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  1. betazero

    2 questions

    I have been trying FormZ free and really enjoy the software. I have two questions. Can I change the background color? Also how do I mend faces that have multiple lines without the Enmesh command? (if there is a way ) Thanks, Russell
  2. betazero

    2 questions

    Is there a shortcut scripting language for FormZ? Like I have a shortcut to edit component but if I am in some other tool I have to switch to the pick tool in order to open the component. So I want to have a shortcut that switches to the pick tool then opens the component.
  3. betazero

    2 questions

    perfect! Thanks again
  4. betazero

    2 questions

    Ahhh ok that works. Is there a way to save a default project?
  5. betazero

    2 questions

    Is there a way to save the project window size? I moved some of the icons from the bottom to the top since I have a huge width to work with but every time I reopen it does not keep my project window size
  6. betazero

    form•Z Update Released

    Is there a certain forum to post suggestions for the software? I have a super simple one. Change the splash screen to a random rendered 3d image with the FormZ text on top. Something like a splash from Adobe. The current splash screen seems dated in my opinion. Also change the Z app icon to version type color instead of having text with a separate ball. You will see the version type once you open the software. The Z is not centered and being an architect it bugs my brain.... Also it will look cleaner and nicer as an icon again in my opinion. Or just keep it orange and you will see your version when you open it or mouse over the icon.
  7. betazero

    2 questions

    Yes very much! Thank you. I don't think the default background should be that yellow IMO. Maybe a grey in the same tone of it to start with ( maybe a little darker) Its kinda a depressing color for such a cool modeling program!