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    Jeremyhady reacted to pylon in Maxwell 3.2 Released   
    Maxwell 3.2 has been released!

    This free upgrade offers many improvements: http://www.maxwellrender.com/index.php/products/maxwell-render-suite/features/whats-new/

    The new plugins for Bonzai3d, formZ 7 and formZ 8 support all the new features: http://support.nextlimit.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=16810293

    Available to existing customers through the Next Limit Customer Portal: https://portal.nextlimit.com/

    Or for a trial, visit: http://www.maxwellrender.com/try/suite
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    Jeremyhady reacted to David Lemelin in Render area rectagle   
    I recently was in a discussion with formZ tech support. They proposed that I could render a portion of my image using the "render area rectangle".
    I was always of the opinion this tool would not work with Maxwell (and based on my tests, still doesn't).
    Who is right here and if I can use the FromZ render area command with Maxwell, how do I get it to implement the desired crop?
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    Jeremyhady reacted to Andrew West in model issues   
    I have been struggling with a new model that a client sent to me.  I would love to use Maxwell to render it out but I can not seem to get it to render at a decent speed even in Fire.  It is a 128 meg file that I have tried to clean up as best as possible but Fire takes about 20 minutes to render a snapshot.  Simple materials (best possible match) and one simple Sky Dome light.  That image is cropped oddly as well.  FYI I am using Dual 2.6  Xeon 10 core processors with 64 megs of ram and a good video card.  Form.z 8.5 beta pro using the latest driver from this morning.  I also found that Form.z 8.0.2 is considerably faster but still way too slow.  What would be the best way to send this file to you to see if it is corrupted somehow?
    I need to figure this out so that I can work with this client on a regular basis as all their models will be created in this way.
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    Jeremyhady reacted to Jacky1972.21mm in formZ cannot launch Maxwell render   
    Hi Tech,
    I'm just purchased Maxwell render v3, i need launch Maxwell render from formZ, i push Maxwell render botton (red arrow) but it don't work. No function at all. Please help. Thanks

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    Jeremyhady reacted to setz in 3.1.99 MXED - referenced MXM files   
    MXMs saved with MXED  V 3.1.99, when referenced, deliver "MXM cannot be read" message.
    OSX 10.9.5
    1. create a new material
    2. assign a texture (FZ logo)
    3. from maxwell tab "export mxm"
    4. reply "okay" to "make ref...edit further in MXED"
    5. update preview in MXED and save
    6. in FZ click preview button - texture is not shown
    7. click on folder icon to open and manually link saved MXM
    8. "MXM cannot be read" message delivered
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    Jeremyhady reacted to formzed in maxwell fire issue   
    Hi Maxwell and formz lords,
    Is there a known issue with Maxwell native IES and Spots showing in the fire preview in FZ? I'm running on FZ8 pro SD and 3.1.1 maxwell.
    Doesn't show up in the FZ fire window but shows up on the maxwell studio/render.
    Any help appreciated. 
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    Jeremyhady reacted to Andrew West in 8.5 Pro and stability issues   
    I upgraded to the new release of 8.5 and have installed the latest Maxwell plugin.  I am now experiencing constant crashes and stability issues using Maxwell.  All my issues are related to the materials.  No real pattern to it..  If I take my Form.z glass and convert it to Maxwell Architectural Glass Clear the program crashes.  If I take a texture pattern and go to Maxwell Materials and try to mirror the texture while still in Form.z the program crashes.  If I take a material texture loaded in Form.z and then decide to convert it to a maxwell material and edit it the program crashes.  If I change a material to a Maxwell Material (best match)  and hit the Preview button the program crashes.  Curiously, this is not always the case.  Sometimes it works for 3 or 4 conversions and then........ crash.   Just enough to make the program unusable enough to abandon it once again. Is there anyone else out there experiencing stability issues with the latest release?
    It should be mentioned that this is happening on all three of my computers which range from an old i7 960 with an old graphics card to a new dual processor 20 core xeon machine. What is amazing is that the older machine is actually quite a bit more stable with Maxwell.  The fastest machine with the $1000 graphic card crashes the most. 
    I have examined the Maxwell Log and noticed lots of Texture Naming Warning Errors which I have tried to correct.  When reloading a texture that was named incorrectly the program crashes occasionally as well.  Other than that there is nothing else to report other than Fire is working about half a fast as in the old version.
    I really wish my clients were sympathetic to my software issues but that is never the case.  They just want top quality images produced quickly and efficiently with no excuses for software glitches or computer incompatibility.  I am forced once again to resort to using the old ( ancient) RenderZone plugin with lots of Photoshop post processing.  This is truly a shame since I set up all three of these interior images  to be rendered in Maxwell which ate up a lot of extra time adjusting lighting and materials specifically for this plug in.  What a waste of time.
    When Maxwell works it can be a great asset.  But only on those rare occasions.  Sorry Pylon.  I know you don't like to hear this.  It must be frustrating for everyone involved  when software changes dramatically and compatibility issues arise. 
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    Jeremyhady reacted to flakie12 in Maxwell will not lauch out of form-z   
    I recently upgraded from a lock node to floating. When I launch maxwell it sees the the license on another machine, but when i render out of form-I get the following error message. I go and re-activate and it says it activated and it still gives me this message.

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    Jeremyhady reacted to dubir in render zone and components are missing   
    I reinstall the program but the render zone is missing. one more thing is the component library is missing too.
    Please advise.
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    Jeremyhady reacted to Andrew West in Weird reflections   
    Please take a look at the attached image and the strange reflection on the counter.  I modeled it as a 2 inch thick slab with rounded edges and the slab is perfectly flat.  However, the reflection appears in a way that the slab is triangulated.  How do I get rid of this problem?
    On another note I have found that Architectural Glass Normal does not allow light to enter the room from the sun.  I have switched to Architectural Glass Clear and it seems to work much better.  Is there a reason for this?

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    Jeremyhady reacted to allanjl in Problem in 8.02 and 8.5 with pref. file   
    If you use the preference file attached, with the autodessys folder attached, there's a problem creating a mxm.
    Try using the 'translate shaded' option to create a mxm, select emitter, formZ will hang when you click on the preview buttom for the material. Can this be investigated? I find myself creating new preference files all the time because somehow they create problems.
    Allan's HP ENVY 700 fmz8.zip
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    Jeremyhady reacted to Andre Conlledo in form Z8.5   
    I can't get fire to work with formZ 8.5 even though I can render. Apparently there's something wrong with my textures even though it's just a preset opaque-white clay material.
    My plugin version is and my Maxwell version is the new
    Edificio Vilaflor-2 Maxwell log.txt
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    Jeremyhady reacted to formzed in maxwell sea   
    Im trying to create water using the maxwell sea extension in FORMZ. Can anyone with experience help me out on this one? Is it the material? I'm using the rough sea that comes with renderzone. 

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    Jeremyhady reacted to Harpolehouse in Maxwell Render - Emitter Preview button CRASH TIME !!!   
    Hi Guys
    Really odd one......2 seats of Form-z 8.5 on 2 separate brand New Strongbox PC's 
    FormZ V8.5 all installed - Both use Maxwell Render Plugin
    Have had both same result on trying to preview the emitter button - Just freezes machines and full crash , prompt to close program etc but no option to send crash report either ?
    I have tried creating new emitter from fresh AND copying and pasting an existing working emitter from another model.
    Both exact same Crash result - Only crashes when you press the Preview button in Maxwell tab in Display Options menu.
    Any ideas welcome.....