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  1. Hi Walter, Can you send an e-mail to formz [at] thearender.com describing the problem? If you believe this could be a bug please also include a sample file demonstrating the issue, if possible. Thanks, Manolis
  2. manolis

    New year discount

    Hi pkcn and happy new year, Regarding your question, can you please contact our sales by email? Regards, Manolis
  3. manolis

    GPU in Thea

    Hi Anwar, As Justin said there is support for the 10xx series, currently offered as a separate download (Windows only). You can download the separate dll's from this page (at the bottom). You will need to replace the original dll's. For the plugin, copy-paste the dll files in the TheaRender folder inside formZ Plugins directory. If you are using Thea Studio, the folder is at <Studio installation directory>/Plugins/Presto. Make sure that you are using the latest plugin (or Studio) version (.1447) and that you have updated your GPU drivers.
  4. manolis

    GPU error while rendering

    Hi, We are in contact with R2 regarding this issue through e-mail. I will update this thread with our findings. Hi Justin, From past experience with other plugins we know that this could be related to the presence of certain elements in the scene. If there is a thea scene file that gives that message (Device encountered an error during rendering) that you could share with us it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. manolis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    Hi Markus, Can you try with the following steps: 1. Open the scene in formZ 2. Go to Display Options [right-click at the Thea icon in the top toolbar > Thea Render IR Options...] 3. In Distribution settings set Network to Server 4. Start rendering in Thea Darkroom inside formZ 5. On your other machine launch a Thea Client [for Windows open the Start menu and type Thea Client, for Mac go to the Thea Render folder in the Applications directory and launch Thea Client.app] 6. Once the client has been launched select Configure at the left side, and then click the icon in the "Server Address" line. 7. A new pop-up window will appear (Searching for servers...). After a few seconds the first machine will be listed. Select it, click OK and also close the Configure panel. 8. Click Start in the client. After a few seconds the console should inform you that the project has been received. At this point you should also see a new entry in the Network Log about the added client. Hope this helps!
  6. manolis

    Is anybody here?

    Hi, That's the reason most probably, please select the FormZ 8.5 (32-bit) plugin option during installation and in the next step browse to the Plugins folder in the formZ Free installation directory (eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\formZ 8\formZ 8.5 Free\Plugins\) and you should be fine.
  7. Hi R2, The difference seems reasonable given the two cards. Regarding performance, you can run our benchmark tool. You can see existing results here. Edit: Currently the latest version is available only for Windows. Here is the link for the previous one with OS X and Linux binaries.
  8. Hi there, From our side it doesn't really make any difference, the only requirement is support for CUDA 6.5.
  9. manolis

    Is anybody here?

    The bundle installer starts with Thea Studio installation. After that is completed it proceeds with the plugin. Is the following window not displayed? (open in new tab for full size)
  10. manolis

    Is anybody here?

    Hello again, there should not be any issues or conflicts testing Thea in the same machine. We did have some reports of (mostly minor) conflicts when multiple rendering plugins are loaded in the same session but with the help of AutoDesSys we are moving forward.
  11. manolis

    Is anybody here?

    Hi pkcn, We are here and of course TheaRender is in active development. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Regards, Manolis
  12. Hi Justin, Yes, it's the same issue.
  13. Hi, This issue has been fixed, it's not in a public build yet as we would like to finalize some new features before releasing a new version.
  14. manolis

    Thea animation from formZ

    Hi Allan, formZ animation is the first item in the list of features to be supported. Currently there's no support so you will not get any results even with a licensed version.
  15. Hi, The Thea tool icon should be under the "Extensions" category in the manager. It looks like there is an issue with properly registering the tool leading to this problem. We will look into this further and most probably this will be fixed in the next plugin release. Thank you both for providing this information.