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  1. Hello, I use this renderer. Will there be any Thea Render 1.5 to 2.2 pluggin updates to be used in FormZ 9.0? for when? best regards.
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      Unfortunately we do not control Thea Render and so we are not sure about compatibility with v9. You will need to contact Thea directly on this.

  2. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    Hi Andrew, I understand the question is whether you get all the plugins with the same license. The short answer is no. What you get with Thea for FormZ are: Thea for FormZ plugin (true integrated renderer), Thea Studio (standalone application) and 2 node licenses (for network rendering). Please note that this does not stop you from adding plugin licenses to your existing Thea for FormZ license; for example, you could add Thea for SketchUp plugin, Thea for 3dsMax plugin, and so on. Each of these plugins costs 100 euros (net price) at the moment of writing. We could create a super-bundle containing all plugins (for ease of acquiring all of them) - but frankly speaking, at the end, we are quite sure that the users will be buying only the plugins that they are actually using. Best wishes
  3. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    No worries, I got it.
  4. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    Thank you, glad to be here.
  5. Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that the first open beta version of Thea for FormZ is now available! Please visit the following thread for more details: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/3767-thea-for-formz-now-available/ Best wishes
  6. Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that our integration for FormZ is about to come out! Everyone is welcome to try Thea Render and take advantage of high quality rendering right inside FormZ! AutoDesSys was also very kind to create a Thea for FormZ forum which is where most of the action will be going and therefore, you can read more information in this forum thread: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/3746-thea-for-formz-open-beta/ Best wishes
  7. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    Manolis (our developer) should become active here as well once we get it released. Although, best support is always served at our forum, it is lovely being here as well. Best wishes
  8. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    To be absolutely honest with you... If it weren't for the users pulling in that direction, I wouldn't easily do it. On the other hand, these non physically-based features are something that the end user can choose to use or not. And the experience shows that 98% of the users are not purist about them; if they do the trick, then they will use them by all means. Best wishes
  9. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    It was actually a good description from the user point of view. I just can't help myself going technical...
  10. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    Jon, thank you for the intro to Thea engines. If you permit me a correction though! Your description for TR1 and TR2 is probably simplifying how these engines operate. They are both more sophisticated than a 'Path Tracer' or a 'Bidirectional Path Tracer'. TR1/TR2 were personally for me, the holy grail for achieving the best unbiased quality ever when we started (and doing that with great speed on the CPU). The speed is coming purely from algorithmic design (i.e. convergence speed) rather than the "brute force" fast pace of taking samples achieved by Presto. It is sometimes amazing to see that TR2 (what is considered to be the slower one) is actually the faster one (even compared to Presto) for scenes with difficult indirect lighting (for example, lot of dominant caustic lighting). In any case, every engine has been developed with a lot of love. Best wishes
  11. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    That is true, five is a small number. On the other hand, going with many more than such a low number, the situation may turn into a chaotic one. To be honest, the integration at the moment of publishing the initial post here, was like "Pre-Beta" -> meaning that we were (and still are) making design changes to the workflow and various additions. This is the moment where it is not a matter of getting feedback from too many; but just getting the right feedback. Having a small group here influences is important that the communication stays strong. At least, that 's my personal experience over the years. Indeed though, when it comes to testing the software/engine, the more users the better. On the other hand, we have the advantage that the engine has been generally extremely well tested over the years (from the existence of the standalone and other integrations). Best wishes
  12. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    I am sorry Justin, not having replied. Same issue has happened with other applications we received. This is not something personal in any case. But due to the number of emails we receive in cases of beta testing, we usually respond only to the selected beta testers. [i admit that it is also somewhat inconvenient to reply that it is not possible for someone to join... ] The beta phase is moving on quite nicely at this point - my colleague Manolis will give more detailed feedback. We started with more beta testers than initially planned (I think 6) because, it happens eventually that a tester does not give much feedback at the end (for various reasons). I think that we should start seeing some renders made with Thea from beta testers (but please, without sharing yet any other information or screenshots). What I can say at the moment is that Thea for FormZ will be a true integration inside FormZ, not an exporter or another process. We have still things to do though before publishing the integration but it shouldn't be that far away. For this, the opinion of the experienced beta testers does matter a lot. Best wishes
  13. Yes, we 've got plenty of applications already, we are going to scan them through within this week. Greetings
  14. It is only a matter of working efficiently with a few persons; with the right ones, 2-3 testers are more than enough. Note that we also need testing on the integration side (rather than the engine itself which is stable). Best wishes
  15. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Call for Beta Testers

    Yes, you will be able to use all 24 processors on your computer, whatever the engine used. For those with Nvidia GPU, they will be able to put that hardware in use (through CUDA) - in addition to the CPU - when using Thea Presto engine. [Note, behind the scenes, we are also preparing support for AMD GPUs through OpenCL.] Best wishes