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  1. Richard Rush

    One past job I`m not ashamed

    Absolutely beautiful! I'm thinking it might be useful to post these rendering in the "Thea for form-Z" section of this forum. Sadly, there are some people there wondering if Thea has discontinued it's development for form-Z.
  2. Richard Rush

    Some Thea for FormZ

    Anton, thanks for posting your images. Which Thea Render engine did you use: Unbiased, Biased, or Presto?
  3. Richard Rush

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    This is exciting news! I have been away from professional use of formZ for four(!)years, but have continued to use version 6.7.3 on an aspect of a personal project that has been consuming all my time. I expect to return to professional use in less than a year, and of course I will then update to the latest version. During my time away I've been checking the formZ forum virtually every day, mostly in the hope of seeing some good news about rendering options. While there have been a few teasers along the way that have all vaporized, this news about Thea Render actually seems like it will result in something tangible that I will want to use.