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  1. Dear friends, a small introduction first: Thea Render is an advanced high-quality rendering engine that we have created with a lot of love. We are putting a lot of effort, each and every each day into it. You can browse our site www.thearender.com for more info (such as engine description and supported features) and you can certainly contact us for detailed info on any topics of your concern. The FormZ integration on the other hand is something that we always had in mind as an important integration, given the orientation of FormZ and the users. And we have finally, some good news about it. The FormZ integration is - since some months - under intensive development. We have reached a good point now and feedback from FormZ users would be very welcome. We are looking for ~3 beta testers with as much experience as possible in FormZ design and, if possible, with experience in rendering as well. If you are interested in testing the integration, please send an email to formz@thearender.com with the subject "Beta Testing". If you have available, please include a couple designs of yours, made in FormZ. Don't forget to include your system specs as well; we are interested in a variance of hardware and are going to cover both Windows and OSX. In anyway, we would like to thank you for your support and - also - the periodic "encouragement" from the FormZ community for making this happen. It is not complete yet but it is coming! Best wishes
  2. Yes, we 've got plenty of applications already, we are going to scan them through within this week. Greetings
  3. It is only a matter of working efficiently with a few persons; with the right ones, 2-3 testers are more than enough. Note that we also need testing on the integration side (rather than the engine itself which is stable). Best wishes
  4. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    Yes, you will be able to use all 24 processors on your computer, whatever the engine used. For those with Nvidia GPU, they will be able to put that hardware in use (through CUDA) - in addition to the CPU - when using Thea Presto engine. [Note, behind the scenes, we are also preparing support for AMD GPUs through OpenCL.] Best wishes
  5. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    It seems I wasn't fast enough posting the news here [ and I was "polling" the forums to see when they will be back again ]. Anyway, I posted here in the forum, where you can find more info. Manolis (our FormZ plugin dev) has done a great job very quickly and it is only the beginning. We already love already the mood & feedback from the FormZ community but also AutodesSys support which has been beyond excellency. Best wishes