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  1. Hello, I use this renderer. Will there be any Thea Render 1.5 to 2.2 pluggin updates to be used in FormZ 9.0? for when? best regards.
    1. Tech


      Unfortunately we do not control Thea Render and so we are not sure about compatibility with v9. You will need to contact Thea directly on this.

  2. giannis

    Curious FormZer queries

    Hi Anton, I guess we can close this for now, since dubir has made a different post here: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/3811-program-crash/ Best wishes
  3. giannis

    Section render using clipping planes

    Hello, There are two ways forward here: 1. Either we get geometry after clipping ready for rendering or 2. We apply Thea section cuts in which case the cut space is not closed. We are going to check with formZ support whether (a) is possible first. Best wishes
  4. giannis

    program crash

    Hi, this is the kind of issues we want to solve (since it is generally difficult to catch all cases with a closed beta). Best wishes
  5. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    Of course, you can buy FormZ plugin as an "upgrade" plugin to your existing Thea for SU licenses. Here is the related e-shop link: https://www.thearender.com/site/index.php/buy/product/212-formz-plugin-upgrade-license.html Especially during open beta, this is just 35 euros per FormZ plugin license (it will go to 100 euros after open beta)*. Best wishes * Please note that all prices listed here are net prices at the time of writing.
  6. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    Hi Andrew, I understand the question is whether you get all the plugins with the same license. The short answer is no. What you get with Thea for FormZ are: Thea for FormZ plugin (true integrated renderer), Thea Studio (standalone application) and 2 node licenses (for network rendering). Please note that this does not stop you from adding plugin licenses to your existing Thea for FormZ license; for example, you could add Thea for SketchUp plugin, Thea for 3dsMax plugin, and so on. Each of these plugins costs 100 euros (net price) at the moment of writing. We could create a super-bundle containing all plugins (for ease of acquiring all of them) - but frankly speaking, at the end, we are quite sure that the users will be buying only the plugins that they are actually using. Best wishes
  7. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    No worries, I got it.
  8. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    I am not sure about the "web drivers", you can download a driver supporting CUDA 6.5 and above from NVidia archives: http://www.nvidia.com/object/mac-driver-archive.html And yes, Thea Presto engine will run on whatever is available. If GPU is not there, it will run only the CPU. If you want also your GPU to contribute, then proper driver has to be installed. So, if driver is not installed, GPU will not be used together with CPU. Any of the engines (and particular Presto if it runs on both CPU & GPU), will take resources out of your system. Using another application at the same time and trying to make real work will be sluggish. The workaround here is to lower the priority of the Thea in order to leave resources for the modeling work. Thea Studio works as a standalone application (and it is bundled with FormZ plugin, so you get both). There are some differences in response mostly due to how the operating system itself allocates resources to different processes (FormZ & Studio running) compared to allocating resources to different threads within the same process (FormZ & Integration running inside). In most cases, it will be somewhat better using the Studio if you want to work in parallel with FormZ (assuming the operating system gives less resources to background processes - which is true by default) but not really that much. Best wishes
  9. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    Thank you, glad to be here.
  10. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Now Available

    Hi, see my answers below. There is no such a thing as stupid question Of course. First, you don't need CUDA package installed, what you need is an updated graphics driver (supporting CUDA 6.5). BUT, this is not necessary in order to run Thea; all the unbiased modes TR1/TR2 plus the biased AMC/BSD modes run on CPU. Presto also runs on the CPU - if you have a NVidia GPU even better, then Presto can run on both CPU and GPU. Best wishes
  11. Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that the first open beta version of Thea for FormZ is now available! Please visit the following thread for more details: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/3767-thea-for-formz-now-available/ Best wishes
  12. Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that the first open beta version of Thea for FormZ is now available! For those not familiar with Thea Render, it is a physically-based render engine being developed for over 5 years with very high quality unbiased render modes as well as GPU rendering. Our integrated render engine brings the power of Thea inside FormZ package, supporting FormZ 8 and 8.5, Pro, Junior and Free versions on Windows and MacOSX. It supports instancing, material presets, various light types, shadow catcher and many other features, in both production and interactive render modes. You can find more info and download the integration at our dedicated landing page. The integration runs in demo mode with all the features of the licensed one (except for the resolution limitation and watermarks). You can also take advantage of the open beta phase and buy the plugin bundled with Thea Studio, with 20% discount. To get started with the plugin, please check out our introductory tutorial below. Kind Regards
  13. giannis

    Thea Darkroom issue [MAC]

    It will probably be the first version of open beta. Greetings
  14. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Open Beta

    Purchasing now, means that you get a license using the software along with all maintenance updates (within open beta and normal release period) that fall within 1.x version of Thea. Please keep also in mind that Studio and the engine are not in beta status, it is the integration that is tagged currently as beta. Licenses are perpetual - if this is the question - but not lifetime. Meaning that you can use the software for indefinite. What is also included are all the maintenance updates within 1.x series. If someone wants to get v2 (when it comes out), there will be an upgrade price (and, similarly, he will be entitled to getting all maintenance updates within 2.x series). You can surely buy directly from our e-shop. The prices are listed in euros and when redirected to paypal during checkout, you can choose to pay with a credit card. Alternatively, one can go with a US reseller from our reseller list - they list end prices directly in $. Thank you very much for the nice words. Best wishes
  15. giannis

    Thea for FormZ - Open Beta

    Definitely, if Nvidia graphics card is available on the Mac (eg. imac, or macbook) with compute capability v2+, then it can be used. Best wishes