edit their parameters in BCAD and bring them back to formZ as components to see what happens.
    Another test I did was to open the file in AutoCAD without any problem. It keeps all the information in the model space and the layout. It seems to be 100% compatible.
    FZC-BC-model 6 test sheet Arch D 210208.pdf
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    I, too, have noticed the lack of skill and/or desire to produce nice drawings.  By “nice” I mean well drawn (such as effective use of lineweights, appropriate level of detail for the scale of the drawing) and well organized (placement of dimensions and notes,) both of which contribute to how easy the drawings are to read and use for construction.
    You are correct that the reflected ceiling plan should not be mirrored, plus there would not be any door or window openings unless they continue to the ceiling plane.
    Regarding manually drafting on translucent media, back in studio I did a few drawings on trace where I cut out a piece of trace to put behind the area of the drawing (such as the bounds of the floor plan) which made the drawing stand out from the surrounding field of the single layer of trace.  I was wrapping boards with the trace so you’d see some of the color of the board through the trace.  It’s kind of funny, my last year of architecture school I stopped using vellum and just used white trace, I think they were some of the best drawings I’ve done.