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    Richard Rush reacted to Andrew West in Example Images   
    One more from the archives of last month. I used a V-ray sun light for the shadows, a dome light for atmosphere, mesh lights to illuminate the interior and a few cone lights on the exterior.  It is worth noting that no matter how many cone and mesh lights I introduced I saw no decrease in performance on the render.  A weird but welcome discovery.  Now I can keep introducing lots of light sources without fear of waiting until I grow old to see the final render. 

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    Richard Rush reacted to Andrew West in Example Images   
    Finally got some decent exterior renders going.  Tip:  when saving your render separate out all the different channels that you want.  The ones I use a lot are the reflective, dept and highlight gloss channels.  Then bring your main image into photoshop and lay the reflective channel over the top, set the layer mode to Screen and lower the opacity.  Adjust the curves as needed.  Then do the same with the other channels. One thing I can't quite figure out is why my render window does not show the overall reflectivity/glossiness of my materials in the preview.  I get some reflections but almost no gloss.  That can only be brought back in using Photoshop layers. 
    I would love to hear what glass materials people are using at this time.  I have played with the pre packaged materials and I have found that each needs to be modified to work correctly. 

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    Richard Rush reacted to corey.rubadue in vray fz   
    OK, sorry for not watching this thread or reporting back to everyone for such a long time. I can confirm that at no point should you hold your breath and my plate is full as Smarttec states although I'm pretty sure the rest of the information is incorrect . My sights and David and teams sights are very much set on formz.
    The team has literally been working night and day. We took the leap to move to the 3.5 core of V-Ray and the latest stable version of our Application SDK. We make some changed under the hood that destabilized things a bit more than we thought it would. We have also been working to support our V-Ray material editor which will be available in the next update to our testers. In any event, next week we will get everyone updated on the latest formZ app and V-Ray version.
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    Richard Rush got a reaction from AHTOH in One past job I`m not ashamed   
    Absolutely beautiful!
    I'm thinking it might be useful to post these rendering in the "Thea for form-Z" section of this forum. Sadly, there are some people there wondering if Thea has discontinued it's development for form-Z.
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    Richard Rush reacted to Rudy Daverveld in Render Capabilities Form Z   
    Hi All, ZWeb,
    After the major upgrade from 6 to 7 and 8 I was hoping to see some development in the rendering and surface styles department. Off course the third party plugins are welcome for some of us and I purchased a version of maxwell aswel. But the workflow and render times are not to my satisfactory. Also it brings another application which has upgrades and costs and so. Not my first choice.
    It has been many years that we have seen some new developments in that area. So now the modeling and interface possibilities have been updated I am hoping to see som steps being made in the rendering and surface styles department. 
    I am thinking:
    Surface styles:
    - glowing and light emitting materials
    - displacement materials
    - fresnell effects
    - refraction
    - translucency
    Rendering and other
    - issues resolved like the ambient occlusion not being catched by a catcher material in combination with alpha background
    - multi pass layer rendering (Alpha, shadow, specular, reflection)
    - 360 spherical or cube maps camera for VR is a must now, we had this and now it is really useful it is gone.
    - natural lighting system
    - VR AR export options
    Lightworks, the renderzone engine partner, is now heavily moving towards iRay, is the development of Lightworks still going? And if so what is to be expected in this area.
    I know this always difficult to talk about, but since we have not seen any progress in the last 4 or 5 years I think it is a relevant question for Zweb. If the path is not to develop the render options in Form Z this would be good to know too, then I have to set my view to working with one of the third party solutions.
    Kind regards
    20 years plus user! and still loving it!
    Rudy Daverveld
    Visual 8
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    Richard Rush reacted to DADA_universe in Chris Yessios Retirement announcement   
    By way of a tribute, I'll just like to say  Form Z saved my 3d life and is currently helping me find pleasure in my work in recent years. It's a long story, but that's the long and short of it. I've not had the pleasure of meeting any of the brains behind this tool, but if the tool is anything to go by, they must be really great souls, can't but wish you all the best as you venture forth.
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    Richard Rush reacted to andrew in Chris Yessios Retirement announcement   
    Chris and Alex, I wish you both the best. Your software, your company and your passion for the learning community is what set this software apart from many others that have long since dissolved.
    Selfishly, I have made a living using it as part of my toolkit for over 20 years!  Like the warm summer night in San Antonio when I first met both of you a long while back, I sit in the breezy evening air tonight and raise a smile of thanks to you and the ADS family.
    Best of luck to you.
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    Richard Rush reacted to Rudy Daverveld in Chris Yessios Retirement announcement   
    Hello Chriss, Alexandra,
    Although we never met, we worked every day with each other in some way. Since version 2.8 my main app is Form Z. I work in it every day, and all my work revolves around it. 
    Thanks for the best support company, and a mighty peace of software!
    All the best for the future!
    Kind regards,
    Rudy Daverveld
    Visual 8
    The Netherlands
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    Richard Rush reacted to Gary in Chris Yessios Retirement announcement   
    Hello Chris & Alexandra,
    Thanks for all your hard work and creative efforts over the years. Having started with Z at v2 or 3 (so many years ago!) it has been a great journey. I can think of few other products or brands that I have stayed with over such a long period of time. It is testament to your vision, commitment to quality and excellent customer support.
    Enjoy the future!
    Warm regards,
    Gary Helfand
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    Richard Rush reacted to Alan Cooper in Chris Yessios Retirement announcement   
    Chris and Alex,
    As a relatively recent user of FormZ I appreciate very much all the work you have put in to develop it into the extremely satisfying set of tools that it has become, and also the way you have run the company so that the customers feel that the hugely skilled staff really are listening and they and their requirements are individually valued.
    You also will be remembered and valued always. Have a long and wonderful retirement!
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    Richard Rush reacted to Des in Chris Yessios Retirement announcement   
    Hi Chris,
    I wish you and Alexandra the very best for the future, I'm sure you'll be missed in ADS and here on the forum.
    Keep your nose in here if you get a chance 
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    Richard Rush reacted to jsiggia in Chris Yessios Retirement announcement   
    Congratulations Chris and Alexandra,
    It"s been a pleasure to meet you both and enjoy the fruits of your dreams all these years. You have given us a fantastic product with world class customer service.
    You should both be very proud.
    Live well,
    Joe Siggia