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  1. KristjanM

    Display object name in model

    Thanks for the answers. If I have a project with a hundred parts which need to be identified, it would have been great if there was an easy way to do this. Kristjan
  2. Is it possible to display the name of an object on the object itself in a 3D view? If this is possible, can this view come into Layout withe the name still displayed? I have assemblies of objects and would like to generate 3D views with the parts identified without having to label each piece. KristjanM
  3. I have installed the LAB profiles plugin in FormZ Jr. It doesn't appear which makes me think that Jr has restricted implementation of plugins. This isn't listed anywhere that I have discovered. True or not? KristjanM
  4. KristjanM

    Plugins work in Jr?

    Sorry, finally found the answer hidden in Features Comparison - Render. Not sure why it is categorized under Render? No LAB plugins. Too bad. KristjanM