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  1. mattedmonds

    Rounding Question

    I get the big idea of what you're suggesting... makes sense. What do you mean by "draw a box over it"
  2. mattedmonds

    Rounding Question

    @¢hris £und Thanks for what looks like a lot of work to help create a solution! Looks pretty good We'll see if i can follow your directions to achieve similar results. @bbuxtonSo how would you go about building the cage to more cleanly subdivide to create the smoo th organic depressions, while at the same time creating consistent edge rounding on the sides and back? Here' a screenshot of the cage model (note the numbered areas and not coplaner):
  3. mattedmonds

    Rounding Question

    Here you go.Panel Sample.fmz
  4. mattedmonds

    Rounding Question

    I created my first subdivision sculpted object below, then converted it to a quad mesh and want to add a small fillet on all the sharp edges. I tried using the sharpness controls in the subdivision tools, but cant carefully control the rounding the way I would like. Is there a way to consistently round the edges to a set radius, now that I've quad-i-fied the object? I still have the original sub-D object too,, if someone can easily explain the process. Thanks.
  5. mattedmonds

    Import REALLLLY old keyboard shortcuts file to 8.5

    Hi Chris, Yeah, i found that list shortcuts button... but that crashes FZ. I'm guessing because my really old shortcuts file is pointing at a tool that no longer exists, or some other legacy issue. I'm taking setz's suggestion to right-click and start re-assigning from scratch. FYI, I've been a Revit guy since Autodesk bought it back in the early 2000's and had to leave FZ behind roughly 2015... now that I'm getting into 3D printing I've come back and really like what I'm seeing!
  6. mattedmonds

    Import REALLLLY old keyboard shortcuts file to 8.5

    Those techniques sound like an easy way to start over, if that's what I have to do... Thanks! If it turns out I need to recreate from scratch, at the least, I'd like to be able to list the shortcuts saved in that file so I dont have to remember everything cold. I had so many years of muscle memory of my shortcuts that contributed to my modelling speed... Yes, I started working in 3D in Microstation, AutoCAD, 3DStudio, Architrion, ArchiCAD, Strata3D, FZ, and a few others as early as 1989. Was a beta tester for FZ for years, then an alpha and beta tester for Maxwell Render.
  7. mattedmonds

    Import REALLLLY old keyboard shortcuts file to 8.5

    as an aside, it hurts to see "newbie" below my username My posting count must have been reset when I veered away from FZ a few years ago. USER SINCE VERSION 1 in 1991!!!
  8. mattedmonds

    Import REALLLLY old keyboard shortcuts file to 8.5

    Here's the old shortcut file... matts 6.1.1 shortcuts.sct
  9. Old guy with gray here back in FZ after a long hiatus.... Trying to import a really old keyboard shortcuts file into FZ 8.5 Pro, and it crashes when I attempt to "list" all the assigned values. Is there a workaround or fix that can be made to the .SCT file? Thanks! Here's the error message ID: ID = 2:2:8:4023 [Runtime Error (FZRT) (0)]
  10. mattedmonds

    How to derive boundary of irregular surface

    Thats how I've done it in the past, but was hoping there would be a better tool. For now, I consider that my fallback approach... and looking for something a little less tedious. Cheers.
  11. I want to sweep a curb profile between the two edges of the terrain surfaces in the attached image. What tool is recommended to derive a wire object from the edges of the surfaces so that I can perform a 2-path sweep? Other ideas would be welcome. Cheers.