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    Openclip and Mojave

    We now understand this problem. The OpenClip programming in PowerCADD/WildTools is 32-bit and the Apple routine to put something on the pasteboard (or “clipboard”) has become unreliable in 32-bit programming on High Sierra and Mojave but the same programming works fine in 64-bit. There is a simple workaround. Download the OpenClip Viewer app from www.openclip.net. It’s 64-bit. You can then use the Copy button, and this will work fine. I am also working now on an OpenClip Bridge app (64-bit) which will do this and more. Find a link to it on the same website. It is something I’m working on now and hope to have it available soon. Alfred Scott WildTools, OpenClip, OpenClip Viewer, OpenClip Bridge, etc.
  2. Alfred Scott

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    If I may chime in on this, the main obstacle to getting all this working as Copy to OpenClip has been my fault. I have recently moved my office and I haven't had a spare moment. Indeed Susan Arruda actually fired me a month or so ago, and I'm the owner! I'm now getting back up to speed. My first step in this process is to create a simple Shapefile importer program that will open any number of Shapefiles in a single operation and copy them in OpenClip format, which you can then paste into PowerCADD and FormZ. A Shapefile is a GIS format file of geometry, basically points and polygons. The files have a .shp extension, and they are almost universally used by states, cities and counties as a way of publishing maps. Typically there will be individual files for streets, lakes, railroads, etc. You choose the ones you want and then import them as a group so all of the pieces will be correctly positioned relative to each other. Getting these files into a CAD program is a challenge for a user. But that's not going to be a problem for us! Shapefiles are actually a set of related files, all with the same name but with different file extensions. Some of these files include database information such as population, average income, crazypersons per capita, etc. but this information is stored in DBase2 format, which is hopelessly obsolete and I can't find any programming tools to deal with this. So please stand by. Things are going to happen and this is going to be a wild ride. Alfred